Winter Break Volunteer Abroad

Fantastic cheap opportunities for volunteers to join during their winter vacation

  • A unique chance to help make a long-lasting difference to both people and animals in need.
  • Make new friendships and memories which will last a lifetime. Every day that you volunteer will have long-term effects.
  • Unparalleled high reviews and ratings, Guaranteed lowest program fees in the US – starting from $100 - $200 per week.
  • 18 countries, 200 projects and thousands of happy volunteers since 1998. Contact us for more information.
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Are you considering joining a winter break volunteer abroad program but worried that it will be too expensive? Would you love to spend your break helping disadvantaged people? Do you feel passionate about helping those less fortunate than yourself?

Look no further for RCDP has an awesome winter scape to suit you! We offer the most affordable, safe and well-managed volunteer programs that address different kinds of passions, interests, time frames, destinations, goals and budgets.

RCDP has winter break volunteer abroad programs in 19 countries across Asia, South Africa, South America and Central America.

There are several types of volunteer abroad opportunities, such as a HIV/AIDS project in Ghana, a women’s support project in Guatemala, a health care project in Uganda, an orphanage program in Cambodia, a dentistry project in Argentina, a program involving teaching in a Buddhist temple school in Thailand, and an orphanage construction project in Nepal.

The choice amongst these, and many more, is yours and we are here to help you if you need advice on which would suit you best!

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of Winter break volunteer abroad

There are numerous priceless advantages offered by volunteer abroad winter break programs. You can gain a wide variety of experiences while volunteering abroad, and some of them are listed below:

Learn unique life lessons: Travelling and getting acquainted with new cultures, traditions and unique way of lives provides an eye-opening and concept shifting effect. You get to learn unique life lessons when you are out of your comfort zone on a volunteer abroad program, making a significant change to deprived peoples’ lives.

Credit for your resume: If you are a high school student or a college graduate volunteering in winter break adds a significant plus point to your resume, and could help you shape your career. Your volunteer work lets your employer know that you are willing to work for a good cause, without monetary benefits.

Develop new skills: Winter volunteer abroad programs offer you several types of new skills, including time-management skills and how to stay focused on your work, to achieve your goals. Putting yourself in a completely new place, culture, and environment can be a testing experience, but it’s one that will help in your personal growth and develop your leadership skills.

Make new friends and learn a new language: During your volunteer period, you might make new friends, pick up a new language and inspire yourself to set more important goals.

Accomplishment: Getting out of your comfort zone and embarking on a winter break volunteer abroad program helps you not only to enrich yourself, but also to make an invaluable change in the lives of needy people. Your talent, knowledge and experience can help them gain a healthier and more harmonious life.

Mental peace and happiness: Volunteering is good for attaining good mental and physical health and increasing your social and relationship skills. Volunteering makes you happy, helps people overcome depression, and provides you with a sense of purpose.

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RCDP’s Most Affordable Winter Break Volunteer Abroad Programs

RCDP offers you an amazing opportunity to experience its awesome selection of life-changing winter break volunteer programs, covering all different interests, goals, and destination dreams.

HIV/AIDS Project in Ghana

Due in part to extreme poverty and illiteracy the numbers of people being diagnosed with HIV and AIDS is still running high in Ghana. Though several local organizations are running various programs they have not been able to provide adequate support and health awareness programs due to a lack of sufficient resources. It is not only adults who are affected by this deadly disease, but thousands of children too, either as direct victims or having been left orphaned.

Considering this, RCDP has designed this program, in collaboration with the Ghanaian government and local organizations, to provide care to those with HIV and AIDS, and to increase awareness of how to treat and prevent these conditions.

If you love to make a change in the life of Ghanaian HIV victims, then this HIV/AIDS education project in Ghana is the best opportunity for your volunteer abroad winter break.

As a volunteer, you will be working using the ‘Stepping Stones’ method. With its emphasis on increasing behavioral change you will mostly be involved in counseling and education. You will be facilitating discussions of HIV prevention and sexual health with common groups and individuals, including youth in and out-of-school, clients at antenatal clinics, and those who attend general community meetings.

To be part of HIV/AIDS Project in Ghana, you must feel very dedicated to and enthusiastic about the work you will undertake, and be both a flexible and open-minded person. During your volunteering period you will be helping to increase awareness about HIV prevention methods, and also take care of HIV victims. When you are not volunteering you have free time to experience the abundant wildlife, amazing culture, and fascinating places Ghana has to offer.  

