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Join a journey of impactful volunteering in Botswana, where your passion for wildlife meets meaningful experiences in the heart of Southern Africa.

Botswana, renowned for its captivating landscapes and diverse wildlife, offers unparalleled opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. From the majestic elephants and lions of the Okavango Delta to the breathtaking scenery of Chobe National Park, the country beckons with its rich biodiversity and stunning natural beauty. Engage with local communities and explore the vast desert terrain to immerse yourself fully in the Botswana experience.

However, despite its allure, Botswana's wildlife faces significant threats such as habitat loss, poaching, and climate change. To combat these challenges, RCDP Volunteers’ wildlife volunteer program in Botswana places volunteers to collaborate with local conservationists. Together, we work to protect and preserve Botswana's precious wildlife, restore habitats, and promote sustainable conservation efforts. Through collective action and community engagement, we aim to safeguard Botswana's natural heritage for future generations to cherish.

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On-going volunteer programs in Botswana

The Fee and Dates

RCDP Botswana volunteer program starts Wednesdays of each month.

South Africa Volunteer Program

Every year hundreds of volunteers arrive in Botswana to volunteer from UK- and US-based organizations and end up paying up to 2500 to volunteer for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, only a small portion of that money actually goes to host projects. The local host projects in Botswana are poor and need external support to run their programs. In our program, you will pay your fee directly to projects upon arrival in Botswana. When you join our program, we will make sure that all of your money goes to the projects. Part of your fees also helps us cover our expenses. The program fee is divided into a registration fee ($279) and weekly fee for room, food, coordination, and project donation.

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Weekly fees are divided between room plus 3 local foods a day (50%) and project donation/support of local project staffers (50%). This allocation may differ depending on location, project type, etc. Our coordinator will explain these issues before you pay the fee. Below is the breakdown of costs in a weekly basis.

Duration Wildlife Conservation
1 week 1150
2 weeks 1920
3 weeks 2690
4 weeks 3460
5 weeks 4260
6 weeks 5000
7 weeks 5770
8 weeks 6540
9 weeks 7310
10 weeks 8080
11 weeks 8850
12 weeks 9620

The weekly Fee Does Not Include: Airfare, daily transportation, visa and visa extension fees, airport drop-off, airport taxes, personal expenses on food and travel, water and soft drinks, laundry, telephone and immunization.


Volunteer Meal Project in South Africa

During your program in Botswana, RCDP takes care of your accommodation and meals. Volunteers will be accommodated in a fully equipped tented camp, featuring walk-in safari tents furnished with bunk beds and shared ablutions equipped with hot and cold showers. Communal areas like a boma provide spaces for dining and relaxation, while a well-equipped kitchen offers delicious home-cooked meals, including special pizza nights.

You'll receive three meals a day, including self-service breakfast options and substantial lunches and dinners. Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day, and volunteers are encouraged to bring extra snacks.

For supervision and coordination, designated team leaders and staff members are available to ensure volunteers have the support needed for a meaningful experience contributing to conservation efforts in Botswana.