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Xue Ying Fiona Wang

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Do you want to discover one of the most fascinating cultures in the world but the high cost it is preventing you? Enroll in the Paid Teaching Project in China and get paid for teaching English in a local school.

This is a wonderful way to travel and experience China and teach in a school where the children are very enthusiastic to learn from international teachers. You will find that the students are mostly well behaved. for Chinese students mastering the English language is very important. But despite their hard work, most students find English to be extremely difficult. This is because they simply do not have the environment to practice and improve their skills. Many times in English classes, the subject is taught by local teachers in their local language. What is more, students seldom practice with their friends or families. That is why the demand for native English-speaking teachers in China is very high.

During your stay, you will be warmly received and your work will be highly appreciated. In your free time, you can travel around and see other parts of China. So join the project now and experience China intimately.


The project is only for native English speakers. If you are a citizen of US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland or other countries with English as the mother tongue, you will be able to apply. If you have other certifications like TEFL, this will provide you with more opportunities to earn a higher salary.

Volunteers are required to send their Resume/CV alsong and a short 2-5 minutes introduction video explaining why you would like to join our Paid Teaching Program in China.

Volunteers are required to have a minimum 60 hours TEFL Certification. The TEFL certification can be online or regular. Volunteers do not need TEFL experience in classroom.

Salary And Benefits

We have been placing teachers in China since 2003. The salary and benefits in China vary depending on your qualifications, experiences, location, and others. However, in collaboration with local schools, colleges, and universities, we offer you an excellent salary and benefit packages.

  • Monthly salary of 6,000-9,000 RMB for a native English speaker (no qualifications)
  • Monthly salary of 9,000-12,000 RMB for a native English speaker with a degree in English and some related teaching experience
  • Free shared furnished apartment near your school, some schools provide single but not all schools,
  • Assistance with Business visa application process
  • Services and support of field staff
  • Guaranteed placement
  • Airport pick-up upon arrival
  • Reimbursement of airfare = 6000 RMB on completion of 12 months teaching contract 3000 RMB on completion of 6 months.

China Paid Teaching Program Fee and Dates

The China volunteer teaching program starts anytime upon your arrival in China.

RCDP application and placement fee: The total amount to pay is US $399. The fee covers advertising, program promotion and office expenses (rent, utilities, and staff salaries in our USA office). The fee also covers airport pick-up, drop-off, China office expenses (rent, utilities, salaries, and vehicle), communication and project coordination.

There is no monthly or weekly fee for you to pay in the Paid Teaching English in China program. Accommodation and food will be provided for free by the local schools.

Important Reminder

The Final Placement Sheet that you will receive prior to your departure for China will inform you of the details on all of the benefits and accommodations that you will receive from your school placement program. This includes your salary, accommodation, and what additional facilities will be available to you.

You are encouraged to read the placement sheet thoroughly to understand the benefits that you will receive. If you are not clear about something or feel unsatisfied, please contact Us before flying to China. Once you arrive in China, we may not be able to address any complaints you may have in this regard. You will, however, receive all the benefits that have been included in your placement sheet.

Volunteer to teach English to young Chinese students and brighten their future while experiencing the vibrant Chinese culture.

Project Locations:

The teaching English in China project is located in the city of Qingdao. Qingdao is a beautiful seaside city with clean air and an enchanting sea view. This city borders the Yellow Sea on two sides and has the largest bathing beach in Asia. It is located in the southeast part of Shandong Province. Qingdao was voted one of the most livable cities in China because of its clean and green spaces. From Qingdao, it is very easy to reach other major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Dalian..