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Family Volunteer Abroad Programs

  • Spend quality time as a family and share your love and passion with others
  • Work in variety of volunteer service projects and make a difference
  • Explore new cultures, lands, natural wonders, and tourist attractions
  • Highly rated, safe, and affordable family volunteering program start $99

Are you passionate about helping other? Do you want to teach the value of humanitarian service work to your children? Are you looking for a highly rated, safe, and affordable family volunteering opportunity? Than you are in the right place!

Since 2003, RCDP Volunteers’ family volunteering programs has been offering incredible family volunteer vacations abroad in many countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In our family volunteer abroad trips, you and your children will live with host family; work in variety of service projects that range from working in orphanages and teaching at local schools to nature conservation and wildlife care. Regardless of which family volunteer work abroad project you choose, your whole family will have the opportunity to become immersed culturally, help others in need, travel, and explore together. You will make a grand in the world difference together!

Throughout your family volunteering abroad timeframe, RCDP Volunteers’ local team will guide and support you to make your family volunteering trip abroad experience safe, memorable, and rewarding. Hundreds of families already joined our family volunteer abroad programs and have returned home with the memories of a life-time. Join one of our overseas family volunteer trips to and not only bond with your family but with the world.

Why You Should Join a Family Volunteer Abroad Program?

There are vast benefits waiting for you and your family when you decide to join one of RCDP Volunteers’ family volunteer work abroad trips. RCDP Volunteers offers you and your family the unique opportunity to travel abroad, embark on an adventure, and give back to a community of people and animals in need. Some of the rewards of a family volunteer vacation are as follows.

Eye-opening and educational experience for you and your children: Exposing your children to different cultures, traditions, languages, and histories will broaden their horizons and make them worldlier. Giving them the opportunities to work with people who are less fortunate will teach them gratitude and compassion. Experiencing different ways of life will instill in them tolerance. There are endless valuable life lessons to be learned while on an overseas family volunteer trip.

Family bonding experience: A family volunteer vacation is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with the people whom you love the most. You will surely strengthen your family bond by volunteering and traveling together.

Develop valuable life skills: During your family volunteer trip abroad, you and your children will learn and strengthen leadership, communication, social, organizational, and traveling skills. You might also take away and bring home a new passion for something like teaching or working with animals.

Create long lasting family memories: This will surely be an experience you and your family will never forget. You will feel part of something truly special when you embark on your family volunteer abroad trip. You will leave a positive mark on the lives of the people and animals that you touch and that will be something that will stay with you and your family forever.

Cultural and Language Immersion: Between volunteering and exploring, you and your family will become immersed in the culture of the country that you visit. This is a special opportunity to experience a life that is truly different from yours. It will be fascinating to embrace the culture, traditions, religions, and histories of a new country. A family volunteer abroad opportunity is also a great time to learn and practice new language skills.

Why Choose RCDP Volunteers?

RCDP Volunteers has been helping family groups embark on family volunteering abroad trips since 1998. We are highly experienced in helping all different types of families choose and apply for the best family volunteering opportunity in the best location based on the specific needs and interests of the family.

Our Experience

We have placed over 18,000 volunteers in nearly a 100 different programs in 18 different countries since 1998. Our constant mission is to provide families with the safest, most affordable, and most memorable experiences overseas.

We test everything out first to ensure it meets our high standards. Our directors and staff have traveled to the different program destinations, have stayed in the different accommodation choices, have eaten the various food options, and have participated and inspected each project. You and your family can rest assure that your trip will be exceptional.

Our team has helped thousands of first-time travelers. Our in-depth knowledge and experience is what allows us to provide you and your family with the best service, support, recommendations, and advice.

Our Highly Rated Programs

While there are hundreds of different volunteer and travel companies, we pride ourselves on being on top. We guarantee the most exceptional service from the initial application process to the last day of your family volunteering overseas trip. Our local and international staff prides themselves on facilitating a rewarding and memorable family volunteer trip for you and your family. It is our hands-on and personal approach that has kept us highly rated and at the top of reviews and recommendations for over a decade.

