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Building Project in Sangkhlaburi of Northwest Thailand

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  • Location:Sangklaburi
  • Start Point:Bangkok
  • End Point:Bangkok
  • Duration: 1-12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 Hours per Week
  • Accommodation:Volunteer House
  • Meal: Not include, volunteers must eat out
  • Date:visit the page
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Sangkhlaburi is a northwest district in Thailand bordering Myanmar. The small village of Sangkhlaburi is located on the shores of the country’s biggest artificial water reservoir Vajralongkorn. The village is a cultural mosaic of diverse ethnic backgrounds mainly constituting local Thai people, Burmese immigrants, Karen and Mon people.

Building Projects

The RCDP building project in Sangkhlaburi deals with construction and the restoration of community-based buildings. As time goes by, requirements and the needs of local communities change accordingly. As does our construction and restoration project for we start new projects according to the need and requirement of the community. As a volunteer, you will be instructed with details of the project and your work-assignments in an orientation at the beginning of your project. The working details within the project include a wide range of activities where you can be assigned to perform any activity regarding the construction of the building. You will be joined by your coordinator in the construction site to help you with translation and other activities. At the beginning of the project, you will also be trained and given instructions by the local Thai foreman on traditional building techniques. During the construction and renovation project, you will learn to mix cement manually using a ‘Job’, a hoe like traditional Thai building tool, dig foundation for the structure and take part in everything that is necessary to construct a building. You will also work on gardening, painting, fencing and the finishing touches after the construction is complete.

Requirements for Volunteers

To join RCDP Building Project as a volunteer, you don’t need any skills or prior experience regarding construction work. However, if you do have any skills or knowledge about construction work, please inform us so that we can arrange your daily duties accordingly. Good physical condition will also be an added bonus. Apart from this, you need to be willing to work for the welfare of the local communities.


Volunteers are scheduled to work for 5 days a week where your regular day will consist of diverse range of activities regarding the construction work. It will start from mixing cement from the start of the day till cleaning the tools after the day’s work. You will have enough spare time to explore the beautiful surroundings and the local culture in your weekends. You can travel to fascinating sites and immerse yourself in the local culture and experience this whole new culture entirely different from yours.


Accommodations for our RCDP volunteers in Sangkhlaburi building project are in communal homes. These homes have double bedrooms, bathrooms equipped with hot shower facilities and clean & well furnished kitchen. Bedrooms have closets for storage, fan, electricity and mosquito nets apart from comfortable beds. These communal homes are close to each other and to our office and staff houses. Cyber cafés, ATM machines, local eateries, hospital and shopping centers are at a walking distance from the residences.

About Sangkhlaburi

Sangkhlaburi is a town in the northwest province of Kanchanaburi in Thailand that borders Myanmar. Due to its close proximity to Myanmar, the influx of different ethnic groups has led to undocumented immigrants from the neighboring countries of Myanmar and Laos along with ethnic Thai people residing in Sangkhlaburi. As a result, they are not given citizenship and lack governmental support and have less or no access to basic educational and healthcare facilities. Non-profit and non-governmental bodies are trying to make some difference in their lives by providing them with essential support.

Sangkhlaburi, often cited as authentic Thailand, is one of the tranquil locations of the country. The heart of Sangkhlaburi, the local town comes alive during the evenings with hustle and bustle of people, grocers, meat traders and street food vendors.

Apart from the busy local markets and the amazing countryside of the lush tropical hills, there are a lot of things you can do when you are in this town village. Temples of Wang Wiwekaram and Chedi Buddhakhaya around Sangkhlaburi and the longest bamboo bridge to Mon village are locations worth-visiting. The golden temple of Chedi and the Wat Wang Wiwekaram are just a couple of hours of hike from your residence. The Wat is a sacred place for devout Mon people and was constructed by Phara Uttama, a prominent Thai monk still revered in Mon communities. You can hike or take a cab to visit these temples. You don’t have to worry about getting lost as the people are very friendly and ready to help you in any way possible. You can find affordable eateries providing flavorsome local food and drinks around the town. Our local team of staffs will be more than happy to help you with their local knowledge about places that you should visit and things you should do.

You can spend your weekends by taking rest or exploring the town and its outskirts. We also suggest you to visit a recently opened Nature Club downtown and enjoy fun and recreational activities like swimming, quad biking and zip lining among others. Aside from these activities, you can also swim and relax on the banks of the lake.

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