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Student Travel Around The World

Are you a student who dreams of traveling around the world? Do you want to make a difference in the world by volunteering and travelling to different parts of the globe?

If you wish to combine travelling with the noble act of volunteering, then RCDP provides highly rated and inexpensive volunteering opportunities around the world. RCDP offers volunteering opportunities for various projects and programs in 18 different countries around the world, including Sri Lanka, Mexico, Peru, Africa, Thailand, India, Peru and many more.

While being associated with RCDP, you will get to choose from different projects like the women support project in Guatemala, teaching English to Buddhist monks in Nepal, the turtle conservation project in Mexico, HIV/AIDS project in Ghana, teaching project in Peru, street children or children at risk in Ecuador and elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka.

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of Student Travel Around The World

Volunteering brings a sense of fulfillment in your life:

The satisfaction of helping others is the biggest benefit one receives from volunteering.

When you make positive changes in the lives of people and make a significant difference ito their life, then it will bring a sense of fulfillment to your life.  The joy of volunteering also brings a sense of satisfaction, pride and accomplishment in your life.

Rewards you with good healthh:

Research shows a direct relationship between volunteering activities and good health. Volunteering activities, including student volunteer travel around the world affects the entire psychological well-being of a person.

It also aids in counteracting the effects of anxiety, stress, and anger. Being in regular contact with people helps you to build a support system, which helps you to fight depression.

Increases your self-confidence:

You will be dealing with people from different walks of life while participating as a student in travel volunteering around the world. When you come out of your comfort zone and deal with different situations in life, then it increases your interpersonal skills.

The activities while volunteering will help you practice and develop your leadership skills, which is important for career growth. The development of various aspects of your personality will help you to increase your self-confidence.

Explore new areas of interest and career avenues:

The Student volunteering opportunity of traveling around the world will give you a chance to explore new areas of your interest. It is the best way to try your hand in a new career without making a commitment for a long time.

Travelling to New Places:

Travelling is the best way to gain new experiences, meet new people and explore different parts of the world. Travelling gives a fresh new perspective and broadens your horizon. You will get to know the traditions, culture and food of the local people, which will make you culturally aware.

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Popular RCDP projects for Student Travel Around The World

RCDP provides different volunteering programs in different parts of the world, so you can choose any program as per your desire. Our volunteering opportunities are wide and vast.

Women Support Project in Guatemala

Guatemala is a male dominated society and women face deep-rooted discrimination. Women from poorer and illiterate backgrounds even suffer from physical abuse. While being a  student volunteer in Guatemala you will be educating and empowering women facing deep-rooted discrimination.

The project is only designed for women with an intermediate knowledge of Spanish. During the volunteering program for students in Guatemala you will be working both in the central office as well as in the field with women to spread awareness, and teach them skills to become independent. A part of your volunteering responsibilities will be visiting villages for educational and training purpose.

If are 18 and above and have the burning passion of serving  women in need and making the world a better place to live, then this project is perfect for you. There is no specific criteria for women to participate in this project. You will be expected to be patient, flexible, practical and self-motivated, while participating in the student travel volunteering program in Guatemala.

Teaching English to Buddhist Monks in Nepal

Nepal boasts a number of Buddhist monasteries that are opened by Tibetan refugees from China. The monasteries are the home to hundreds of monks. Language is one of the barriers to spreading the teachings by Buddha as Buddhist monks generally use the native Tibetan language while studying. Since there is limited opportunity to learn English, RCDP is offering the teaching English to Buddhist monks program in Nepal.

After realizing the power of universal language, English; Buddhist monks are taught the language to spread the teaching of Buddha. You can become a part of a noble cause by participating in the student travel volunteering program in Nepal. Volunteers do not require any specific skills to teach English to the Buddhist monks. You are encouraged to have conversational in English to improve their speech. You are expected to be flexible, self-motivated and respectful towards the monks all the time.

Turtle conservation in Mexico

Over the years the population of sea turtles have become at risk and many organizations are working towards conserving the turtles habitats. Alterations and destruction of nestling and foraging habitats of turtles are caused due to the entanglement in marine debris and incidental capture in commercial and recreational fisheries. The disturbing decline in the number of turtle eggs urged the local fishermen to take the initiative to make a change.

During the student travel around the world volunteering program you will have an opportunity to make significant changes in conserving the turtles habitats. You will be working in a 10 kilometer stretch of beach, while surveying the natural habitat. Capturing and releasing the animals, tagging them, following their movements and studying their habitat will be part of your volunteering program.

