RCDP Services to Volunteers

RCDP has been extending all possible services to our volunteers in our effort to meet our goals of volunteers’ satisfaction, to ensure the safety of our volunteers, and to maintain the highest quality of programs possible. We offer the following services to our volunteers:

  • Airport pickup and transportation to accommodation.
  • Manage clean and safe rooms with a local host family.
  • Conduct language and orientation programs for our volunteers to obtain a high level of understanding of local culture, language and customs before beginning their volunteer programs.
  • Assistance with in-country transportation and travel suggestions.
  • Facilitate with visa extensions.
  • A high level of program quality through thoroughly researched projects, defined program itineraries, and regular supervision.
  • Services from full-time experienced and qualified staff.
  • Highly affordable and low-cost program fee with no hidden expenses.
  • 24-hour emergency hot lines and off-hour services if needed at no extra cost.
  • Independent travel advice and services and, most importantly, a team member with the experience to answer all your queries and inquisitions.
  • Advice and suggestions on fundraising and other issues such as health, culture, excursions, travel, safety, and special events.