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Teach English in Rural Schools - Xela, Guatemala

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  • Location: Guatemala City and Xela
  • Duration: 1-12 Weeks
  • Hours: 20-30 Hours per week
  • Meals: Local meals 3 times a day
  • Date: Second and Fourth Monday of each month
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Project Summary

As Guatemala continues to develop, education must go with it. Regretfully, due to resource and infrastructure this isn't always the case. When you volunteer in Guatemala, you are offering the local people a better chance to build their careers and lead a successful life.

The need for English is high because much of Guatemala's tourism industry depends on it. If a person can speak English they have better opportunities available. For many, the cost or accessibility of learning English is not possible. When you volunteer in Guatemala you will find yourself in front of eager minds ready to learn. The results of this project will prove to have many sustainable rewards.

Skills/Qualifications Needed

No specific qualifications are required to join the teaching English project in Guatemala. However, interested individuals should have a passion and desire to teach younger children (and occasionally teenagers).  While Spanish is preferred it is not required. All volunteers are expected to be flexible, patient and adaptive.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers will assist the local teachers by taking English classes. You will be expected to give home works, grade the answer-sheets or to take extra classes for students struggling to keep up with the classes. You can assist in developing English curriculum for junior classes.  Volunteer may also lend their personal English expertise by designing language activities for younger learners. Besides, educational institutes may also require volunteer support or recommendations in administrative duties.

Project Location

Xela, Guatemala is the second-largest city in Guatemala and the full name of city is called Quetzaltenango. Xela is located in the southwest of Guatemala and full of various natural landscapes. There are volcanoes, hot springs, rivers, mountains, and valleys all around. The land produces coffee, fruit, wheat, cattle, and many vegetables. Xela is full of neoclassical and renaissance style architecture. The city also hosts a plentitude of restaurants, markets, and museums.

Guatemala is one of the most popular destinations on the globe for ecotourism. The biodiversity in Guatemala is almost unparalleled and when you have free time as volunteer you can observe why. The mountains, rain forests, and jungles offer plenty of options for nature excursions.