Women Support Project in Guatemala

If you are committed to make a difference in the lives of deprived women in Guatemala during your winter break volunteer abroad opportunity then this is the best project for you. Fuelled by widespread poverty and illiteracy, Guatemala remains a male dominated society, and many thousands of women are exploited as a result.

Though the perception of womens’ place in society and their right to an education has been changing a little recently, most women who fight to pursue equal opportunities still risk attacks and abuse for being bold and brave. This women’s’ support project in Guatemala focuses on educating, supporting, mentoring and inspiring underprivileged women. Your skills, education and support will help eradicate superstitious beliefs, racism, discrimination and gender inequality, and can help make the women involved stronger and more independent.

When you join this project you will be working with a team of dedicated, passionate and like-minded volunteers from around the world. Your job as a volunteer will be helping to provide the tools, education and resources for these women to find a way to live happy and healthy lives. 

Volunteering on the women’s’ support project in Guatemala is an incredibly awesome way to share your knowledge and experiences, and to have a positive impact on these women, while at the same time experiencing a completely new country and a unique culture.

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Handicrafts Project in Brazil

Do you have practical handicraft skills? Could you share your knowledge and abilities in the handicraft field with  disadvantaged women in Brazil? If so this handicrafts project in Brazil is an ideal winter break volunteer abroad opportunity for you!

Thousands of Brazilian women are being deprived of education, basic medical treatment and many other facilities due to extreme poverty and illiteracy. These women have been marginalized because they simply have no marketable skills, or enough education, to secure work. Having the chance to learn practical skills which could lead to self employment from people like you is something they will seriously appreciate, and make lifelong use of.

Joining this handicrafts project in Brazil, and providing the skills and knowledge that will help allow these underprivileged women to be independent is a fantastic and truly worthwhile way to share your skills and passion. Your volunteer work will help the women stand on their own two feet, and develop entrepreneurial ability. Thousands of volunteers have volunteered for this project, and together they have successfully raised the living standard of several helpless Brazilian women. RCDP invites you to join this project where you can share your precious skills, empower change in their lives, and have a once in a lifetime experience.

As a volunteer worker you will teach the women practical skills such as sewing, painting, sandal design, candle making, pottery and so on, or various business skills, depending on where your specialist interests lay. Apart from volunteering you will also get to visit several fascinating places, and have the chance to experience the unique cultures, festivals and traditions of Brazil.

To join this project, you must possess handicraft or entrepreneurial skills. A basic knowledge of Portuguese language will be an asset. Volunteers must be open-minded, flexible and should have a strong passion for helping others.

Healthcare Project in Uganda

Civil war and other various tragic circumstances have made Uganda one of the poorest countries in Southern Africa; consequently thousands of Ugandan people are unable to get basic health education and medical treatments due to the extreme poverty. Though many local organizations are trying to help these disadvantaged Ugandan people, they have not been able to provide adequate support due to a lack of sufficient resources and medical personnel.

RCDP has designed this healthcare project in Uganda to provide adequate medical care and health education to disadvantaged Ugandan people. If you are looking for a warm-climate winter volunteer abroad program where you can provide basic medical care and health education to deserving people then this is the project for you. RCDP invites you to join up, help others, and enrich your life with a truly amazing experience.

Even today, a large number of Ugandan people are dying from simple curable diseases. There is usually a huge shortage of both medicine and medical staff in local hospitals and clinics. You can be a part of RCDP’s winter break healthcare project in Uganda, help the staff at local clinics and hospitals, and treat poor Ugandans so that they can overcome curable diseases.  You will work with local medical professionals, and your actual work responsibility will depend on your educational background and experience.

After joining this project, you will not only help Ugandans have better health, but also experience a new country, its culture and its abundant wildlife. Gaining field medical experience in a developing country with a culture and medical belief vastly different from yours will be the experience of a lifetime.

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Work in Orphanages in Cambodia

Are you interested in providing heartfelt help to Cambodian orphan children in your winter vacation? If so, RCDP offers a winter volunteer work in orphanages in Cambodia project where you can make a significant positive change in the lives of disadvantaged Cambodian children’s.

