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  • Gain experience, new friends and a greater understanding of the world by living like a local in a foreign culture.
  • Experience a vacation like no other by combining travel with volunteer abroad work.
  • Unparalleled high reviews and ratings, Guaranteed lowest program fees in the US – starting from $100 - $200 per week.
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Volunteer Abroad with Children Projects

Are you interested in traveling and volunteering overseas with underprivileged children? Do you want to make a difference as you learn valuable life lessons and experience grand adventures in a new and exciting country?

RCDP has the most budget-friendly yet trustworthy and amazing volunteer with children abroad programs for people like you. RCDP offers tons of interesting volunteering with children abroad programs in 19 countries of South America, Asia, Central America and Africa.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to take care of orphaned children who used to live in the streets, provide informal education and healthcare, and contribute directly to the development and growth of some of the most neglected and underprivileged children in the world.

By doing so, you will receive warm appreciation, and you will have an experience that will surely make your life more meaningful and rewarding.

Join hands with RCDP and secure the future of the less-fortunate.

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of Volunteer Abroad with Children Projects

The benefits of joining one of RCDP’s many volunteer with children abroad programs are truly immeasurable.

You will experience life-changing moments

RCDP’s volunteering with children abroad programs can give you the opportunity to have new experiences which can become life-changing moments.

You will learn valuable life lessons

When you take part in RCDP’s volunteer with children abroad programs, you will be able to meet new people who may enrich your overall volunteering experience and teach you a wealth of valuable life lessons.

You will get to help the less fortunate

By volunteering abroad with RCDP, you will directly get involved in something new and inspiring which can open your eyes, mind and heart to those who are less fortunate than you are.

This is an opportunity to do something remarkable

By volunteering abroad with children, you will get the chance to do something remarkable and gain unforgettable experience by supporting underprivileged children who are desperately in need of your love, care, and attention.

You will understand the core concept of volunteering in a foreign country

When you participate in RCDP’s volunteering with children abroad programs, you will learn a great deal about volunteering and helping others in need of your assistance and support.

You will improve your leadership and personal skills

Volunteering abroad is not just about giving back to society; it’s also about improving your leadership, team work, and problem-solving skills, all of which are noteworthy accomplishments.

You can learn a foreign language

One of the most useful benefits of volunteering overseas is learning a new language, which could greatly benefit your career and life, as knowing more than one language is crucial in today's job market.

You will encourage others around you

Your dedication to these amazing volunteer programs will help instill self-confidence, self-worth, and self-reliance in the lives of the people with whom you spend time. Volunteering will also strengthen your ties to the community.

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RCDP’s Affordable and Best Volunteer Abroad with Children Projects

RCDP has an amazing catalog of volunteer with children abroad programs for those passionate volunteers who are looking for an affordable, educational, and life-changing adventure overseas.

Work in Orphanage in India

Due to poverty, neglect, and abusive situations, millions of children in India are left to find shelter in orphanages, where they are treated with kindness and compassion. India contains one-sixth of the world’s population with countless numbers of children born and raised in the streets every day.

While there are many orphanages and community centers in India which look after these children, the need of compassionate and dedicated volunteers is always very high. No child should ever be mistreated or abused.

The goal of this whole-hearted volunteering with children program in India is to help the growing masses of homeless children by sharing your compassion, empathy and skills with India’s most underprivileged children. You will work with local staff and participate in various skill-developing activities.

By volunteering in India, you will be able to change the lives of orphaned children with your commendable efforts and enrich your own life with cherished memories, as you give hope of a better future to these deprived children.

Skills required:

No specific skills and qualifications are required to participate in RCDP’s volunteering with children program in India. But volunteers joining orphanage projects should have love and passion for serving poor kids. Volunteers should also be flexible, self-motivated, and have an open mind to learn and serve to people of new cultures and religions.

Work in Orphanage In Sri Lanka

Many communities in Sri Lanka are extremely impoverished, and most of the general population live with hunger, sickness, lack of education, and other vital modern-day infrastructures and resources.

While the nation is slowly making its way to progress, it still lacks the necessary resources and support to look after its ever-rising population of orphaned children. These children are mistreated or abused by the adults looking after them, leaving them with little chance of a better future.

When you join RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Sri Lanka, you will be able to help these orphaned children by providing them with food, education, and clean clothes. With your help and support, these unfortunate orphans can start hoping for a better life. Most of the orphanages actively working in Sri Lanka are struggling with their finances and shortage of dedicated volunteers.

As a volunteer, your work can involve anything from teaching English, music, art, and dance to assisting in orphanage administrative tasks. Volunteers can also be part of cleaning and cooking activities in the orphanage.

Skills required:

You must have a passion to serve the children and provide them with plenty of love in order to participate in RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Sri Lanka. You will also have to be flexible and willing to learn new things. English is widely spoken and understood by most Sri Lankans, so you can communicate with them in English.

However, if you learn the local language you will be able to interact with the local children even better. During the language and cultural training program, you will be taught about the culture and informed about placement details. Thus, you will be familiar with plenty of local issues before you start the orphanage volunteer project.

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Work in Orphanage in Kenya

Kenya is a country consumed by poverty and HIV/AIDS. There are thousands of orphaned and homeless children who have to fend for themselves in order to survive with little help from the government.

The ability to communicate in English can open many doors for children in orphanages in Kenya, especially in the booming tourism industry. When you volunteer to work in these orphanages, many underprivileged children will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to learn this valuable language with you as their English teacher.

RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Kenya is a fantastic opportunity to dedicate your time, energy, and skills to a project that will not only change the lives of many orphaned children but also enrich your own life with unforgettable experiences. The aim of this volunteer project is to help the local orphanage centers to turn things around in the field of education, child development, and healthcare.

With your efforts, these children will be able to shape their own future into a brighter and more prosperous ones. You will also give orphaned children healthy, secure, and constructive childhoods. Most of your volunteer work will revolve around the orphanage, the kitchen, and the administrative offices.

Skills required:

You must be passionate and dedicated to serve the orphans in order to join RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Kenya. Through your work, the children will start to dream of a better future and you will gain immense satisfaction of having contributed to this.

Work in Orphanages in South Africa

Unfortunately, many vulnerable and young children are left abandoned in South Africa due to their family’s inability or desire to care for them. Most of these orphaned children are malnourished, exploited, sick, forced into illegal activities, and, obviously, scared and lonely with no loved ones to protect them.

Luckily, there are a couple of local government bodies and organizations making an effort to rescue and care for these abandoned children in orphanages supported by dedicated volunteers like you. You can only imagine how much help is needed here due to the ever-rising influx of orphaned children.

Upon joining RCDP’s volunteer with children program in South Africa, you will be able to look after these orphaned children by becoming their caregiver, friend, mentor, and teacher. This your chance to brighten and enrich the lives of these wonderful and deserving children.

While working as a volunteer in South Africa, your number one priority will be to look after these disadvantaged children and create a safe and nurturing environment in which they can live healthily without being traumatized or abused by others around them.

Skills required:

There are no specific qualifications required to join RCDP’s volunteer with children program in South Africa. You must provide a police clearance certificate to volunteer. You must also be enthusiastic about caring for others and empathetic to the unfortunate. Additionally, you are expected to be open-minded, resourceful, and patient.

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Childcare Project (Rio de Janeiro)

Rio de Janeiro is a very popular and prominent travel destination due to its magnificent beaches, leafy boulevards and glittering skyscrapers. However, it is also infamous for its poverty-stricken town and communities where the conditions of everyday life are unforgiving and dangerous.

While the rich can afford all of the modern-day luxuries, the poor are struggling to take care of their children and provide them with education for a better future. There are crowds of young kids from disadvantaged backgrounds who are in need of your support and care.

When you participate in this volunteer with children program in Rio de Janeiro, you will spend your day helping to look after underprivileged children from poor backgrounds. While working as a volunteer in Rio de Janeiro, you will help the local staff to take care of the children by helping them to learn and develop various skills.

If you want, you can teach English and music or you can provide assistance in the administration and fundraising work of the orphanage. During your free time, you can soak up the sun at one of Rio’s touristy beaches, or go hiking in the nearby parks.

Skills required:

This is a very hands-on project. Volunteers must be comfortable working with the children. Basic Portuguese is recommended but not required. Volunteers must also be flexible, open-minded, and resourceful in order to participate in RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Rio de Janeiro.

Street Children/Children at Risk Project in Ecuador

Sadly, thousands of children are helplessly abandoned in the streets of Quito, Ecuador. The majority of these children have no family or place to call their home. Therefore, there are plenty of street children all over Ecuador.

With no one to look after them, these children have little hope of a bright future away from the streets. What’s even more saddening is that the government lacks the resources and facilities to properly help these disadvantaged children. Thus, the local orphanages highly rely on the active participation of volunteers for their functioning.

By taking part in RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Ecuador, you will be dedicating your valuable time and effort to building a path for these kids to escape the clutches of poverty and the dangers of living in the streets. Your primary goal will be to help the local communities and organizations to get children off the streets.

While working as a volunteer, you will teach impoverished and orphaned children about health and give them homework and other assignments. Moreover, you can assist in cooking and preparing meals for the children or simply enjoy quality time with them.

Skills required:

Volunteer require no special qualifications or skills to take part in RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Ecuador. However, volunteers who can speak a little bit of Spanish are highly preferred, as they will be able to communicate better with the children and the staff at the project.

You should have passion and enthusiasm to help impoverished and orphaned children. RCDP expects all volunteers to be flexible and adaptive because the working conditions and mentality of the people will be very different from what you're used to back home.

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Street Children Project in Peru

Peru has seen a dramatic rise in children living in the streets with no security, education, supervision, or love and care. On the streets of Peru, the situation is dangerous, as there are high chances of daily violence and abuse. These children currently have no rights and no access to proper healthcare and education.

These children are often victims of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse. Unfortunately, there is little support from the government to help them.

When you join RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Peru, you will get the wonderful opportunity to help these kids to find some relief from their dangerous lifestyle. Street children are in urgent need of rehabilitation. You can greatly contribute by participating in this international volunteer program to educate and protect these kids from the harsh realities that they face on a daily basis.

As a volunteer in Peru, you will be expected to teach them English, basic computer skills, social skills, and create fun activities like games and competitions.

Skills required:

No specific qualifications are required to join RCDP’s volunteer with children program in Peru. Volunteers are, however, requested to have patience, flexibility, and passion to serve the children. RCDP highly prefers volunteers with basic knowledge of Spanish, as it would make communication with children easier. Nonetheless, this is not a requirement.

Aside from volunteer abroad with children projects, RCDP also offers an array of programs, such as volunteer work in social work, volunteer abroad for college students, volunteer abroad with animals, volunteer abroad with children, volunteer at orphanages abroad and even volunteer building projects abroad, among many other categories. Contact RCDP today to know more about these rewarding volunteer opportunities and projects.

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