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Are you looking for short term volunteer work overseas? Do you have time constraints, but want to bring a positive change to the lives of underprivileged people?

Consider RCDP for your volunteering program, as we provide the best and most affordable short term volunteering opportunities. RCDP features hundreds of projects from 18 different countries, including Mexico, Peru, Ghana, South African, Thailand, Sri Lanka and others.

You can choose from a variety of projects offered by RCDP, including construction project in Thailand, HIV or AIDS project in Uganda, Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka, and orphanage work in Tanzania. You can also join the Turtle conservation project in Mexico, health project in Peru and teaching project in South Africa.

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of short term volunteer work overseas

Adds a sense of accomplishment in your life:

The satisfaction that comes with helping others is incomparable. Serving people in need will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but will fill your heart with joy. Giving back to society and having compassion in heart will add purpose to your life.

Gives you health benefits:

The volunteering program not only benefits people in need but it will affect you positively too. Research suggests that people who volunteer enjoy greater functional ability and have lower mortality rates and lower cases of depression. Research shows the people who get involved in volunteering activities, including short term volunteering trips for more than 100 hours per year are likely to receive positive health benefits. 

Aids your Personal Growth:

The  benefits of volunteering are; problem solving, strengthening communication skills and transforming your own life. The circumstances in which you volunteer will give you insight on your own strength, weaknesses, abilities and limitations. The volunteering activities on the short term volunteer abroad trips will boost your confidence level..

Enhances your Leadership skill:

While working on the various projects, you will be developing new projects, strategizing new ideas and organizing different programs to bring a change. The short term volunteering projects abroad will give you a chance to improve your leadership skills, which will benefit you in future endeavors.

You will be travelling to new place:

Travelling to new places will bring  change to one’s perspective. It is one of the best ways to experience new things in life. You will get to explore new places and the food and culture. Travelling while being associated with a good cause will give you a better chance to broaden your knowledge.

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Popular RCDP Projects for Short Term Work Overseas Opportunities:

RCDP offers different volunteering programs in different parts of the world, so you have the liberty to choose your desired program.

Construction Project in Thailand

During your short term volunteer work overseas program in Thailand you will be working on a construction project in a northwestern district of Thailand called Sangkhlaburi (near the border of Myanmar). Due to the close proximity of the region with Myanmar, there has been an increase in the number of undocumented immigrants. Therefore, the immigrants do not get citizenship or access to education and healthcare facilities. Non-governmental bodies and non-profit organizations are working towards making a difference in their life by giving them the necessary support.

Your coordinator will be present at the site to help you with translation and other activities. At the beginning of the project you will be trained and given instructions by the local Thai expert on traditional building techniques. During the short term volunteering abroad project you will learn to mix cement manually using a traditional Thai building tool, dig foundations for the structure of the building and participate in every activity necessary in constructing a building. Gardening, fencing, painting and putting in the finishing touches after the construction will be part of your volunteering program.

You do not need any prior knowledge of building or construction to join the project. But, prior knowledge about construction work will be beneficial for the team. You need to inform the team of your skills, so that they can arrange the daily duties accordingly. Good physical condition of the volunteer will be an added bonus for the team. You willingness to work for the welfare of the local communities will have a positive effect on their lives.

As a volunteer, you will be working for 5 days a week doing various kinds of work on the construction site. During the short term volunteering abroad program in Thailand you will start your day with mixing cement as well as cleaning the tools. Your passion and willingness to serve the local community will leave a distinct imprint.

HIV /AIDS Project in Uganda

Every year thousands of innocent Ugandans fall victim to a life threatening disease called HIV/AIDS. There are many local organizations spreading awareness in order to prevent the deadly disease. RCDP collaborates with these local organizations and offers a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people by volunteering. During the short term volunteer program in Uganda you will be introduced to the people affected by the disease and will be involved in awareness programs to prevent the disease.

If you are 18 or above and have a passion to serve people, then you are encouraged to join. You do not require a specific qualification to undertake the volunteering abroad program in Uganda. An open minded person who is flexible, patient and resourceful is expected to volunteer. Your compassion towards the victims will make a big difference in their life.

While volunteering in this program you will be meeting at the project office and participating in the discussions regarding the strategies and progress of the on-going program. Travelling to several villages for the awareness program, counseling, organizing seminars and distributing resources (food and clothes) will be part of your volunteering abroad program in Uganda.

During the short term volunteer opportunity in Uganda you will be helping the sick and advising them under the supervision of local medical professionals. You will be supporting counseling groups, developing strategies and working with the Aids Support Organization in Jinja. Giving first aid treatment and donating food, medicine and clothes will be part of your volunteering activities.

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Elephant Conservation in Sri Lanka

If you love to work with animals, then the Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka is perfect for you The elephants are domesticated in Sri Lanka and used for work, like carrying loads and touring tourists in the jungles. But when they fall sick or are worn out, then the owners no longer care for them.

While volunteering for a short term with the elephants in Sri Lanka you will be working in the lush environment of Randeniya, Hiriwadunna, Kegalle in Sri Lanka. The project will start in the morning and you will be washing, cleaning, bathing and tethering elephants during the night. The main diet of the elephant includes jackfruit leaves and coconut. Working on an eco farm and growing vegetables and fruits will also be a part of your volunteering program. The project will give you an opportunity to teach in local schools as well.

