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Street Children Project in Peru

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  • Location: Cusco and Manu
  • Start point: Cusco
  • End Point: Cusco
  • Duration: 1-12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 hours per week
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Meal: Local food (3 times a day)
  • Date: Second and Fourth Monday of each month
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Due to poverty, neglect and many other issues, many children are living in the streets in Peru. These children face exploitation and may get involved in crime to sustain themselves. Their future in bleak and they need urgently to be rehabilitated.

Volunteering with these children gives you a wonderful opportunity to help them get some relief from the harsh realities they face. This project focuses on supporting the youth and leading them on a path to live a better life. Your role as a volunteer will be to help them learn such skills as computer knowledge, English, or social skills. This education will help them develop mentally and give them opportunities they didn’t have before.

Many of these children come into the project wearing ragged clothes and no shoes. In all reality, their hope seems bleak. Many don’t go to school and wander the streets selling candy or cheap goods to give them some food for the day. Some of the youth are even sexually exploited. The need for volunteers at this project is high.

Volunteers at this project can offer some hope to the children. Through education and organizational support, these at-risk youth can build a better future for themselves. You will be working with local organizations, programs, and school who all have the same goal of helping the children. By providing education, basic needs, and extra-curricular activities, ideally the children can find a healthier direction for their lives.


No specific qualifications are required to volunteer with the Street Children Project. Volunteers are however requested to have patience, flexibility and passion to serve the children. We would prefer volunteers with basic knowledge of Spanish, as it would make communication with children easier. This is not a requirement though.

Volunteer's Responsibilities

The children of this project live in very poor conditions. This is a temporary setup from where the children will either be sent to live in orphanages or with their parents. The children are usually aged between 5 and 17. Volunteers will work with these children in providing them hope by teaching, counseling and organizing games, plays, sports, and other creative things.

While working in street children project, volunteers will receive opportunities to share your time, love, and passion for those children. In turn, the children will get some relief from the sometimes-harsh conditions they have existed in. The work may be difficult, buy ideally also rewarding.

Project Location

The street children Peru project is located in the city of Cusco and Manu National Park. The Park is known as one of the best places to experience the Amazon Jungle and is one of the largest is South America. UNESCO has declared the park a World Heritage Site. There are thousand of flora and fauna in the area. For nature lovers, this area is full of natural delights to explore.

The city of Cusco is the urban cultural hub of Peru. There are many activities to pursue both in the city and also nearby attractions where you can travel. Cusco is host to many historical buildings, squares, and churches. There are many museums and parks you can explore, as well as nightlife.

The world famous Machu Picchu is a destination for many to experience. The marvelous scenery and history of this place meets its reputation. As a volunteer, you too will have the opportunity to do so. You don’t need to worry about having an entire week to visit Machu Picchu. There are many options for traveling there. Whether by trains or trekking you will have an opportunity to see one of the most breathtaking views on the globe.

Peru is full of a wide variety of wildlife and nature. From the beaches, the Amazon, and upward to the Andes the contrasts between landscapes is quite profound. The nation is full of destinations for everyone. You can hike, paddle, swim, zip-line, bird-watch, scuba dive, or simply enjoy the anthropological culture of Peru. Peruvians are easy going and like to host festivals throughout the year. There are markets where you can buy localy make products or sample local dishes. With the mix of the beautiful people and the beautiful nature, Peru makes itself a top destination in the world.