Price and Value

RCDP Volunteers offers some of the most affordable overseas family volunteer trips. We strive to keep our prices low so that our trips are affordable for families. It is our goal to inspire families to venture out in the world, have an adventure, and lend a helping hand.

Most other volunteer organizations change as much as $2500 for a two-week program. Our programs start as low as $99 (plus a $269 registration fee). With RCDP Volunteers, there are also no hidden fees. Our transparent fees cover all expenses like airport pickup, meals, accommodations, project donation, and local support.

While our prices may be low, our family volunteering trips are high quality! RCDP Volunteers is a US based company and registered with the state of Texas. Federal and local laws govern us. What is important about this fact is that should something go wrong during your family volunteer abroad trip and you are volunteering for a foreign organization, they may not do anything to help you. As a US company we are fully responsible.

Our Grassroots Approach

We are fully committed to serving the communities where we work. In 2005, we collected and donated nearly $200,000 dollars for tsunami victims in Sri Lanka. We typically place our volunteers with organizations that are in desperate need of volunteers and resources. We have to take care of those who need to be taken care of the most.

Customize Your Family Volunteer Trip

We are happy to help you create the perfect family volunteer overseas experience based on your family’s specific needs, interests, and skills. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our local in-country coordinator is a professional at picking the best local organizations and projects for each volunteer and or family. You will receive all the details of your family volunteering abroad vacation prior to your departure for your adventure.

Expert Coordinators

Our team is composed of highly experienced international coordinators who understand how to effectively and successfully operate family volunteer programs. Most of our in-country coordinators supervise local organizations. RCDP Volunteers also works directly with local schools, orphanages, and community organizations in each country. We have a personal and strong relationship with the local organizations and projects that we send out volunteers to.

Our staff and in-country coordinators are the best in helping you address any issues or concerns that you might have prior or during your family volunteering abroad vacation.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our family volunteer programs are of the highest quality. We work closely with our partners in each country to ensure that all family volunteer projects meet our high expectations. We also brief all volunteers on our expectations and standards prior to beginning a family volunteering work opportunity to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We measure the long-term impact of our programs and we work with community stakeholders to understand how specific programs support local needs. Our Head of Sustainability and Risk overseas this section of our company.

Program Dates and Prices


For the sake of simplicity, we generally encourage students to kick off their alternative spring break on a Monday. If Monday is a problem for anyone, we can absolutely rearrange the start day to suit. There’s always room for flexibility within RCDP Volunteer’ programs, students will just have to advise on their date change in advance.


RCDP Volunteers programs offer very flexible start date for family volunteer trips. Your family can start your chosen volunteer program at any day, however, still we prefer it if you start your program on Monday.

Since 2003, RCDP Volunteers has been offering safe, highly rated, and affordable family volunteer abroad programs. The program fee start as low as $99 (plus registration fee). We strive to keep our costs low so that our volunteers benefit from the lowered program prices. The humanitarian side of the business is our passion.

RCDP Volunteers' family volunteer vacation application/registration fee: US $269.

The application fee covers our cost of advertising, program promotion, and office expenses (rent, utilities, and staff salaries in USA office).

In addition to the application fee, you and your family are required to pay a weekly program fee, You will pay your weekly fee directly to our country coordinator. He allocates the fee to host families (room/food), projects, and logistic support. This way, the fees you pay will benefit those who deserve it and not for company profit.

Please follow the links to learn more about the fees

Family Volunteer Abroad Trip Options

RCDP Volunteers has been offering family volunteer abroad programs in 18 countries since 1998.

1. Costa Rica

This small peaceful country is a perfect destination for a family volunteering vacation, cultural immersion, and travel opportunity. The country will surprise you in every turn with green forests, friendly people, rich culture, and much more. There are a variety of projects available throughout the country.


Volunteer with Children in Orphanages & on Social Welfare Projects

Help love, educate, and care for abandoned children at an orphanage during your family volunteer abroad opportunity in Costa Rica.

Volunteer at a Medical Clinic

Work alongside medical professionals in an effort to provide quality medical care to those who are sick or injured. This will be a rewarding and learning experience.

