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Student Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Are you searching for volunteering opportunities abroad for students? Do you want to take out time from your studies to make a difference in the lives of people?

Then join hands with RCDP, which is committed to providing the best and most affordable volunteering opportunities abroad for students. RCDP offers volunteering services for various projects in 18 different countries of the world, including Thailand, Mexico, Uganda, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania and many others.

To volunteer, you can choose from different projects or programs offered, including HIV/AIDS project in Ghana, turtle conservation project in Mexico, disable children project in Argentina, teaching project in Peru, working in an orphanage in Kenya, women empowerment project in India and a handicraft project in Brazil.

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Benefits of Student Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

You will be developing new skills:

Skills learnt while volunteering help developing talents that will benefit you in your career. Research suggests that volunteering programs abroad help you develop leadership skills and other skills in technical areas. You can benefit from volunteering abroad programs for students while making a difference in the lives of people in need.

Volunteering helps you in career:

Volunteering in a new industry will give you the opportunity to learn new things and even potentially change your career field/industry. If you want to move into the nonprofit sector in the corporate world, then volunteering activities will help you show your commitment. According to a survey of human resource executives, applicants who help nonprofit organizations with their finances appeal more while hiring.

You will receive health benefits:

Volunteering affects your health positively. A research by the Corporation for National & Community Services suggests that the people who volunteer have greater functional ability, lower mortality rates and lower rate of depression. Volunteer abroad opportunity for students is a beautiful way to serve people in need. The engagement in pro bono activities is the reason that makes volunteers healthier.

Volunteering makes you happier:

The feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes from volunteering makes you happier. There is a direct relationship between volunteering activities and happiness. Volunteering increases empathy, which strengthens social relationships and makes you smile more often, giving you the natural feeling of happiness.

You will be travelling:

The volunteering abroad opportunity for students will give you a chance to travel to new places and explore. Travelling gives you a fresh perspective and broadens your horizons. You will also get the chance to experience new cultures, food and traditions while being associated with a noble cause.

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Popular RCDP Projects for Student Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

RCDP offers different volunteering programs in different parts of the world, so you can have the liberty to choose your desired program.

HIV/AIDS Project in Ghana

Ghana isn’t immune to the wrath of the life threatening disease called HIV/AIDS. Each year hundreds of families lose their loved ones to this disease. Mass awareness is necessary as a preventive measure to this disease. Your help during the student volunteer abroad program in Ghana will be of significant importance.

RCDP is working with the local organizations in Ghana to provide care to the victims of the disease and spread awareness to prevent the disease. Besides your passion and enthusiasm to serve the people, you don’t need any specific qualifications to participate in the HIV/AIDS project under the student volunteering program abroad.

During the program you will be supporting counseling groups and developing strategies as well as conducting meetings and discussion programs to change the behavior towards the victims. Giving first aid, helping sick people and encouraging them to seek medical help will be part of your volunteering responsibilities. Fundraising is an important aspect, so your participation in fundraising activities during the volunteering program abroad for students will be of vital importance.

Turtle conservation in Mexico

Over the years the population of sea turtles has been under threat and the confronting decline in the number of turtle eggs urged the local fishermen to take the initiative to do something. Many organizations are working towards the protection of turtles and the efforts of the organization in rehabilitating seas turtles in their environment has shown positive results.

Besides having passion to work for the welfare of animals you do not need any specific qualification to enroll in the Turtle conservation program. If you speak in Spanish, then it will be easy to communicate with the local staff, but it isn’t a requirement.

As a volunteer of the turtle conservation program during your student volunteering program abroad, you will be working in a 10 km stretch on the beach. Your volunteering responsibilities include capturing and releasing the animals, tagging them, following their movements and studying their habitat.

You will be surveying in the day as well as night. Working at a campsite during the day, then saving the hatchlings, cleaning out the nests, and preventing contamination of the area at night will be part of your volunteering responsibility. Your active participation will be expected during the environmental educational programs and other aspects of the wildlife monitoring programs, including recording local crocodile populations and compiling the list of species in the area.

