Volunteer Opportunities in South America

Volunteering in South America is a life changing experience and a great team building exercise

  • See the world in an active way by combining volunteer work with travel plans.
  • Try new things and learn new skills in a safe and supervised environment.
  • We have lots of exciting programs designed to accommodate groups of international volunteers in South America.
  • From teaching English to working at orphanages there are countless opportunities to suit all tastes.
  • Unparalleled high reviews and ratings, Guaranteed lowest program fees in the US – starting from $100 - $200 per week.
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Are you specifically looking for volunteering opportunities in South America? Do you wish to travel to different countries while making a positive impact in the lives of people in need? RCDP offers the best and most inexpensive volunteering opportunities in South America that allow you to be a part of philanthropic projects.

You have the option of choosing to volunteer in seven different countries like Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. Likewise, the list of programs that RCDP offers for volunteer work in South America includes a marine project, a youth athletic program, a Galapagos conservation program, a turtle conservation program, and orphanage work.

Join us now and be a part of this life-changing opportunity.

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of Volunteer Opportunities in South America

Volunteering is an act of helping others with selfless motivation. These types of deeds always get rewarded. So we have listed some of the benefits of volunteering in South America for different projects.

Learning a foreign language

Volunteering for various projects in South America will take you to different countries with different languages. Many of the projects even require you to have basic knowledge of the local language practiced in the region where the project takes place. Thus, you will be given an exciting opportunity to learn, practice and become proficient in a foreign language with the help of the locals during your volunteering period abroad.

Receiving economic reward

If you are volunteering under the volunteer-abroad programs sponsored by the government of the United States, you will be given money to further your education. Comparatively, you might not have to pay specified amounts of student loans for each year that you volunteer abroad. It is a known fact that college education is costly, but you can benefit from opting to volunteer.

Gaining skills and experience

Working as a volunteer for various programs in South America will allow you to gain skills and experience related to your educational background as well as some interpersonal skills. Interacting with different people, leading projects, and assisting in the programs will always help you to accumulate valuable experience.

Finding new hobbies and interests

Joining the volunteering program in different countries of South America encourages you to move out of your comfort zone and try different things. While experimenting with extra-curricular activities, you may discover new hobbies and interests that you would have never thought of trying before.

You get to make new friends

Volunteering offers you the opportunity to work alongside a group of people from different parts of the world. Thus, while working together you also get to build relationships and make new friends.

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RCDP Affordable Volunteer Opportunities in South America

RCDP provides perfect packages of affordable, reputable, and well-organized volunteering opportunities in South America. The projects are designed for people with different interests, budgets, time constraints, and personal, volunteer and travel goals.

>Dentistry Project in Argentina

There are various places in Argentina where people are not well educated or financially stable enough to seek dentists when needed. So, if you are looking for dentistry volunteer program in Latin America, we suggest you to join the dentistry project in Argentina.

This project requires you to teach the locals about oral hygiene. You will also assist dentists in different aspects of dentistry such as endodontic, orthodontic, oral implants and surgery. Your responsibilities might include dealing with prosthetic cases, performing administrative tasks and treating the patients.

To join this project, you should have basic or intermediate knowledge of Spanish. You should also be committed to work. You need to have personal insurance to cover any illness, accidents and third-party liability. You must commit to a minimum of eight weeks and you will have to work for 20 hours a week.

Youth Athletic Program in Brazil

If you are a sport enthusiast and searching for volunteering opportunity in South America, then this is the best option. Brazil is a developing country and poverty is one of the leading problems that prevail there. Many local youths in the favelas are deprived of education and becoming involved with drugs and other inappropriate activities. So the Youth Athletic Volunteering program in Brazil is designed to help those youths to participate in different sports that will help them gain social, physical and emotional development. Their active involvement in sports will also keep them from getting involved in unwanted activities.

As a volunteer for the Youth Athletic project in South America, you will be working with local schools and organizations to plan and carry out sporting events like skateboarding, volleyball and other athletic sports. By assuring the participation of youths in different sports, you will help them to get motivated to work for a better future.

To join this project, you need to be athletic and good at different sports. You should also be comfortable with working with the people from diverse backgrounds. Similarly, knowledge of basic Portuguese is recommended, though it isn’t a requirement.

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Marine Project in Costa Rica

Many species of marine wildlife in Costa Rica are at risk. In fact, there are several hurdles concerning terrestrial and ocean animals like sharks, pelicans, turtles, crocodile, and others. The water is polluted and the food chain issues have endangered many animals.  For a country which is known for its bio-diversity, preservation of all the resources is a major concern.

By joining the Marine Project in Costa Rica as a volunteer, you will help in the process of rehabilitation, conservation, educational care, breeding, and protection of those animals. During the Marine conservation volunteering program in Latin America, you will assist in workshops about overcoming the difficulties concerning terrestrial and oceanic animals.