Volunteer English Teaching

Share your English language skills with students who are eager to learn. The ability to communicate in English is very valuable for Costa Rican students.


Working with kids

Share your love and compassion with children who have been abandoned or removed from their families with this heartwarming and rewarding family volunteer trip in Costa Rica.

Teaching English

Teach children at a local school English. This skill set will serve them very well in their futures. You will be making a huge difference in their lives.

Health Care (non-medical)

Help at-risk and disadvantaged Costa Ricans receive the care, treatment, and health education that they need and deserve through this family volunteer opportunity in Costa Rica.

Conservation and environment

Help with existing nature conservations projects while also helping to educate the local population about the importance of nature conservation with this family volunteer abroad trip in Costa Rica.

2. Peru

Peru is a culturally rich and fascinating country to visit! It is home to the world famous Machu Picchu, the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca, and a colorful and ancient history. Choosing to take your family to Peru for a family volunteering vacation is a decision you will not regret.

Working in an Orphanage

Give your time, care, love, and guidance to a group of children who have been left without a family. This experience will be highly rewarding and heartwarming.

Street Children and Educational Program

Work with at-risk and disadvantaged children by joining this family volunteering trip in Peru and positively impact the lives of those with whom you teach.

Teaching English

Teach the valuable language of English to eager to learn students at a local school as part of this family volunteering opportunity in Peru.

Medical/Healthcare Project

Work with local doctors, nurses, and medical staff to help treat and care for disadvantaged Peruvians who are in need of healthcare.

3. Guatemala

Journey to the amazing country of Guatemala with your family and embark on a trip of a lifetime. Guatemala is a vibrant country with a colorful culture. You will have the opportunity to become immersed in this rich culture, improve your Spanish skills, and help some people along the way. Guatemala is an excellent choice for your family volunteer vacation.

Teaching English at a Rural

Help educate children at a local school. You will mainly be teaching English, which is something that will dramatically improve their future career opportunities.

Volunteer in an Orphanage

The orphan children of Guatemala need your love, compassion, kindness, and guidance. Help improve their lives today by joining this family volunteer trip in Guatemala.

Health/Medical Volunteering

Work alongside doctors, nurses, and medical staff in a selfless effort to provide the medical care the disadvantaged people of Guatemala need and deserve.

Work with Street Children

Help to educate, care for, and provide guidance and inspiration to disadvantaged and at-risk children when you take part in this family volunteering opportunity in Guatemala.

Guatemala Women’s Project

Teach specialized handicraft skills and offer guidance and motivation to disadvantaged women in Guatemala. You can help greatly improve their present and future lives.

4. Ecuador

Experience the vibrant rainforest, stunning Andes Mountains, famous Galapagos Islands, and friendly people of Ecuador on an overseas family volunteer trip. Ecuador is a country rich in culture, but full of poverty. You and your family can make a grand difference in this country while having a grand adventure.

Teach English in a Rural School

You will provide valuable English language education to students at a local school who will greatly benefit from your teachings.

Volunteer in an Orphanage

This family volunteer abroad opportunity in Ecuador is a unique experience to share your love, care, and compassion with children who need it the most.

Volunteer with Street Children

Lend a helping hand by teaching, playing with, and guiding at-risk and impoverished children in Quito with this noble family volunteer program in Ecuador.

Conservation Project in Ecuador

Venture to the Los Cedros Biological Reserve and help restore and conserve beautiful primary forests. This is the perfect family volunteer trip for a nature in Ecuador loving family.

Conservation Project in the Galapagos Islands

Work with reforestation efforts, trail maintenance, and organic agricultural activities when you join this family volunteer vacation abroad in Ecuador.

5. Argentina

Explore the vast cultural and natural wonders of Argentina by embarking on a family volunteering trip here. Experience the European-flare of Buenos Aires, the Inca ruins, and lovely people of Argentina. This will be an exciting, rewarding, and memorable experience in a truly vibrant and fascinating country.

Disadvantaged/At-Risk Children Project

Spend time educating, caring for, and loving children who are in great need of all of those things while committing to this heartwarming family volunteer program in Argentina.

Teach English Project

Help teach English to students at a local school. This skill set will vastly improve their chances for a brighter future.

