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Volunteering In Bali

The majestic culture and scenery of Bali awaits your arrival

Do you dream of laying in a paradisiac beach? Do you want to visit a new exciting country, with beautiful temples, imponet volcanos and welcoming people? Do you want to be part of something good and work with people who could use a helping hand? If the answer to all those is yes, check out our volunteer programs in Bali!

  • The most affordable volunteer abroad in Bali from $443
  • Participate in highly reviewed and recommended programs
  • Safe program & constant support from our professional team
  • Experience a unique opportunity to visit Bali and work with children and sea Turtles

Bali, the Island of Gods, is one of the 13 667 islands of Indonesia. It’s a green oasis in a turquoise sea. On its shores lay a mix of wild and idyllic sandy beaches and great surf. Heading inland, cities and ancient quirky temples evoking the old spiritual traditions decorate the landscapes, and at the center, large volcanos crown the island. To top it up, Balinese people are famous for their kindness and welcoming smile.

There is something for every volunteer in Bali. The question is: what do you want to do? What are you passionate about? We offer four different opportunities to volunteer abroad in Bali and find out, from teaching English to children to protecting sea turtles.

As a volunteer in Bali, you will have the opportunity to serve others and see its beauty for yourself, to visit the places you always dreamt of and those you could not imagine existed. More than imagining and dreaming of paradise, you will be there, stepping on it. The possibilities are endless. Do not miss out on living the Bali volunteer trip of your dreams and being part of a team of passionate volunteers like you and professionals who dedicate their life to the greater good.

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Bali Volunteering Abroad Projects

Interested? Pick one of the RCDP four volunteering abroad projects in Bali.

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Dates: Volunteer In Bali

Start Dates: Programs usually start every Monday, however, if there are travel constraints we will work with you.

Volunteer Program Fee (US$)

RCDP Volunteers is proud to offer the world's best fee.

Our programs are now more affordable than ever. We are proud to focus on the humanitarian aspect of our business, not on profit. We work very hard and smart to keep our costs down, especially for the volunteers because we know the value of your donated time and efforts.

We remain devoted to maintaining both the quality of the program and the safety of all volunteers involved. Below is a brief summary of the program fee and services that RCDP Volunteers offers.

RCDP fees comprise of two separate fees. An application fee of $279 USD (covers advertising, staff/office expenses, etc.) and a nominal weekly program fee (covers room/board, field support, etc).

You will pay your fee directly to host families and projects (via country coordinator). In this way, what you pay will go for you or people who deserve it (not for profit).

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Turtle Conservation
1 week $443 $482
2 Weeks $743 $857
3 Weeks $1,079 $1,304
4 Weeks $1,379 $1,679
    5 Weeks $1,714 $2,125
6 Weeks $ 2,014 $2,500
7 Weeks $2,350 $2,946
8 Weeks $2,650 $3,321
9 Weeks $2,950 $3,696
10 Weeks $3,286 $4,143
11 Weeks $3,586 $4,518
12 Weeks $3,886 $4,893

What Does The Fee Cover?

  • Accommodation (hotel)
  • Food (only breakfast and dinner)
  • Airport Pickup and transfer
  • Program Orientation
  • In-country support
  • Personalized project
  • Pre-departure information
  • Certificate of completion
  • Fundraising ideas and letters
  • Discount for returning volunteers

What's Not Included?

  • Visas
  • Launch
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses on soft drinks and foods
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer
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Accommodations And Meals: Volunteer In Bali

While volunteering in Bali, RCDP's weekly fees include management of volunteers' meal plans and accommodations throughout projects.

As part of the Bali volunteering projects, you will stay in a hostel or with a host family. It depends on each project and its location. Regardless, all accommodations are located in safe areas with all the necessary infrastructure, to make sure all your needs are catered. 

RCDP's weekly fees cover the management of meals throughout your stay as a volunteer in Bali. Every day you will be offered two traditional meals freshly made with local ingredients, breakfast, and dinner. Lunch and drinks are not included. But fear not, during your time volunteering in Bali there will be affordable local restaurants and markets around

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Prior to your departure, we will send you customized information regarding your placement in the Bali volunteering program of your choice. This will include specific details about the places where you will be staying, the food you will be eating, and your local coordinator contact details. 

Volunteer in Bali, what to do in your time off? 

Bali has lot to offer. With so much to do, during and after your participation in the volunteer program in Bali, it will be hard to know where to start exploring. Located in the Coral Triangle, Bali's maritime life is exciting and diverse. There are both white and black sandy beaches all around, and two twin volcanos in the center were reaching out into the sky, Batur, and Agung. With 6002 temples, each uniquely designed for a different purpose, you will be struggling to find out how many you can see on such a short trip. It's a country that prides itself with a no door, no gate policy. Everyone is welcome.

