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Are you looking for affordable, safe, and genuine volunteer opportunities abroad for young people in 2018? Would you love to help others and see more of the world during your school vacation? Do you need help finding the best and the most affordable youth volunteer opportunities abroad? If you said yes to any or all of these questions you’re in the right place!

RCDP offer a range of safe, well-managed and inexpensive volunteering opportunities for young people. These life-changing volunteer programs are indeed an awesome chance for those who wish to spend their holidays on a meaningful project, while also exploring a new country; meeting amazing people and getting a rare insight into their unique culture and traditions.

RCDP has a number of volunteer opportunities abroad programs which are offered in various countries, including Guatemala, Brazil, Ghana, Uganda, Argentina, Thailand, Nepal and Cambodia.

You get to choose an international volunteer program focused on childcare, education, healthcare, handicrafts, or women support, all of which you can help out at for anything from a week to several months. The choice is always yours, but we are here to help if you or your family needs further information, advice or guidance to reach a decision.

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of Youth Volunteer Abroad Programs

Gain confidence: Youth volunteer abroad programs help you increase your self confidence by offering you the opportunity to try something new, and gain a real sense of attainment. You will develop teamwork and communication skills, and learn a lot about yourself, and what you are capable of doing.

Make a difference: Being a part of youth volunteering projects abroad not only provides you with life-changing experiences, it also enables you to make a significant change in the lives of disadvantaged people or animals. You will earn a remarkable sense of accomplishment, pride, and fulfillment knowing that your selflessness and positive actions have made a significant difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate than you.

Explore a new country: Joining a volunteering abroad program is a great opportunity to learn a new language, become immersed in a new culture, and connect with people from different parts of the world. You get to experience a new way of life which will broaden your horizons, and change your perception of the world.

Shape your career: Youth volunteer programs abroad are impressive features of a college or career resume. The time you spend volunteering in a completely new setting might help you decide what career path you truly want to pursue, or help you gain valuable experience in a field that you have already decided you want to explore.

Accomplishment: Volunteering abroad to create a positive impact on disadvantaged people and animals fulfils the need many people have to make a difference to others.  It also provides you with a unique and warm perception of unfamiliar communities, ecosystems and people. These lessons you learn during your volunteering period are very interesting, as they help you increase your cultural sensitivity and to stay focused on the goals you set.

Learn new skills: Spending time in a different culture than your own also promotes tolerance, compassion, and open-mindedness, all of which are incredible traits to possess.

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RCDP’s Top Youth Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

RCDP has several kinds of safe and life-changing youth volunteer opportunities abroad to suit all young people with different interests, budgets, time constraints, destination desires, and volunteer goals.

HIV/AIDS Project in Ghana

Every year, thousands of Ghanaians face tragic deaths from HIV virus, and efforts to reduce these numbers is less effective than in some other countries. In many cases if a father dies his family are left without any income or quality of life. There have been a number of local as well as international efforts put in place to halt the spread of HIV virus, however, the Ghanaian’s are still vulnerable to the condition due to devastating poverty and lack of health education.

RCDP has teamed up with these local initiatives to provide care to the victims, and spread awareness, and you can be a part of this youth volunteer HIV/AIDS project in Ghana which helps provide the victims with reassurance, care and education they deserve. Your contribution and care on this project will help save thousands of underprivileged and poor Ghanaian’s lives.

As a volunteer, you will be working using the ‘Stepping Stones’ method, which places an emphasis on changing behavior through both outselling and education. Consequently you can expect to get involved with facilitating discussions of HIV prevention and sexual health with both groups and individuals. These may target young people in and out-of-school, clients at antenatal clinics, and those attending general community meetings. When you are not volunteering you will have free time to visit local attractions and enjoy the fun side of Ghanaian culture.  

No specific skills or educational background is required to volunteer on this youth volunteer HIV/AIDS project in Ghana, however you must have a strong passion and dedication to help people less fortunate than yourself, be open-minded, flexible about the tasks you undertake, and respectful of Ghanaian cultures and traditions.