Community Development Project

Work with small to mid-sized NGO’s to help improve the quality of live for the local community. There are all different areas within this project that need your skills and energy.

Healthcare Project

Assist doctors, nurses, and medical staff provide disadvantaged Argentinians the health care that they need and deserve while part of this family volunteer project in Argentina.

De ntal Project

Work alongside dentist and dental staff to help care for and treat the disadvantaged population. This will be a rewarding and learning experience.

Professional Support

Lend your specialized skills and interests in an array of governmental and nonprofit organizations that are aiming to improve communities and the quality of life for the residents of those communities.

6. Mexico

Mexico is a culturally rich and diverse country. Explore the ancient ruins of the Olmecs, Maya, and Aztec. Wonder around beach resorts and colonial cities. There are endless exciting things to do while you and your family are on an overseas family volunteer trip here. There are also numerous ways in which you can truly help the people of Mexico. It’s a win-win experience!

Volunteer in an Orphanage Project

Share your compassion, energy, kindness, and love with children who are desperate for it by joining this heart fulfilling family volunteering opportunity in Mexico.

Teaching English

Share the English language with students who are eager to learn it. You will work in a local school where you will have the opportunity to greatly impact lives.

Special Education

Work with special needs children from families who cannot afford the proper care and education for their children. This will be truly rewarding.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Spend your family volunteer vacation in Mexico on a beautiful beach helping to protect and restore sea turtle populations.

7. Brazil

Venture to the vibrant country of Brazil with your family for an unforgettable experience. Brazil is famous for its beaches, grand cosmopolitan areas, and carnival celebrations. Brazil is truly an exciting place to be! There are several family volunteer programs that could really benefit from yours and your family’s visit.

Childcare Project

Help provide daycare services to young families or single parents from the highly impoverished areas of Rio de Janeiro who cannot afford it, but desperately need it.

Teaching Project

Help teach English to children who will greatly benefit from learning it. This is a great family volunteer program in Brazil if you are looking to brighten up futures.

Teaching Computer Skills Project

Help teach valuable computer skills to students whose futures will be greatly improved by this knowledge.

Youth Athletics Project

Share your love for sports with at-risk children. You will help bring joy, support, and love into the lives of these children.

Handicraft Project

Teach specialized handicraft skills to disadvantaged women in an effort to help them improve their present and future lives by joining this family volunteer project in Brazil.

8. Nepal

Embark on a grand adventure with your family by joining one of the family volunteer abroad programs in Nepal. Nepal is famous for is stunning panoramic mountain views and warm and friendly people. You will have opportunities like riding an elephant, river rafting, or trekking the Himalayan Mountains during your free time from your volunteer commitment.

Teaching English

Share your knowledge and proficiency of the English language with students who would love to learn from you by picking this family volunteering opportunity in Nepal.

Teaching Buddhist Monks

Teach English to Buddhist Monks who need to be able to speak the language in order to share their religion and traditions with English-speaking tourists.

Work in an Orphanage

Dedicate your love, energy, and care to children in need when you and your family join this overseas family volunteer trip in Nepal.

Nature Conservation

Help restore thinning forests in Nepal by working in a nursery that is growing indigenous trees. This is the perfect family volunteer vacation in Nepal for a family who loves being in nature.

Medical/Healthcare Project

Help provide basic medical services to those who are impoverished in Nepal. This will surely be a rewarding and learning experience.

Be a Photojournalist

Improve your photography skills in a truly picturesque location with this unique family volunteering idea in Nepal.

10. India

India is an enlightening and magical country. India is a country with a vast and ancient history chalked full of colorful traditions and customs. Joining an overseas family volunteer program in India will be an eye opening, heart fulfilling, and life changing experience for you and your family.

Work in an Orphanage

There are countless children who are in desperate need of love, care, education, and guidance. You and your family could be the bright light at the end of the tunnel for these kids.

Teaching English

The ability to communicate in English is a very valuable skills set. Help improve the present and future lives of your students by joining this family volunteering abroad project in India.

