Welcome to RCDP Language and Culture

Would you like to get to know a new country and meet new people? Do you wish to immerse yourself in a new culture, sights and sounds, and help promote cross-cultural understanding? RCDP International provides you a wonder opportunity not only to familiarize yourself with the local language and discover more about the country you are interested in, but give you the confidence you require to successfully finish your volunteer project.

The rewarding educational adventure provided by RCDP in Asian and African countries like India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda is designed to give you a unique cultural insight. Participants will learn about the country through a blend of language classes (where they will learn basic phrases and verbs commonly used by locals), cultural immersion and going on popular sightseeing tours to learn about the heritage of the land. Participate in RCDP’s language program to have a exciting adventure that you would relish your whole life.