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Xue Ying Fiona Wang

Healthcare Project (Surin)

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  • Location:Surin
  • Start Point:Bangkok
  • End Point:Bangkok
  • Duration: 1-12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 Hours per Week
  • Accommodation:Volunteer House
  • Meal: Not include, volunteers must eat out
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* Medical project in Surin is not available from February 17 to March 31, 2017

Thailand like any other developing country has tried to improve the healthcare system. But there remain many things to do. Today, many new hospitals and rural health clinics have opened in Thailand and there are many doctors and nurses getting trained every year. However, in places like Surin, one of the most disadvantaged regions in Thailand, the families cannot afford healthcare and even qualified medical professionals do not like to stay there. Our volunteers therefore will be working in these communities to provide healthcare to the local.


Any volunteer interested in joining health care program in Thailand need to submit the proof of certification of medical student, nurse, doctor, or show other medical-related experience. Volunteers without professional medical credentials are not allowed to work in this program because of risks involved.

Volunteer's Responsibilities:

Volunteers will work from Monday to Thursday and have 3 days off to explore other areas of Thailand. You will start your work from 9 am and finish at 3.30 pm. You will also have an hour off for lunch from 11.30 am.

Volunteers will be working small health clinics spread throughout Surin. This area of Thailand is a large farming region and communities are well spread out. This makes the locals very difficult to travel to urban centers for healthcare. So the healthcare has gone to them instead. Volunteers work can include immunizations, health checks including checking pressure and blood, giving first aid and helping local doctors to provide treatment.

Project Location

Surin is known has the elephant province in Thailand. This is because of the large number of elephants that are domesticated and the elephant festival that takes place very year that draws large number of crowds. Surin is one of the poorest region in Thailand and overwhelmingly agrarian. There are many interesting things to see around Surin including visiting Cambodia as it’s a border town. Surin also has a sizeable expatriate community.