Volunteer to Teach English Abroad

An affordable way to travel and share your language skills with students keen to learn

  • Go on a vacation and share your English language skills with children on our rewarding and fun program.
  • Gain invaluable and practical teaching experience which will boost your résumé and maybe help you decide on your future career.
  • Unparalleled high reviews and ratings, Guaranteed lowest program fees in the US – starting from $100 - $200 per week.
  • 18 countries, 200 projects and thousands of happy volunteers since 1998. Contact us for more information.
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Volunteer to Teach English Abroad

Teach English as a volunteer abroad on a cheap but meaningful program

Share your English skills with disadvantaged people in foreign countries without breaking the bank

  • Join the ranks of RCDP’s 18.000+ volunteer alumni
  • Choose from programs based in South America, Asia and Africa
  • Help those in need improve their lives by gaining English language skills
  • Established in 1998, RCDP have arranged many thousands of volunteer placements
  • Fees are kept low as no middlemen need to be paid

Budget Volunteer to Teach English Abroad

Are you willing to undertake an English teaching volunteer program abroad? Do you want to share your language skills with under-privileged children? With its English volunteer teaching programs in different places around the world, RCDP seeks to improve children’s understanding of this international language, and break communicational barriers.

RCDP has volunteer programs for teaching English in foreign countries in Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America that are constantly in need of tutors and educators who want to help bring necessary educational changes in impoverished communities and individuals.

This is an amazing opportunity to explore new places, while also making a significant impact by helping children learn English.

If you are interested in volunteering abroad contact RCDP now for more information on foreign projects and destinations.

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of volunteering to teach English Abroad

There are many benefits to volunteering to teach English Abroad ; some of which are listed below:

Boost your resume: In the competitive job market of today having a degree is not enough to build a successful career; with many top notch graduate schools and professional programs looking for those who have proven themselves by gaining experience outside of their academic world.

When your CV mentions that you volunteered on an English teaching project abroad program you show you have earned yourself that “real world experience”.

Challenge yourself: With English teaching volunteer programs abroad you have a chance to get out of your comfort zone, undertake demanding tasks, indulge in physical activities and confront difficult situations.

Learn more about yourself: When you are in a new environment you will get to know things about yourself which you otherwise would never have done if you never strayed outside of your comfortable environment.

Make a difference: English is an international language, and being able to write and converse in it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for children to create better future for themselves and their families. By volunteering to enroll in English teaching programs abroad you can take great satisfaction in knowing you contributed directly towards making a difference in those children’s lives.

Improve your teaching and learn new ways to handle classes: Experienced teachers often find that working with children from a very different in culture, and without a shared language, means they need to devise new and innovative ways to conduct classes.

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RCDP Budget Volunteer to Teach English Abroad Projects

Teaching English in China

The city of Qingdao is one of the fastest growing places in China, and many US corporations have chosen to outsource their business there, which has created a lot of demand for English speaking graduates. At the same time a decent level of English is also becoming a pre-requisite for admissions to the good universities in China. The demand for English lessons is huge, but there is a shortage of capable English speaking teachers in the city, so this is where you can really add value to people’s lives..

While volunteering in China to teach English, you will be working at a school in Qingdao, will teaching a class of about 50 students. The program entails 4 to 6 hours of teaching a day, from Monday to Friday, and the lessons follow the official syllabus.

As a volunteer on this English teaching program in China you will not just be helping students with the curriculum and their homework, but also being actively engaged in creative extracurricular activities like singing, dancing, sports, painting, etc, and conducting discussions and debates to increase student’s participation, which helps build their confidence in using English.

The city of Qingdao is an optimal place to spend your gap year or summer break. Unlike Beijing, this city is unperturbed by the growing risks of urbanization and pollution. Throughout your voluntary English teaching program at Qingdao you will have ample time to travel around mainland China, as it is very easy to travel from the city to Tianjin, Shanghai and Dalian.

Teaching English in Nepal

With the proliferation of English language in almost all the public and private sectors in Nepal, learning English has been the primary focus of Nepalese students. While many schools provide English language courses the number of quality teaching institutes is sparse, and those which are good are monopolized by the richer people who can afford it. In such conditions your voluntary work of teaching English in Nepal will be a great service to the neglected demographic of the city.

Your work as a volunteer teaching English in Nepal will involve teaching conversational English to children in both private and public schools. The students are mostly aged between 6 to 13 years.