Medical/Healthcare Project

Lend a helping and nurturing hand in a local clinic or hospital in an effort to serve the impoverished citizens of Delhi or Jaipur.

Support a Women’s Group Project

Help teach skills like knitting and stitching to women who are trying to become independent and capable of taking care of their families.

11. China

China is a country of full of cultural wonder and natural beauties. You can explore from Mount Everest to the South China Sea and everything in between. There are vast temples, museums, and ancient cities that will offer a truly enriching cultural experience while you are also giving back to the wonderful but needy people of this country. A family volunteering abroad opportunity in China will surely not disappoint.

Panda Conservation Project

Lend a helping and gentle hand caring for endangered panda bears with this family volunteer trip in China. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to help protect a disappearing animal.

Teaching English

The ability to communicate in English is highly prized in China. Helping to teach children English is an effort that won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Paid Teaching English Program

What better way to fully become immersed in Chinese culture and life than to take a paid teaching job? You will work as an English teacher at a local school and receive a salary that affords you to live.

12. Thailand

Journey to a lush and exotic country where you and your family will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people (and maybe elephants) of this fascinating country. You can find yourself in beautiful jungles and on pristine beaches; this is definitely a popular tourist destination and the perfect place to come with your family on a family volunteer abroad vacation in Thailand.


Working with Disadvantaged Children

Sadly, there are vast numbers of children who are living in poor conditions or without a family. You and your family can help improve their present and futures lives by helping this program.

Teach English

With this overseas family volunteering trip in Thailand, you and your family will help to teach valuable English language skills to children at a local school.

Healthcare/Medical Project

Assist local doctors, nurses, and medical staff as they work to provide basic and necessary healthcare to those from impoverished backgrounds.

Elephant Conservation Project

This is a very special opportunity for a family of animal lovers. You will help to care and protect these majestic and giant creatures.


Child Development Project

As part of this family volunteer abroad program in Thailand, you and your family will help care, nurture, and educate children from low-income families at a local daycare center.

Teach in Temple School

You will teach English to young Buddhist monks with this enriching and culturally expanding family volunteering project in Thailand.

Teach English

Share your knowledge and proficiency of the English language with eager to learn students at a local school.

13. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an absolutely stunning country. It is a country full of ancient histories, rich cultures, and abundant natural beauties. Thailand is an ideal family volunteering opportunity abroad for a family that seeks adventure while also giving back to a community of people (and elephants) that are less fortunate.

Volunteer in an Orphanage

This family volunteer program in Sri Lanka will be a heartwarming and fulfilling experience for you and your family. The orphans of Sri Lanka need you.

Teach English

It is very valuable for students to learn how to communicate in English if they are to go on to lead successful lives. You can help teach this valuable skill set.

Teach English to Buddhist Monks

Help teach English to Buddhist Monks so that they can help spread their religion, culture, and tradition to the growing number of English speaking tourist.

Elephant Conservation in Kegalle, Pinnawala, or Udawela

Choose between three great locations where you and your family will have the rare and special experience of working with beautiful and gentle giants.

14. Cambodia

Cambodia is a country where great wealth presses up against vast poverty. It is a place that is incredible to visit, but in need of compassionate traveling volunteers. All of these family volunteer abroad programs in Cambodia will offer you and your family the perfect opportunity to explore this fascinating country while also lending a helping hand to those who desperately need one.

Volunteer in an Orphanage

Unfortunately, there are a lot of children who find themselves as orphans for one reason or another. Kind and compassionate volunteers are needed to offer care, love, and education to these poor children.

Teach English in a Local School

The ability to communicate in English opens up a lot more opportunities to obtain a good job. Help set children up for a brighter future by teaching them the language.

Community Development

This family volunteering abroad project in Cambodia gives you and your family the opportunity to help improve a community and the lives of those who reside in it.

NGO Volunteer Project

Offer your specialized skills to various projects that aim to improve the quality of life for Cambodians. Your energy and knowledge is greatly needed.

Health/Medical Project

Work with local doctors, nurses, and medical staff as you help to care and treat Cambodians from low-income or impoverished living situations.