To learn more about the Balinese culture during your volunteer program in Bali, you can visit one of the many museums: Agung Rai Museum of Art, Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali, Museum Le Mayeur, or the Neka Art Museum. Or just let the roads lead the way, follow the paths and play a game trying to spot as many enticing details of your host country as you can. Sit and relax watching people going by, make friends, hike or go with the flow to find out what endless possibilities Bali has to offer.

If you are into water sports, snorkeling, diving, sea-trekking, surfing, kite boarding or anything else related to water you can visit either Nsa Lembongan or Kuta Beach. Sit on the beach at the end the day watching a colorful spectrum of red playing with the clouds as the sun sets. Can you think of a better way to end your volunteering program in Bali?

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Major FAQ Bali

What language do people speak in Bali?

Most people in Bali speak Indonesian and Balinese. However, seen that the Balinese economy depends 80% on tourism, it is common to find English speakers too.

How long can I participate in the volunteering abroad programs in Bali?

As most countries only allow individuals traveling on a tourist visa to stay up to 12 weeks, you may be involved from 1 to 12 weeks. However, if you would like to stay longer and explore more, contact us. We will be happy to discuss your options.

How can I wash my clothes during my time participating in a volunteer program in Bali?

Every volunteer is responsible for doing their own laundry. However, you might stay in areas where there are no laundry facilities and either bring enough clothes or be ready to wash your clothes by hand.

Can I take electric appliances from my home country?

Of course, but you will need an electrical converter. Note: it's not an adaptor is a converter. You can find information for the different voltage’s in the various countries here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_electricity Or ask in a local shop specialized in electric appliances or a good travel retailer about the different plugs available and converters.

Can I find an ATM easily? What debit and credit cards are accepted?

All the biggest cities have ATMs, but only a few will accept international debit and credit cards. Most international banks will allow you to make withdrawals and charge $2-4 USD for each transaction.

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High-end restaurants and hotels usually accept MasterCard, Visa, Cirrus/Maestro and American Express. Keep your eyes open when paying with a credit card to avoid credit card fraud.

It is important to inform your bank that you are going to travel to Bali. In certain situations, when banks see foreign transactions in an unknown location, they freeze your bank account. It is done for your protection, but it can also leave you a very awkward situation half way across the world.

What is the local currency? How do I know the exchange rate?

The local currency in Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). We advise you to find the latest exchange rate on http://www.xe.com/currency/idr-indonesian-rupiah

How much money will I need during my participation in a volunteer abroad project in Bali?

As RCDP covers board and two meals, breakfast, and dinner, you will need money for lunch and snacks. The rest is what you would like to do. Are there any activities and tours you would like to participate? How many Balinese souvenirs can you fit in your suitcase?

Also, remember there is visa fee, from the US $50 to $100 depending on how long you want to stay in Bali. In some situations, there will be an airport tax, which must be paid on your departure. Answer these questions truthfully, research a little, and you will have a good idea of the final equation.

Is it safe to have money on me?

Honestly? Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not carry a lot of money, carry at least two wallets and a money belt with extra cash in case of emergencies.

What should I wear during my time participating in a volunteering project in Bali?

As a volunteer in Bali, you should wear smart, conservative clothing. It means smart jeans and t-shirts can be used, but not short-shorts and tank tops, or anything else that might be revealing. When working or volunteering in a different country or a in particular spiritual and religious place like Bali, it is important to respect locals beliefs and religious traditions. It may be extremely conservative for you, but no one wants to see your shoulders.

What religions are practiced in Bali?

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Indonesia is a Muslim country, however, in Bali, most people practice Balinese Hinduism. You can also bump into Christians and Buddhists. 

Bali (in order of most to least) are Balinese Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, and Buddhism. 

What should I pack for one of the Bali Volunteer Abroad Trips?

  • A small daypack
  • Comfortable footwear like walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Sandals
  • Two pairs of lightweight pants
  • Two t-shirts
  • Three shirts with short sleeves
  • Two shirt with long sleeves
  • Three pairs of shorts and a bathing suit
  • A lightweight jacket or a rain cover, if it is rainy season
  • A mid season jacket for the cooler evenings
  • A towel and a toiletry bag
  • SPF/Sunblock and sunglasses
  • A camera
  • An insect net
  • Bedding or a sleeping bag (check the pre-placement information sent before your departure)

NOTE: The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a generic guideline, not something set in stone. Volunteer needs vary from volunteer to volunteer, just as the current travel information. All travelled related information changes such as entry and exit fees change all the time. Contact an RCDP consultant before your volunteering trip to Bali. We are here to help you.

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