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Xue Ying Fiona Wang

Internship Program in India

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The RCDP-Nepal organizes India Internship program especially for international students. Here, through this internship, student interns in India can work in various fields like orphanages, women issues, HIV/AIDS and health care facilities. Interns can teach English, provide health care to needy Indian citizens, and work with HIV/AIDS project, and RCDP-Nepal can offer internships in India in any area of interest. Some of the choice areas of the RCDP India Internship are as follows:

  • Teaching English
  • Women issues
  • Health Care
  • Orphanage Help

In this program, the intern is involved in daily project activities. In most cases, interns develop a report paper in their particular area of interest by working together with the RCDP India project staff. Generally, the director of this project serves as a supervisor for the intern. You will stay with host families or home base. Please contact RCDP India office if you need any help locating information and materials for your internship program and possible project. To work more freely and comfortably as an intern in India, RCDP recommends at language and culture programs to familiarize you with local culture. In many cases, language barriers can hold back the intern's effectiveness and learning a little about the language beforehand makes the intern more confident and successful in the field. In addition, you can acquire extra tutorials from experts of particular areas with additional fees.