15. Kenya

With eighteen national parks, Kenya is a vast animal sanctuary! If you are looking for a truly authentic African experience, this is your country. There is adventure around every corner here. There is also poverty around every corner. A family volunteer abroad vacation in Kenya is an ideal way to blend safari with selfless acts of community service.

Work in an Orphanage

Help care for, nurture, guide, and educate children who have been left without family for reasons like poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Teach English

English teachers are in high demand in Kenya. Team up with a local school and help bring proper English classes to the students.

Medical Volunteer Project

Help provide basic medical care and treatment to Kenyans who might not be able to reach or receive it otherwise by joining this family volunteer project in Kenya.

HIV/AIDS Volunteer Project

Bring awareness and health education to Kenyans who are at high risk of contracting this devastating virus. Help the fight against HIV/AIDS!

16. Ghana

Venture to the western bend of Africa where they are golden beaches, national parks full of animals, and a captivating culture. A family volunteering program in Ghana is a perfect way to blend adventure with volunteer service. This will be an unforgettable and bonding experience that you and your family will talk about for years to come.

Work in an Orphanage

Share your love, compassion, and kindness with children who desperately need it. You will help care for, nurture, and educate these deserving children.

Teaching English to Children

The ability to communicate in English is a skill set that will vastly improve their chances of obtaining a good job as adults. Help brighten futures today!

Medical Volunteer

Help bring basic healthcare to Ghanaians from low-income or impoverished background by joining this family volunteer program in Ghana.

HIV/AIDS Volunteer

Work to educate and bring awareness to at-risk Ghanaians about the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS virus in an attempt to help decrease the spread of it.

17. Uganda

Travel to this majestic country with your family for a family volunteering vacation like no other. Uganda is a diverse and fascinating country. You can explore vast savannahs, vibrant jungles, and exotic little islands during your free time from your volunteering commitment to the struggling people of Uganda. This will be a truly rewarding and memorable family experience.

Work in an Orphanage

Spend time helping children who have no family with your family. This will be a meaningful and memorable experience making a difference in the lives of Ugandan children.

Teach English

Volunteer your time and energy to teaching English to eager to learn students at local school in Uganda.

Medical Volunteering

Gain medical experience while assisting medical professionals in an attempt to bring basic healthcare to those who might not otherwise receive it by joining this family volunteering program in Uganda.

HIV/AIDS Project

Help bring awareness and health education to rural communities in Uganda that are at high risk of contracting or being exposed to the HIV/AIDS virus.

18. Tanzania

Embark on a journey where you and your family will have the opportunity to become immersed in the fascinating culture and country of Tanzania. Tanzania is a diverse country rich with wildlife, culture, and beautiful natural landmarks. Tanzania is also plagued with poverty and HIV/AIDS, among other unfortunate conditions and situations. Join a family volunteer abroad program in Tanzania today and make a real difference.

Work in an Orphanage

Dedicate your heart and energy to children who will greatly benefit from it by participating in this heart growing family volunteer opportunity abroad in Tanzania.

Teach English at a Rural School

By learning English, young students will have a better opportunity of obtaining a good job as adults. Help brighten futures.

Health/Medical Project

Help bring basic healthcare to rural communities that might not have access or be able to afford it otherwise by joining this noble family volunteering program in Tanzania.

Volunteer in HIV/AIDS Program

Spread awareness and health education to local and rural communities in Tanzania in an effort to decrease the spread and destruction of this terrible virus.

19. South Africa

South Africa is an incredible country to visit with your family. It is a place full of unique plant and wildlife species, jaw-dropping natural landscapes and wonders, and a dense history. A family volunteering program abroad in South Africa is guaranteed to be an epic and memorable experience. You will have the opportunity to explore this fascinating country while also giving back and helping the people of it.

Teaching Project

Help bring English education to local school children. The ability to communicate in English is a necessary and highly valued skill set in South Africa.

Physical Education Project

Share your love and passion for sports with at-risk and vulnerable children. This family volunteer project in South Africa will be fun and rewarding.

Healthcare Project

Work alongside medical professionals to bring basic and necessary healthcare to people who might not otherwise be able to obtain it.