You do not require a specific skill, qualification or experience to participate in the project. However, you need love and compassion for animals, while being physically fit to serve them. When joining the elephant conservation project you need to be open minded and enthusiastic.

Orphanage Work in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries of Africa and the government having limited resources isn’t helping the orphans. The young children are forced to live on the street. While seeking work for a living they are exploited and often get involved in petty crimes. There are different orphanages run by private and government bodies to enhance the life of the orphans. You can make a massive difference in their life.

A passion for serving  orphan children is a quality required to volunteer for the volunteering abroad in Tanzania. You need to be patient, open-minded and resourceful while dealing with the children as they need to be handled with care. There is no other specific criteria for enrolling in the short term volunteer opportunity in Tanzania.

You will be teaching English, Math or any other subject that you can lend your knowledge in. You will also be assisting the children with their homework. You will be teaching students the importance of personal hygiene. Tidying the beds of the children, changing their clothes, washing them, feeding them and dropping them to school will be your task as a volunteer.

During your volunteering abroad program in Tanzania you may be working in the kitchen, cleaning the orphanage or even assisting the staff of the orphanage with administrative activities. Fundraising is an important aspect of running an orphanage so your help in these activities will be significant.

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Turtle conservation in Mexico

The population of sea turtles is at risk, but there are many organizations working towards the conservation of turtles. Olive Ridley sea turtles are one of the threatened species of turtles in Mexico.

The Alteration and destruction of nestling and foraging habitats of turtles are caused due to entanglement in marine debris and incidental capture in commercial and recreational fisheries. The disturbing decline in the number of turtle eggs urged the local fishermen to take the initiative themselves. During the volunteering abroad program in Mexico you will be making a significant change to the lives of the turtles.

During the Turtle Conservation Project in Mexico you will be protecting the habitat of turtles, while working with the local professionals and educating others. You will be working in an area of 10 kilometers on the beach, while surveying the natural habitat. Capturing and releasing the animals, tagging them with radio tags and following their movements and studying their habitat will be part of your volunteering program.

Surveying during the short term volunteering program in Mexico will happen both at day and night. During the daytime you will be working at the campsite. Saving the hatchlings, cleaning out the nest and preventing contamination of the area will be your responsibility as a volunteer. Your involvement will be expected during the environmental educational programs and other aspects of the wildlife monitoring programs, including recording local crocodile populations and compiling the list of species of the area.

There is no specific requirement for getting involved in the short term volunteering program in Mexico besides being passionate about conserving the turtles. If you can speak in Spanish, then it will be easier to communicate.

Health Project in Peru

I Peru, the people living in rural or poverty stricken places still lack proper healthcare. The short term volunteering work in Peru will give you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these people who lack proper medical treatment.

RCDP works with the local hospitals and clinics, which mainly focuses on the field of pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, dental, neurology, psychology, social work, counseling, physical, occupational rehabilitation, rehabilitation for children and much more. RCDP works with mobile hospitals, which provides health care and support in rural areas. As a volunteer of the short term volunteering opportunities in Peru you will be organizing and participating in the health camps. Your passion to serve the people in need will play a vital role in improving their lives.

Having a medical background will be a plus, however there is no requirement to participate in the short term volunteer program in Peru. If you are not of a medical background, then you will be helping in other ways. A medical professional or a medical student will need to provide their documents. It is mandatory for a volunteer to know basic Spanish to participate in the healthcare program. The volunteers will be expected to be patient, flexible, adaptive and enthusiastic while serving the poor.

Your role as a volunteer in the short volunteering trip will differ according to your skills and experience. Assisting in the consulting room, helping in the dispensary and during physiotherapy will be part of your volunteering program. You will be treating minor injuries, assisting midwives on visits, giving maternal help and childcare, and checking and recording the information of patients.

Your tasks might include measuring blood pressure, temperature, weight and height, assisting hospital administration, counseling patients, providing tips to patients, sanitation and nutrition and immunizations.

Teaching in South Africa

English is one of the widely spoken languages of South Africa, so it is important for children to learn the language. Children who come from poor families lack quality education, which could hamper the future of the children. Also, the Teaching English Project in South Africa focuses on improving the written and spoken English of children.

To join the short term volunteering abroad program in South Africa you need to submit a copy of your resume along with your educational certificate and education. A police clearance certificate will be required as well. Volunteers are expected to be highly motivated, enthusiastic and patient while dealing with children.

While volunteering you will be taking classes, assisting in preparing the curriculum and even organizing various activities for children. As a member of the short term volunteering work overseas you will be teaching for about 2 to 3 hours every day from Monday to Friday. There is the option of teaching in kindergarten, primary or secondary level, so your responsibilities will vary accordingly.

If you work in the kindergarten classes, then you will be playing with the children and organizing games for them. Teaching nursery rhymes, teaching them to color, introducing them with colors, shapes, animals, numbers and alphabets will be part of your volunteer work. You will be teaching them with educational toys and other learning aids.

If you happen to teach the children of primary and secondary level, then the classroom will consist of about 40 students. You will be teaching the children on your own or with the help of local teachers. Your primary job will be teaching conversational English, Science or Math to the students of primary level or secondary level students.

Apart from the Short Term Work Overseas Opportunities, RCDP also offers you the chance to experience an impressive selection of of programs, including the international volunteer programs for adults, long-term volunteer abroad programs, one-month volunteer abroad programs, and gap year volunteer abroad projects. Contact RCDP today for more information!

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