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Disabled children project in Argentina

There are many disabled children in Argentina, who are deprived of facilities due to poor financial conditions. Much of the time, the parents of the disabled children lack knowledge to deal with the disabilities. During your student volunteering program abroad in Argentina you will be working with the disabled youth team to support, educate, care and provide recreational activities for the children.

You will be working together with a team of physical education trainers, psychiatrists, and educational psychologists. For participating in the volunteer abroad opportunities for students, you need to be at least 18 years and above with insurance to cover health, accident and liability. Knowledge of basic or intermediate Spanish will help you volunteer effectively and if you do not know the language, then consider joining our Spanish program.

While volunteering abroad as a student, you will be organizing recreational activities like sports, arts and crafts. Assisting local staff in daily activities and participating in workshops and classes as well as learning and helping in therapeutic activities will be part of your volunteering responsibilities. You must be self motivated, resourceful and have a willingness to join wide range of activities during the project.

Teaching Project in Peru

English is the widely spoken language in the world. Many young students of Peru do not have access to learn the language or if they have it, then the classes are costly or inadequate. Learning the language by the locals of Peru provides opportunities and it will give a new dimension to the tourism industry and the economy. So, participate in the volunteering abroad program in Peru as a student to bring a significant change to the lives of people in need.

You do not require formal teaching experience or prior qualifications to enroll in the student volunteering opportunities abroad in Peru. It’s better to know a little bit of Spanish for better communication with staff and children involved in the project. You need to be patient, flexible and enthusiastic while teaching English.

You will be teaching for 2 to 3 hours a day for 6 days in a week in large classes under the supervision of other teachers. Activities intended to increase the comprehensive ability of the children like debates and discussions are encouraged during the volunteering program as a student in Peru. You can also hold extra-curricular activities including games, sports and plays for the children.

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Work in Orphanage in Kenya

Many children in Kenya are orphans due to poverty and they are forced to lead a difficult life. The effort of the government isn’t sufficient in helping the orphans. While seeking ways to survive, they are exploited and even get engaged in criminal activities. There are some private and government organizations that are working to enhance the lives of the orphans. RCDP is working with local orphanages and is providing volunteering programs for students abroad to make a difference in the lives of the orphans.

Your passion to serve the children and impart knowledge with them is enough to participate in the volunteering program. Teaching them English, math and any other subject in your capacity, cleaning and tidying the children, changing their clothes, and making their beds will be part of your volunteering responsibilities. You will be assisting project staff in caring for the children during the volunteering program abroad for students in Kenya.

Organizing and playing different games with the children as well as singing, writing and drawing with the children will be part of the volunteering program. You will be teaching them the importance of good health, sanitation and nutrition. Gardening, cleaning, assisting the orphanage in administrative and daily activities will also be included in the role. While volunteering as a student in Kenya you will be raising funds, which is vital for operating an orphanage.

Women Empowerment Project in India

In India there is prevalence of gender discrimination, poverty, social division and superstitious beliefs, which hinders the empowerment of women. Poverty and illiteracy is the major hindrance of women empowerment, so to make them independent, RCDP is leading a micro-finance project for women empowerment. You can become a part of this project to make a difference in the lives of these women by volunteering abroad as a student in India.

Under this project, women will be taught to develop their skill in knitting, stitching and making paper bags. As a participant of the international volunteer opportunities for students, you will be teaching in a nearby school serving disadvantaged children in the morning and in the afternoon you will be helping in making handmade items while learning about the women in India.

As a volunteer you, will be assisting struggling women to be independent. You need to be committed towards the program and projects along with the desire to learn new things. Your interest to work for the welfare of this poor and disadvantaged group for their overall development is essential to participate in the student volunteering abroad programs.

Aside from Student Volunteer Opportunities Abroad, RCDP also offers a range of affordable volunteer opportunities that address different passions, budgets, skills and interests. You can choose from adventure trips for college students, gap year programs abroad, community service trips for high school students, family volunteer opportunities abroad and many more programs. Contact RCDP today to learn more about the places and programs that you find yourself most interested in.

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