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Teaching English

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Project Summary

This project allows you to teach English in one of the most stunning locations in Mexico, while also having the opportunity to improve your Spanish.

English is the second-most popular language in Mexico. English is a highly useful tool for tourism and world trade. While English lessons are available, many times there is either a lack of funding to attend or the quality of education is low. Volunteering to teach English in Mexico is a way to give equal opportunity and quality education to the local people.

When volunteering in Mexico, you will find that your students are going to be eager to learn. Many students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. When you help your students learn English you will be offering them future opportunities to get better jobs or advance their careers. Their understanding of English could lead them to future academic achievements as well.

You will be working with local institutions and organizations. RCDP has teamed up with these groups and together are working on giving these students the best education possible and hopefully lifetime opportunities. The students, community, and yourself will all benefit greatly from this program.


No formal teaching experience or qualifications is required to volunteer with the Teaching English project. If you know Spanish, you will be able to communicate better with the children, but this is not a requirement. Volunteers are required to be patient, flexible and enthusiast about teaching English to Mexican children as the mentality of the people will be very different from what you’re used to back home. During teaching, volunteers are expected to wear decent clothes, no shorts, sleeveless shirts are allowed.

Volunteer's Responsibilities

Volunteers will be either teaching or assisting students with pre-established English curriculum. If you are interested, you can teach: art, physical education or other areas also. Classes are held from Monday through Friday. Volunteers are encouraged to use a number of methods to aide in the teaching of English, including: flash cards, singing songs, etc. You are also encouraged to hold debates and discussions as this can increase their ability to comprehend English better. You can also participate or organize in extra-curricular activities like games and plays.

Project Location

The project is located in the towns of Melaque, Emiliano Zapata, and in Jaluco, where the tourism school is based. Both Emiliano Zapata and Jaluco are just 5 minutes away from Melaque. The host families are located in Malaque and in Barra de Navidad, which are about 15 away from Melaque. This area is located in the Jalisco region of Mexico on the Pacific Coast and is about 20 minutes of Manzanillo, the largest town in the area. Barra de Navidad is a small town of about 7 thousand and is located very close to the beach. It is known for the stunning beach and the pristine environment around the town. Melaque, which is about 15 minutes from Barra de Navidad, is where some of our host families are located. The town shares the same, long and curving beach with Barra de Navidad.

Volunteers will have free time where they can swim, surf, or boogie board at the local beach. Cycling, horse riding, fishing, and snorkeling are also popular activities. The area is a popular destination for foreigners seeking refuge from the northern snow. With so much to do and the great energy here, there is good reason as to why.

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