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Xue Ying Fiona Wang

Disadvantage Children/Children at Risk Project in Thailand (Ayuthaya)

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  • Location:Ayuthaya
  • Start Point:Bangkok
  • End Point:Bangkok
  • Duration: 1-12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 Hours per Week
  • Accommodation:Host family or hostel
  • Meal: Local food (3 times a day)
  • Date:2nd and 4th Monday of each month
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Childcare services in Thailand are expensive and unaffordable for the poor. It’s the poor families, however, that need the services more than the rich. The local government and Buddhist temples have established some centers to help the poor. But due to financial constraints, these centers struggle to provide full support to the children as trained manpower is often in short supply.

Volunteer in the project and help improve the situation. You will work with children aged between 2 and 6. The children get dropped in the center before the parents leave for work and are collected by their parents after work. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only help the parents but also to teach English and other skills to children and turn them into confident individuals.


No specific skills or qualifications are required to volunteer in the project. You should however have passion to work for the children and be flexible and patient. Volunteers must also respect Thai custom and local people at all times.

Volunteer's Responsibilities:

Volunteers will do variety of activities to keep children occupied during the day. The aim of these activities is to make children learn as well as have fun. You will organize drawing and painting classes, teach them to sing, dance, and teach English and nursery rhymes. You’ll work between 8 am to 12 noon. In addition, volunteers can also teach in a nearby primary school during the day for 3 to 4 hours.

Project Location

The history of Ayuthaya is rooted in Thailand. Ayuthaya was once the capital city of Thailand and one of the largest cities in Asia before the invading Burmese army razed the city to the ground in the 17th century. The new city has been built around the still magnificent ruins. In your free time, volunteers can explore magnificent ancient ruins of Ayuthaya. The city is built in an island at the confluence of three rivers. During your free time, you can visit Bangkok only 2-3 hours away, or you can plan a visit to Konchanburi, Chiang Mai or the south of Thailand for spectacular beaches.