This volunteer project for teaching English in Nepal is located in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan, where you teach a single class of around 20 to 30 pupils for 2 to 3 hours a day. Aside from helping children with English, you will also help the local primary teachers with fund raising activities, as well as with teaching math and general hygiene classes, and practical skills like gardening, art and sports.

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Teaching English in Thailand (Ayuthaya)

In a tourism-driven country like Thailand speaking English is a valued asset; an asset that can lead towards promising careers in travel, tourism and commerce. However, the number of English speaking Thais is patchy.

Most of the educational institutes are short of foreign professionals able to teach quality English, so if you are a budding teacher wanting to use your knowledge to help disadvantaged people then join RCDP’s Voluntary teaching program in Thailand, and help the locals learn the language.

The volunteers are required to deliver 5 days of teaching every week, to both primary and secondary students. However, as an English teaching volunteer at Thailand you are free to take extra classes, share your experiences with the students, or teach them other capacity building activities like painting, writing stories, solving puzzles and so on.

There are many things to enjoy outside of teaching at Ayuthaya. In your free time from this Thailand volunteer English program you can easily escape to the heart of the city and observe the rich history of the place through its magnificent ancient ruins, make a quick detour to the nearby capital, Bangkok, or visit the refreshing sandy beaches of Southern Thailand.

Teaching English in Kenya

If you have ever dreamt of traveling and working in the authentic setting of Africa, then volunteering in Kenya to teach English is viable sound option for you. The country has got everything from snow-covered mountain peaks, through sandy beaches, to savannahs and deserts. Teaching could perhaps never be as adventurous elsewhere.

However, RCDP does not let the adventurous aspect of the program get in the way of service. While travelling and exploration is a part of this program, the main goal is the education of children. Each teacher’s work schedule depends on the type of school they are assigned to, but  typically you will teach anywhere between 30 to 40 hours of classes per week.

You do not have to worry about meals for local food is provided, three times a day. Kenya is one of the safest places within Africa, and you need not think twice before making this trip to volunteer in Kenya on an English teaching project.

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Teaching English (in and around Cape Town)

English is the chosen language of politics, academia, science and business in Africa, yet not many people have the chance to learn English formally. Unfortunately, as is the case with many third world countries, studying with foreign English teachers in Africa is a luxury reserved for students from affluent families. You can help change that by becoming a volunteer teaching English in Cape Town.

Usually the volunteers work alongside the permanent English teachers, but they are welcome to bring their own ideas to the classroom. As a teacher you are supposed to prepare lesson plans, help the school with general things like translations and word comprehension, prepare tests, teach kids nursery rhymes, do coloring, read literature to them and even implement new ideas and teaching methods if possible. The classes in this African English teaching volunteer program have about 40 students.

Teaching English Project in Argentina (Cordoba)

About two-thirds of Argentineans who have not yet studied English are motivated to do so by the prospect of improved employment thanks to globalization, open trade and the emergence of multinational companies and outsourcing in Argentina. Despite concerns about the costs people are seriously interested in learning English. However, according to the British Council, the major factor that holds them back is the lack of qualified teachers.

The teaching program by RCDP tries to bridge this gap, and by volunteering to teach English in Argentina you can contribute to the cause. As a volunteer teacher you will need to spend time preparing your classes. To help you in your process RCDP staff are always happy to provide suggestions, and authentic materials, for games and extracurricular activities to engage students.

While no formal teaching experience is required to join this volunteer English teaching program in Argentina at least basic Spanish comprehension is recommended. The project is located in Cordoba, the geographical center of Argentina, and a place with rich colonial history and architecture.

Teach English in Rural Schools - Xela, Guatemala

In Guatemala the ability to speak English means better career prospects, so you will really help youngsters secure a decent future by helping them to improve their English skills. On this English teaching volunteer program in Guatemala you will be working in and around the beautiful Guatemala City, and the western highlands of Xela. Your primary responsibility is to spend 30-40 hours of each week teaching primary, middle and high school students.

This volunteer program teaching English in Guatemala is designed so you can stay from as little as 1 week, right up to 12. Most volunteer work is based in local schools, orphanages, and shelters for street children.

Despite the nation’s turbulent and heartbreaking past Guatemala is a stunningly beautiful place, and well worth considering if you are planning to volunteer teaching English abroad. Xela is the second largest city in Guatemala, boasting volcanoes, rivers, mountains, hot springs and a lot of other sights and landmarks to keep you rejuvenated during breaks from your voluntary work.

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