Women Support Project in Guatemala

If you are looking for a youth volunteer women support project in Guatemala than this is an awesome opportunity for you. RCDP invites you to join the women support project in Xela, Guatemala, set up to help empower and educate the illiterate and disadvantaged Guatemalan women.

Due to poverty, illiteracy and other devastating reasons, Guatemala remains a male dominated society; and many women from rural and poorer areas face both devastating discrimination and physical abuse. Many local organizations are conducting various programs to empower these helpless women; however the discrimination and the general experiences of women in society have not drastically changed.

RCDP has specially designed this project to educate and empower these Guatemalan women so that they can become independent and make a financial contribution to their family. This is perhaps the key factor which will help establish women’s equality. As a volunteer, you will work both in the central office as well as in the field, helping women gain the awareness, education, and skills necessary to make them independent.

The Women Support Project in Guatemala only accepts female volunteers, with at least an intermediary knowledge of Spanish language. After joining this project you will contribute in awareness and educational programs, and teach the skills these women need to sustain themselves. You will also visit villages and get involved in educational and training activities.

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Handicrafts Project in Brazil

Do you have good handicraft skills? Would you like to share your creative skills and talents with underprivileged women? If so this handicrafts project in Brazil for youth volunteers is the best option for you. Women in rural or high poverty areas like favelas [slums] have experienced discrimination for a long time due to their lack of marketable skills and talents, so they desperately appreciate your volunteer work.

This youth volunteer handicrafts projects in Brazil works with helpless women to provide them with extra skills so that they can become independent and promote the entrepreneurial capability. Thousands of volunteers have partaken in this meaningful project and have successfully raised the living standard of these deprived women.

< p> When you join this project as a volunteer you will teach the handicraft skills you have to disadvantaged women in the favelas of Rio. Depending on your interests you could teach sewing, sandal design, painting, pottery, candle making or any other skills in the classroom. To join this project you must have either good handicraft or entrepreneurial skills. You must also be flexible, passionate and open-minded.

Healthcare Project in Uganda

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in South Africa and thousands of Ugandans are generally deprived of basic medical treatment and health education. There are not sufficient hospitals and clinics in the rural areas, so a number of Ugandans can’t get adequate medical care in a timely manner. This means many poor Ugandan people who can’t afford medical treatment as a result die from simple, curable diseases. Considering this, RCDP has designed this youth volunteer healthcare project in Uganda, and invites you to contribute in this project to make a difference in underprivileged Ugandans lives.

The main objective of this project is to help the local hospitals and clinics to treat less fortunate Ugandans. When you join this ‘Healthcare Project in Uganda’, you will work with local medical professionals. Your responsibilities will vary according to your education, skills, experience, and qualifications. Volunteers will mostly work as an assistant to doctors.

When you join this project, you will not only help disadvantaged Ugandans but also gain genuine medical experience in a developing country. You can get acquainted with new cultures and traditions, and might even pick up a new language. When you are not volunteering, you can visit many fascinating places, museums, galleries, and colorful markets.

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Work in Orphanages in Cambodia

If you are interested in providing genuine help to Cambodian orphan children, then this youth volunteer work in orphanages in Cambodia is the project for you. Being a part of this work in orphanages in Cambodia project means you can make a significant change in lives of disadvantaged Cambodian children by providing genuine care and support.

Thousands of Cambodian children have become helpless orphans due to wars and other tragic circumstances. Though many orphanages are trying to take care of these helpless kids they have not been able to provide adequate support due to a lack of sufficient resources, so the kids are in desperate need of instant care and support. This orphanage work in Cambodia project gives you an opportunity to help these orphan children, while both having fun and experiencing the unique culture and food of the locals.

