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Teaching English Project in Costa Rica (San Jose)

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  • Project: Teaching English
  • Room and Board: Host family & 3 times a day local food
  • Work Hours: 30-36 hours per week
  • Start Date: 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month
  • Arrival and Departure: Juan Santa Maria International Airport, San Jose
  • Location: Puntarenas, Guanacaste, San Jose
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Project Summary

Because Costa Rica is one of the more developed nations in Central America, it is a predominant destination for tourism. With so many tourists coming to visit, speaking English becomes a desired skill. However, many children and adults can't afford to learn English. Your roles as a volunteer is to help the locals learn English, which will in-turn positively affect their career opportunities and lifestyles. The students you teach will be eager to learn from foreign volunteers and you are welcome to teach English as well as other subjects that may positively influence their lives.


You do not need previous teaching experience to volunteer in the project. You should be a good role model and be flexible and patient as working with students can sometimes demanding. We prefer volunteers with basic knowledge of Spanish, but this is not a requirement. Volunteers are not allowed to wear shorts or tank tops during the project.

Volunteer's Responsibilities

You will teach English and if you want, you can also teach: computers, arts and music, math, or whatever you feel you can share with children. You can also participate or become involved in extra-curricular activities like games and plays.

Project Location

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica and the nation's largest city is a cultural hub, whose diversity is an attraction to the beautiful country that Costa Rica is. The presence of numerous historically important buildings and mind blowing museums makes it even more special, along with the fine restaurants and old bars that have been there since decades. A lot of people, therefore, compare San Jose with San Francisco, with the cultural niche that it has established for its own.

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