Orphanage Project

Unfortunately, there are thousands of orphans in South Africa. Your love, care, kindness, and energy will make a huge difference in the lives of these poor children.

How Our Family Volunteer Abroad Programs Work

Each family volunteering abroad program will differ in its specific itinerary, but the general outline of the programs are the same. It is our mission at RCDP Volunteers to provide you and your family with the safest, most affordable, and most memorable family volunteer vacation. Below is a sample of what your program will likely follow.

Orientation 1-7 Days: All family volunteering opportunities begin with an orientation. The length of your orientation will vary depending upon your chosen country. A short orientation will introduce you to the culture, traditions, religion, safety issues, and day-to-day life of your country. A longer orientation will include a one-week language and cultural immersion program.

Volunteer Commitment 4 Days-12 Weeks: You will volunteer in your chosen project for your chosen amount of time. This is the core of your family volunteering abroad opportunity. RCDP Volunteers has almost a 100 projects to choose from, ranging from teaching English and working with orphan children to animal conservation and community development projects. RCDP Volunteers will provide all of the necessary information (food, safety, accommodations, location, etc.) prior to your arrival.

Travel Experience 2-12 Days: After you have completed your volunteering commitment, you and your family will embark on an adventure to explore your country’s most popular destinations, landmarks, and activities. Each country will vary, but there are opportunities to explore forests, beaches, historical sites, cities, and more. RCDP Volunteers is very experienced in ensuring you have the best possible opportunities to get the most out of your time abroad.

If you are a group of three or more, RCDP Volunteers can help you completely customize your travel, adventure, and volunteer portions of your trip. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Family Volunteer Abroad Accommodations and Meals

When you join any of the RCDP Volunteers family volunteer programs, we will set up your accommodations and meal plans. Depending upon the country or the project that you and your choose, will either live with host family, in a volunteer house, at hostel, economy hotel, or cabin. Where ever you end up staying, your family will be provided with safe, clean, and comfortable housing. Many families prefer to stay with a host family for cultural immersion. Please let us know if you have special preference for accommodation.

Similarly, in most of the countries, your program fee covers three meals (breakfast, launch, and dinner). You will always have fresh and nutritious local meals. If you stay with a host family, your family will most likely be preparing your meals for you and your family.

Family Volunteer Abroad Free time

Free time is also a very important part of family volunteer programs. Depending upon the project or country, your family will work as a volunteer for 4-6 hours a day (5 or 6 days a week), and then the rest of the time is your free time. Your family can use this time for relaxation, language study, or exploration of the local areas and tourist attractions.

Family Volunteer Abroad Safety and Field Support

Our number #1 priority is the safety of our volunteers. RCDP Volunteers is a leading volunteer organization serving thousands of volunteers. We pride ourselves on providing the safest, highest quality, and most professional family volunteering abroad programs to our volunteers since 1998. Our dedicated team works closely from start to finish with each volunteer and their family to ensure a successful, satisfactory, and safe volunteering experience.

Below is a list of our safety and field support features that will demonstrate the level of support and safety each of you and your family will receive while on a family volunteering abroad trip.

1. Country Coordinator and Field Staff: In each country, where we operate, we have a very strong and dedicated team of country coordinators and local staff members to support and take care of you and your family. All of our country coordinators and field staff are highly experienced and responsible individuals. They have been running family volunteer abroad vacations for many years. They have served thousands of volunteers and their families, so they understand your needs and know how to run safe, rewarding, and meaningful overseas family volunteer trip for for you and your family.

Our In-country staff is responsible for a number of things. Below are some of the main services that they will provide:

  • Airport pick-up and transfer to host family or work site
  • Management of room and food in host family/hostel
  • Orientation of local country, culture, host family, safety, and related issues
  • Introduction to host family and project staff
  • Periodic follow up visits or calls (1-2 week intervals) to ensure everything is going smoothly
  • Advice for solving any issues, problems, or concerns

2. Airport Greeting: We are dedicated to keeping you and your family save and comfortable from the point of arrival until the point of departure. We will always receive our volunteers at the airport and transfer them safely. Depending upon the country in which you and your family choose to volunteer, our coordinator, local staff, or a professional transfer company employee will greet everyone at the airport.