If you wish to volunteer for the Marine Maintenance project, you must help in the process of selecting, capturing and transporting animals, as well as in breeding, nursery, acclimation and quarantine, and maintenance of animals. Similarly, if you opt to serve in the Marine Conservation project, you will be given an opportunity to participate in the rehabilitation and rescue of marine animals to release them to their natural habitat.

You don’t need any specific skills and qualifications to join this volunteering program in South America. All you need is a fit body that can cope up with hot and humid conditions outdoors. If you understand Spanish, it is easier to communicate with the locals. However, it isn’t a requirement in order to participate in the volunteering project.

>Galapagos Conservation Program in Ecuador

Do you wish to be a part of a project that helps to save indigenous flora and fauna? Volunteering for the Galapagos Conservation program in South America will help you to fulfill your wish. Galapagos is a chain of islands that have unique ecosystems due to the absence of the native population there. But because of the airport in the island, this place sees alien species that are aggressively trying to destroy the autochthonous flora and fauna. Back in 1990, a species named Black Fly, which sucked the blood from humans, was first introduced in the island.

As a volunteer of the Galapagos Conservation project in Ecuador, you will get to stay and work at the mesmerizing San Cristobal Island learning about the local conservation work. You will work with the local staff and help them in preserving the species. Working on this project also helps you grow professionally and emotionally.

You don’t need any skills to join South America volunteer project, but you must be prepared to work in humid conditions. Since you will need to walk a lot and perform physically demanding tasks, a good physical condition is a basic requirement. Other than that, open-mindedness and resourcefulness are always appreciated in such projects.

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Help Rehabilitate Street Children/ Children at Risk in Guatemala

If you want to give back to the helpless children, and searching for volunteering opportunity in South America, then this is the best option. Poverty is an unfortunate problem, as it restricts people from fulfilling their basic needs. People in Guatemala are living under such conditions and poor children are forced to live in the streets. Not only do they not have a roof over their head, but they also have to live in a dangerous and unhealthy environment. Most of them don’t even have a family to support them. Therefore, the rehabilitation program for the street children in Guatemala is in need of helping hands.

As part of this program, you will get to work with local organizations and communities to help those children get rehabilitated and find a better path. In the South America street children volunteer program, you will provide hope and support to the needy children. You should also share with them some of your skills, knowledge and talent. Your help and support in this project encourage the kids to get back on their feet and seek a brighter future.

No specific skills or qualifications are necessary to volunteer for this program. However, you need to be passionate about helping those unfortunate children. Also, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of Spanish, although it isn’t a requirement.

Turtle Conservation Project in Mexico

Are you a marine animal lover, especially sea turtle? If so consider joining this turtle conservation volunteer opportunity in Latin America.

Every creature existing in this world is valuable and it is our job to protect them from getting extinct. Sea turtles in Mexico are one of such creatures that need rehabilitation, as this particular species’ population has been in danger for over 25 years now. The turtles are threatened due to the alteration and destruction of their habitats, incidental capture in recreational and commercial fisheries, and entanglement in vessel strikes and marine debris.

By joining this Latin America volunteer program for sea turtle, you will be able to help several species of sea turtles by preserving their habitat, educating people, and working for different other aspects. Your assistance will not only protect their existence now, but it will also ensure their safety in the future. 

You don’t need to be a biologist or a student of marine biology to volunteer in the Turtle Conservation Project in Mexico. Anyone with the desire to contribute to the project is welcome. Volunteers are recommended to have basic understanding of the Spanish language as it will make communication easier.

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Orphanage Work in Peru

If you are a magnanimous person and thinking about joining volunteer programs in Latin America, then you should check out this project. Being deprived of the love of your family is very unfortunate, especially for children who are left as orphans. In Peru, many children have suffered the pain of being neglected, abused and abandoned. Similarly, some of the ill-fated kids are also forced to live in the streets, which is very risky. The government of Peru has limited resources to take care of these children in need. This is why the orphanage program in Peru is in need of the volunteers who can offer help.

As part of this project, volunteers will get to help the orphanages by offering support, love and care to these children. You can get involved in their education and engage them in extra-curricular activities, as well as participate in fundraising campaigns. Due to the lack of proper education, not many orphans can create a brighter future. Therefore, although sharing your knowledge might not seem to be a difficult task, it will surely make a huge impact in these children's lives.

You don’t need to possess any specific skills or qualifications to join this orphanage volunteer project in South America. But you should be patient and flexible, as you may have to deal with children who are emotionally, physically or mentally challenged. Also, basic knowledge of Spanish is recommended, but it isn’t a requirement.

Aside from Volunteer opportunities in South America, RCDP also offers an array of opportunities such as volunteer work in social work, volunteer abroad for college students, volunteer abroad with animals, volunteer abroad with children, volunteer at orphanages abroad and even volunteer building projects abroad, among many other categories. Contact RCDP today to know more about these rewarding volunteer opportunities and projects.

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