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Health Project in India

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  • Location: Delhi
  • Start Point: Delhi
  • End Point: Delhi
  • Duration: 1 to 12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 hours per week
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Meal: Local food 3 times a day
  • Date: 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month
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Gain medical experience in a fascinating country with diverse and lively culture and work with local doctors to treat Indians.

In India, the economic growth experienced lately has given the government the opportunity to improve the healthcare services. But it still faces a massive challenge. India has steadily improved the average life expectancy but communicable diseases, maternal, prenatal and nutritional deficiencies continue to be important causes of death; while primary care in urban areas is dominated by the single practitioner clinics and unqualified practitioners. When you volunteer in the medical project in India, our volunteers will experience all these issues and learn from local qualified medical professionals on medical practices in India.

Your activities as a volunteer

As a volunteer in health care project, you will assist local doctors and medical staff with the treatment of patients. You will not be involved in independently treating the patients but you will shadow local medical practitioners. You can also involve yourself in other hospital activities such as record keeping, blood pressure checking, and temperature measuring. Arrangements for a placement in large hospitals can be made upon the request of volunteers.

Skills required

Any volunteer interested in joining health care program in India need to submit the proof of certification of medical student, nurse, doctor, or show other medical-related experience. Volunteers without professional medical credentials are not allowed to work in this program because of risks involved

Note: If you are a pre-med or a medical student you can volunteer in the project but you will only be allowed to watch and learn from local doctors.

Project Location

Delhi: Delhi is one of the largest cities of India. It is also the capital of India. The city offers a fascinating amalgamation of old and the new north India with ancient temples and monuments mingling with posh shopping malls and international food chain. It's also a city where you can find glittering buildings next to a shanty town.