Wars, occupations and a fragmented economy has created thousands of Cambodian children into genuine, and ‘deserted’ orphans. Families who simply cannot afford to feed their children leave them at orphanages hopeful there at least they will be fed and clothed adequately but as a result many are overcrowded, and most lack the resources to help every child who needs them. This orphanage work in Cambodia project gives you an opportunity to really help these orphan children, while also exploring, having fun and experiencing the unique culture of this amazing country with such a powerful history.

When you join this winter volunteer work in orphanages in Cambodia project, you can do a lot to provide adequate support and care for these helpless kids. RCDP is working with many orphanages in Cambodia so you can spend time with these underprivileged children, and inspire them to work for a better life. You will be working with the kids, playing with them and teaching them. Moreover, your genuine love and affection will indeed bring a positive change in their life. Don't wait, be part of the project now and experience how rewarding the work can be.

You can help these orphanages and orphans in a number of ways when you join this project.  You will be working in collaboration with various NGOs and INGOs, confident that your help and care will inspire these underprivileged children to work for a better life. As a volunteer in an orphanage in Cambodia you will spend time with children-at-risk, and teach them practical, academic and emotional skills which will help them grow into confident, successful citizens.

Dentistry Project in Argentina

If you are a dentist or studying dentistry, and considering a winter break volunteer abroad you should check out this most affordable and incredibly amazing winter volunteer dentistry project in Argentina. This project provides you with one of the best ever ways to practice your dentistry skills in real life medical situations.

Thousands of Argentineans from rural areas are deprived of adequate dentistry care due to the lack of sufficient resources and dentists. This project is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn a wealth of valuable lessons and skills, while helping to treat underprivileged Argentineans’ dental problems; a win-win situation for everyone. You will also have the chance to share important health education with people in local communities.

When you join this dentistry project in Argentina you will teach local children about oral hygiene, work directly with patients, and assist dentists with a variety of dentistry aspects such as orthodontics, endodontic, oral surgery and implants. Volunteers are asked to commit a minimum of 8 weeks to this project, and to work at least 20 hours per week. You must also be adaptable, committed to your work, and open-minded.

Being a part of our winter volunteer dentistry project in Argentina will provide lots of unique experiences. You will not only help reduce disadvantaged people’s dental problems, but also get to experience the amazing landscapes, food, culture and traditions of Argentineans.

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Teaching in Buddhist Temple School in Thailand

The ability to communicate proficiently in English is one that will greatly benefit students in their future; however children in rural parts of Thailand are still often deprived of English education. There are several Buddhist temple schools in Thailand that serve local communities and try to bridge the gaps for disadvantaged children; unfortunately, due to a lack of English teachers these Buddhist temple schools cannot often provide classes in this important topic. This is why RCDP invites you to join its winter break teaching in the Buddhist Temple School in Thailand volunteer project, and share your native English speaking skills to help change the lives of young people forever.

Volunteering as an English teacher in Thailand is a great opportunity to share your native language with students who are eager to learn it. You will spend your days teaching at a local Buddhist temple school, and during your free time you can explore the natural and cultural wonders of this beautiful country.

Orphanage Construction Project in Nepal

Several tragic circumstances have created a large number of orphans in Nepal. Several non-profit organizations and government agencies are helping these disadvantaged children find a place to live, however, many orphanages are simply overcrowded and understaffed. Considering this, a plan was put into place to build a new orphanage in order to provide a safe and nurturing environment for these children. This multi-stage project requires a lot of manpower and time.

As a winter break volunteer on an orphanage construction project in Nepal you will play a vital role in helping this necessary project continue to move forward and reach completion. Your precious talent, time and education provide a priceless contribution to this project. No prior construction experience is necessary as you will be supervised and guided by a team of professional builders and contractors.

The construction project can be physically challenging and demanding. As a volunteer, you will carry bricks, mix cement, screen sand, and do other activities required on the project. Volunteers mostly work 4-5 hours a day, but this can be fairly slow paced. When you are not volunteering you can play with the children, relax, or explore the serene local villages.

Aside from winter break volunteer abroad programs RCDP also offers a range of affordable volunteer opportunities that address different passions, budgets, skills and interests. You can choose from adventure trips for college students, gap year programs abroad, community service trips for high school students, family volunteer opportunities abroad and many more programs. Contact RCDP today to learn more about the places and programs that you find yourself most interested in.

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