3. Orientation and safety discussion: Regardless of where you and your family join the RCDP Volunteers family volunteer abroad program, our program starts with an in depth discussion on safety, history, cultural people, religion, life, and do’s and don’ts. Depending upon the country, these orientation programs range from a few hours to seven days. During orientation, we explain the different aspect of safety and general guidelines to help keep you and your family safe while on your family volunteering work abroad trip.

4. Safe Host Family and Accommodation: While on your family volunteering abroad trip, the majority of the time you will reside with a local host family, hostel, or similar accommodation. We always carefully select the host families and other forms of accommodations to make sure that you and your will be safe and comfortable. In all destinations, we have selected host families who are socially respected and responsible. Most of our host families have hosted international volunteers before, so they completely understand yours and your family’s needs. Your host family will always take care of everyone and keep you and your family safe.

Similarly, all of our volunteer houses and hostels are located in very safe locations. These hostels are always guarded by security guards or supervised by the local staff very frequently to make sure that you and your family are safe and secure.

5. Comprehensive Insurance and Evacuation Plan: While on a family volunteering abroad vacation, everyone will be covered by international insurance. This protects everyone in case something unforeseen happens. It is mandatory that all volunteers obtain a travel insurance policy when joining a family volunteering abroad trip. RCDP Volunteers offers one of the most comprehensive insurance packages from a third party. Our insurance policy provides excellent protection in the event that a health-related issue occurs, an accident, or other unpredictable incidences.

6. Placement with Other Volunteers: RCDP Volunteers is happy to place you and your family with other volunteers (depending on availability) if this is something that would make everyone feel safer.

Any international travel requires caution and awareness; family volunteering abroad is no exception. We suggest that all volunteers consult their own government advisory office before making the decision to participate in any overseas volunteering opportunities. International travel presents risks, especially with the modern day threat of international terrorism.

The U.S. State Department issues travel warnings and advisories in many countries for American travelers. These travel advisories and warnings frequently change, as situations in each country transform.

These links provide valuable travel information:

  • British Foreign Office Advice
  • American State Department Advice
  • Australian Government Advice
  • Canadian Government Advice

It is also wise to consult the Center for Disease Control for health related information and issues that might come up during your time family volunteering abroad. Check out www.cdc.gov for possible health risks. One must also keep in mind that the sanitary conditions in developing countries are likely very different from those in your home country. It is also strongly advised that you do not drink the tap water and do not eat food from street vendors.

Our in-country coordinator is available, to ensure everyone’s safety, comfort, and satisfaction while part of a family volunteering abroad experience. You will have all of the necessary contact information for that person prior to your arrival. RCDP Volunteers has been organizing overseas volunteering opportunities since 1998 and is adamant about providing you will all of the necessary information and support that will ensure you and your family has the best experience whether you commit to a family medical volunteer abroad program, a family volunteer with community development project, or a family teaching English overseas opportunity.

Family Volunteer Abroad FAQ

Are family volunteering programs suitable for children?

Yes! RCDP Volunteers can help you select the most suitable program and activities for the age range of children with whom you are traveling.

Where are family volunteering abroad projects available?

RCDP Volunteers offers nearly a 100 projects in eighteen different countries around the globe. We have family volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Mexico, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa.

We can assist you in picking the best destination, most suitable project, and appropriate accommodations for you and your family. It is our goal to help you and your family has the best experience abroad.

Out of all of the projects, which types of projects are most suitable for families with children?

The most suitable projects for families traveling with children are typically orphanage programs and conservation projects. Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by a parents or guardian.

RCDP Volunteers has an expertise in placing families with the right destination and program based on age, interests, skills, and experience.

What length of time can my family and I volunteer?

This is totally up to you. You can volunteer anywhere from 1 week to 12 weeks. We are flexible!

Where do we apply?

You can apply for a family volunteering abroad program online. We have an online application available. Please include the names of all members of your family who will be traveling with you.

Are their age restrictions?

The minimum age is four years old. If you have family members under the age of 18, they will need to be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. In most countries, there isn’t a childcare service available.

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