As a volunteer, you will be saving the hatchlings, cleaning out the nest and preventing contamination of the area. Your involvement will be expected during the environmental educational programs and other aspects of the wildlife monitoring program, including recording local crocodile populations and compiling the list of species of the area.

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You do not require any specific experience or qualification to participate in the student travel around the world volunteering program of conserving turtles in Mexico besides being passionate about conservation. If you can speak in Spanish then it will be easier to communicate with the local staff, but it’s not a requirement.

HIV/AIDS Project in Ghana

Ghana isn’t immune to the fury of the life threatening disease called HIV/AIDS. Each year hundreds of families lose their loved ones to this disease. Mass awareness regarding the preventive measures of this disease is necessary. Your help during the volunteering around the world program in Ghana will be of significant importance.

RCDP is working along with the local organizations to improve the life of HIV/AIDS victims of Ghana by providing care to the victims of disease and spreading awareness to prevent the disease. Besides your passion and enthusiasm to serve the people, you do not require any specific qualification or certificate to participate in the HIV/AIDS project in Ghana.

You will be supporting counseling groups and developing strategies, conducting meetings and discussion programs to change the behavior towards the victims. Your volunteering responsibility includes giving first aid, helping the sick people and encouraging them to seek medical help. Since fund raising is an important aspect of running the project, your participation in fundraising activities during the student volunteer program will be of vital importance.

Teaching Project in Peru

English is widely spoken around the world, including in Peru. Many young students of Peru do not have accesses to learn the language, but if they do, then classes are either costly or inadequate. Teaching the locals of Peru English opens opportunities and will give a new dimension to their tourism industry and economy. So, join us in making a significant change to the lives of disadvantaged groups in Peru for the student volunteer travel around the world program.

Formal teaching experience or prior qualifications is not required to enroll in the student volunteer travel around the world program in Peru. It’s better to know little bit of Spanish for better communication with staff and children involved in the project. You need to be patient, flexible and enthusiastic while teaching English.

You will be teaching for 6 days a week in large class under the supervision of other teachers for 2 to 3 hours  a day. Activities intend to increase the comprehensive ability of the children. Debates and discussions are encouraged during the  volunteering program in Peru. You can also hold extra-curricular activities including games, sports and plays for the children.

Street Children/Children at Risk Project in Ecuador

There are many children who are at risk and abandoned on the streets of Quito in Ecuador. The attempts of government to uplift the lives of the children are not enough. RCDP aims to bring positive change to the lives of children by working with local organizations and communities. It offers you a chance to make a difference though the student travel volunteering program around the world in Ecuador.

As a participant of the student travel volunteering program in Ecuador, you will be assisting the children in their homework, while teaching them English, music, mathematics and computer skills as per your capabilities. You will also be teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. You will be expected to be flexible, resourceful and patient while dealing with the students.

You will be imparting knowledge on the students on personal hygiene and sanitation.. Spending quality time with the children will make them feel loved and special.

You do not need any specific requirement to join the program. Speaking Spanish will make the interactions with the children and staff easier. Your passion to serve the children and make a difference in their lives will be significant while serving as a volunteer in student in Ecuador.

Elephant Orphanage Project in Sri Lanka

Elephants in Sri Lanka are domesticated to run errands like carrying loads and tourists on their back. People use the elephants for work when they are capable, but once the elephants fall sick or get injured, then they become burden to their owner. The Elephant Orphanage Project of Sri Lanka aims at taking care and rehabilitating the elephants. Your small effort during the student volunteer around the world in Sri Lanka program could make a huge difference.

You will be living close to the orphanage. Helping the elephant handlers in cleaning the enclosure, preparing food and milk, bottle feeding the baby elephants and feeding other elephants will be your tasks in the morning. In the afternoon you will be going to the river to watch and participate in the elephant bathing ritual. You will get an opportunity to learn to clean elephants with coconut husks as well.

Any specific qualification or prior experience isn’t necessary to enroll in the volunteering program for students in Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka. You need to have passion to learn new things as well as  love and compassion for animals, especially elephants to serve in this project. Physical fitness and good health is a must to participate in this project.

Aside from Student Travel Around the World, RCDP also offers a great selection of wildlife conservation volunteer, winter break to volunteer and so much more. Contact RCDP for more information.

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