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Volunteer Building Projects Abroad

Volunteer Building Projects Abroad

Have you been dreaming about embarking on an adventure overseas where you will also have the chance to give back to the local community through volunteer work? Do you want to help devastated and poor communities by volunteering abroad?

Joining a construction volunteer work abroad project is an opportunity to change many lives, including your own, while experiencing a new culture, a new country, and a new community. During the project, you will get to improve your leadership, team work, and problem-solving skills.

RCDP has an incredible collection of safe, well-organized, reputable, budget-friendly, and exciting volunteering on building projects abroad in 19 different captivating countries across Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America. RCDP makes traveling and volunteering abroad affordable so that anyone who has the desire to travel and help others in need can do so.

Join RCDP's best cheap volunteer building projects abroad and be a part of a rewarding international community development program which can greatly benefit others around you.

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Benefits of Volunteer Building Projects Abroad Projects

The benefits of joining one of RCDP’s low cost, safe, meaningful, well-organized, exciting, hands-on, and educational volunteering building projects abroad are innumerous.

Experience challenging situations

RCDP's construction volunteering abroad program is an extraordinary way to gain valuable hands-on experience in a number of challenging medical situations.

Discover a new country and community

During the entire volunteer program, you will spend a lot of time with the local community members. You will live in a vibrant and multicultural environment, so you can use your time to learn and immerse yourself in the local culture while volunteering abroad.

Opportunity to travel overseas

Traveling can be very meaningful and life-changing if you join RCDP’s construction volunteering abroad program. This can also be your opportunity to set off on an affordable, enriching, and rewarding adventure in a country that you have likely never visited before.

You will encourage others around you

Your dedication to these amazing volunteer programs will help instill self-confidence, self-worth, and self-reliance in the lives of the people with whom you spend time. Volunteering will also strengthen your ties to the community.

Help others who are in need

When you take part in RCDP’s construction volunteering abroad program, you will not only be able to go on an adventure for incredible life experiences but also provide aid and support to places where your help is necessary.

You become more pro-active and healthy

Volunteering abroad can make you healthier compared to others who don’t, as it can lessen symptoms of various diseases and reduce the risk of chronic pain and heart disease.

Gain valuable hands-on experience

Participating in this construction volunteering abroad program is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in a field which you might pursue later in your career.

Build your social bonds

It has been proven that volunteering can build empathy and strengthen your social bonds with those around you. Volunteering with RCDP will let you practice and develop your social skills and make it easier for you to branch out to others round you.

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RCDP’s Volunteer Building Projects Abroad Projects

Building Project in Sangkhlaburi of Northwest Thailand

Volunteering in Sangkhlaburi is a great way to help with the construction and restoration of community-based buildings that need repairing. Sangkhlaburi is a northwest district in Thailand bordering Myanmar. The village is a cultural mosaic of diverse ethnic backgrounds, mainly constituting local Thai people, Burmese immigrants, Karen and Mon people.

RCDP’s volunteering on building projects in Sangkhlaburi deals with the construction and restoration of community-based buildings. As time goes by, the needs of local communities change accordingly. The construction and restoration project are created to accommodate such necessities of the community.

As a volunteer, you will be instructed with details about the project and your work assignments in an orientation session at the beginning of your project. You will be involved in a wide range of tasks related to the construction of the building. You will be joined by your coordinator in the construction site to help you with translation and other activities.

During the construction and renovation project, you will learn to mix cement manually using a ‘Job’, a hoe like traditional Thai building tool, dig the foundation for the structure, and take part in everything that is necessary to construct a building. You will also work on gardening, painting, fencing and on the finishing touches after the construction is complete.

Join this project today and help the community of Sangkhlaburi with other dedicated volunteers like you.

Skills required:

To join RCDP’s volunteering on building projects in Sangkhlaburi, you don’t need any skills or prior experience regarding construction work. Good physical condition will be an added bonus. Apart from this, you need to be willing to work for the welfare of the local communities.

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Orphanage Construction Project in Nepal

In recent years, Nepal has seen a rise in the numbers of children becoming orphaned due to years of civil war and the spread of poverty. Since there are no major government programs for these orphaned children, they are either left to fend for themselves or at the mercy of their relatives and friends. But unfortunately, most of the families in Nepal are poor and deprived.

These families can hardly feed their own members. Therefore, maintaining other children is beyond the means of most people. The only place to turn to for the orphans is the orphanage. Sadly, most of them are already overcrowded. The orphanages regularly turn children away because they don't have enough space or resources.

RCDP’s volunteering on building projects in Nepal focus on accommodating more orphans who are desperately looking for a home and an education. RCDP lets dedicated volunteers like you to join in this noble effort to construct a building to provide more space for children currently living in orphanages and to take in future arrivals.

Your help will give life-changing opportunities to those children whose future might otherwise be ruined. By working to build the rooms, you will share your love and passion with deprived children who will be extremely grateful for your kindness.

Join this project today and help accommodate orphaned children in Nepal.

Skills required:

RCDP’s volunteering on building projects in Nepal will be physically demanding. You will carry bricks, mix cement, screen sand, and perform other physical activities during the project. Volunteers work for an average of four to five hours a day without rush.

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School/orphanage construction in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very popular destination for many people across the globe and there's little doubt as to why. This nation is filled with mighty volcanoes, waterfalls, tropical forests, and exotic creatures. From its inland wonders to its picturesque beaches, Costa Rica is full of splendor.

However, there is still poverty and environmental concerns that make your work as a volunteer very important. Volunteer in Costa Rica and find out how you can become a helper in this beautiful land.

Once you join RCDP’s volunteering on building projects in Costa Rica, you will get the opportunity to construct and build schools or orphanages for those who don’t have a place to live. In addition to that, you will work on gardening, painting, fencing, and on the finishing touches after the construction is complete.

Join this project today and change the lives of underprivileged people and children in Costa Rica.

Skills Required:

In order to join RCDP’s volunteering on building projects in Costa Rica, you must have a passion to serve orphaned children and be open-minded, resourceful, and patient. You must also be willing to give love and care to children in order to brighten their future. No other qualifications are required specifically.

Aside from volunteer building projects abroad, RCDP also offers an array of opportunities such as volunteer work in social work, volunteer abroad for college students, volunteer abroad with animals, volunteer abroad with children, volunteer at orphanages abroad, and volunteer building projects abroad, among many other categories.

Contact RCDP today to know more about these rewarding volunteer opportunities and projects.

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