As a youth volunteer worker in orphanages in Cambodia, you can contribute in a number of ways to make a difference in these less fortunate children’s’ lives. RCDP is working on this project in collaboration with many local orphanages, so you can spend time with these underprivileged children, and inspire them to strive for a better life. During your volunteering period you will play with the children, and also teach them English and other subjects you have an interest in, help with the administrative work of the orphanage, and also help with cleaning duties.

While working in an orphanage in Cambodia you will not only help bring positive change in the lives of these disadvantaged children, but also get to learn a lot of new things, and visit fascinating places. When you are not volunteering there are a number of things to do and see that will provide you with once in a lifetime experiences

Dentistry Project in Argentina

Are you a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, or dental student who wants to explore Argentina while also using your specialized skills and passion for dentistry to help those who desperately need dental care? If so then RCDP’s fantastic international youth volunteer dentistry project in Argentina is a perfect option for you.

During your volunteering period in Argentina you will work alongside local dental professionals and volunteers in an effort to bring urgent and basic dental care to patients who might not be able to receive it otherwise. This hands-on and impactful project is a great way to gain experience or build on the dental experience that you already possess.

This project is a mix of learning, travelling, and helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged people. Being a part of this project is also a great opportunity for future dentists to pursue because you gain genuine field experience in a developing country. As a volunteer you will teach local children about oral hygiene, work directly with patients, and help dentists with a number of dentistry aspects, including orthodontics, endodontic, oral surgery and implants.

No specific skills are required apart from basic dentistry knowledge, however knowledge of Spanish language is an asset. You should be open-minded, flexible and dedicated to your volunteer work. You must have good teamwork and communication skills, as you will be working directly with patients in a team.

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Teaching in Buddhist Temple School in Thailand

Several Buddhist temples in Thailand operate community schools for local children; however, there are few native or fluent English-speaking volunteer teachers in these temple schools, so less fortunate Thai children are deprived of English education. The ability to speak English is very helpful if someone wants a job within the fast growing tourism industry, which is where the opportunity to make more money is. As a youth volunteer teacher in a Buddhist temple school in Thailand, you can help prepare these young students for a brighter, and potentially more successful, future.

Joining this project is a unique opportunity to explore an exotic and beautiful country in Asia, while becoming immersed in the local culture and part of the community in which you volunteer. This is an especially great experience for anyone who is interested in potentially pursuing a career in education.  No previous teaching experience and specific skills are required to join this project except volunteers should be fluent in English - not necessarily a native English speaker. You should also be flexible, patient, self-motivated, and have a strong willingness to learn and take on new initiatives. Volunteers must also respect the Thai custom and local people at all times.

Orphanage Construction Project in Nepal

Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in Asia due to several tragic circumstances, such as the long period of civil war which led to a large number of children being orphaned. Though many organizations and orphanages are helping these disadvantaged children they are mostly overcrowded and understaffed. Considering this, a plan was put into place to build a new orphanage in order to provide a safe and nurturing environment for these children. This multi-stage project requires a lot of manpower and time, and hence desperately needs magnanimous volunteers.

As a youth volunteer on an orphanage construction project in Nepal you will play a vital role in helping this necessary project continue to move forward towards completion. Your precious talent, time and education will provide a priceless contribution to this project that will help disadvantaged children find a better place to live and prepare for their bright future.  No prior construction experience is necessary as you will be supervised and guided by a team of professional builders and contractors.

The construction project is a bit physically challenging and demanding. As a volunteer, you will carry bricks, mix cement, screen sand, and similar, typical building related work. Volunteers mostly work 4-5 hours a day, but there are plenty of breaks too. When you are not volunteering you can play with the children or explore the serene local villages.

Aside from youth volunteer opportunities abroad RCDP also offers a range of affordable volunteer opportunities that addresses different passions, budget, skills and interests. You get to choose from amongst adventure trips for college students, gap year programs abroad, community service trips for high school students, family volunteer opportunities abroad and many more programs. Contact RCDP today to learn more about the places and programs that you find yourself most interested in.

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