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Best Cheap Volunteering Abroad For Adults Programs

Are you under the impression that volunteering is only for young people in their early 20s? Do you, as an adult, want to travel abroad to fascinating locations and lend a helping hand to those who need it? With RCDP’s Voluntary Program Abroad for Adults, you will realize that volunteering is open to all age groups, and you can make a significant contribution as a dedicated adult in whichever destination you choose.

Through this program, RCDP offers you a wide range of projects and destinations to select from. When you participate in a volunteer abroad project for adults, you are more than just a tourist visiting local sites and taking pictures, you are a service provider, a helper working for the benefit of the local people and community.

You can help with panda conservation in China, or support Health projects in Ghana; teach English in Thailand, or volunteer at an orphanage in Uganda; participate in the marine project in Costa Rica, or protect endangered elephants in Sri Lanka.

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of Volunteering Abroad for Adults

The benefits of volunteering in programs abroad for adults are numerous. It opens up a world of opportunities and enhances your global perspective.

Gain Confidence: When adults volunteer abroad they can be sure they are helping people, and facilitating positive change in their lives. If you are a journalist, a teacher, an environmental conservationist or a medical professional you will be using your skills in an environment out of your comfort zone, helping communities in foreign land and thereby increasing your confidence.

Make a Difference: You have a chance to act as an agent of change by helping out a volunteering Abroad Organization for adults. You can make an impact and bring about positive effect towards the lives of people you serve by preserving their natural environment, teaching them essential skills, giving health support and assisting in lots of other ways.

Meet People: By volunteering on a project abroad as an adult you can meet people from all walks of life, as you will be working alongside diverse groups of people with different backgrounds and culture. It is a wonderful opportunity to increase your social contact and interact with people.

Stay Healthy: A recent research has shown that volunteers have a lower mortality rate than their non-volunteering counterparts. Not only this, people who volunteer are less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and heart-related diseases.

Boost Your Career or Enrich Retirement: Middle-aged adults on volunteering abroad programs can make their resumes look more appealing. You can explore work in different settings, and gain experience in working in a foreign land. Similarly, for older adults volunteering is a great way to use all their years of work experience to benefit people living in disadvantaged areas. They can make better use of their retired life and gain satisfaction in helping people.

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RCDP’s best cheap Volunteering Abroad for Adults Programs

Marine Project in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is rich in bio-diversity and has an incredible array of marine animals. However, over the last few decades the lives of the marine creatures are under threat because of an increase in construction programs, urbanization and tourism. Among the many creatures in danger, the sea turtles are the ones that are affected most badly. In this Volunteer Marine Project for Adults, you will partner up with conservationists in Marine Park, learning about and protecting endangered animals such as sharks, crocodiles, turtles, and pelicans.

Through this Marine Volunteer Opportunity in Costa Rica, you will work for the marine education, maintenance and conservation project. You will be helping conduct workshops on oceanic lives, marine food chain issues, waste recycling and water pollution, as well as participating in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals.

You do not have to be a marine biologist to join the Costa Rica Voluntary Marine Project; anybody with an interest and love for life and conservation can apply. However, you do need to be prepared to work outdoors in hot and humid conditions. The project is based in Puntarenas on the Pacific coast, a location with many excellent beaches.

Elephant Conservation Project in Sri Lanka

Elephants in Sri Lanka and in many other countries are kept simply to amuse tourists who want to bathe them in the river or ride them on a jungle safari. Once the elephants get old and cannot be of any services to tourists they are often left abandoned and uncared for. To protect these beautiful creatures from such harsh treatment the Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project in Sri-Lanka gives these elephants a home, a place which allows them to roam freely, eat a proper diet and live a normal life.

Your main role as a volunteer on an elephant conservation voluntary work in Sri Lanka project is to help the mahouts, (Elephant Handlers), in caring and feeding the animals. You will be cleaning the elephant enclosure every morning, bathing the elephants, and helping with general construction activities if needed. Apart from elephant conservation you will also spend time helping on an Eco Farming and Teaching Project. Volunteers teach English and other subjects to children in poorly funded school in the area, and help grow vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Love and compassion is all that is needed to volunteer on the Elephant Conservation Program in Sri Lanka. The project is set in the rural areas of Randeniya, Hiriwadunna and Kegalle in central Sri Lanka.

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Health Project in Ghana

Health care facilities have greatly improved in Ghana over the years, but there still are many remote areas where these facilities are not readily available. People living in such rural parts do not get immediate medical care, so have to travel long distances to get essential treatment and medicines. The aim of the voluntary health project in Ghana is to send volunteers to the rural, poorer parts of Ghana, and ensure that the locals have access to basic health care facilities.

Volunteering on the health project in Ghana comes with many responsibilities. You should be able to help with physiotherapy, treatment of minor flesh wounds and injuries, maintaining patient records, giving vaccinations and providing maternal and childcare assistance, helping out the mid-wives and doctors.

In order to join this voluntary work in Ghana program you need to have relevant health care certification, like a medical student ID, physician or nursing credentials. However, if you qualify but are still waiting on your certification then you can still apply to the program, and submit support documents to show this is the case. The project is based in Kumasi and Accra. In your free time you can enjoy the seaside at Accra, or visit the zoological garden in Kumasi.

Conservation Work Project in Peru

The Manu National Park in Peru is home to a fantastic and diverse range of animal life ranging from jaguars, pumas, and sloths, to 14 species of monkeys, and many kinds of birds. With an area of 17,163 km2, the National Park is one of the 17 largest biospheres in the world; but illegal animal poaching, unregulated timber extractions, poor farming and oil prospecting all pose a huge threat to this natural habitat.

To protect the National park and the surrounding areas in Andes, Amazon and the lowland tropical rain forest, this voluntary conservation project in Peru sends volunteers to work with local conservationists, assisting them with nursery work like digging, weeding and irrigating. Other tasks include monitoring, recording and writing reports on the different species of monkeys and birds in the area, as well as helping with agricultural and construction work.

There aren’t any strict qualification requirements for this project, so anybody who likes outdoor activities and does not mind getting their hands dirty can apply to do conservation voluntary work in Peru.

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Teaching in Buddhist Temple School in Thailand

Buddhism is a major religion in Thailand, and there are hundreds and thousands of Buddhist monasteries and temples in the country. Apart from spreading the teachings of Buddha and performing traditional rituals these temples offer many social services, one of which is schooling and education. These schools try and provide necessary education to monks who cannot afford to access education in the city. While these institutions try their best to provide quality education, a lack of qualified teachers and inadequate budget always proves to be a hindrance.

By volunteering to teach in Thailand at Buddhist temples you can help provide English lessons to monks in the temple schools. As an English teacher volunteer in Thailand, you can also teach other subjects or activities like painting, writing stories, solving puzzles and so on. You are required to teach 5 days every week, from Monday to Friday.

Volunteers on the Thailand project will be placed at Buddhist temples around Ayutthaya, where you can learn about Buddhism, the culture of Thailand, temple life and live amidst the beautiful morning alms and soothing smell of incense, in the company of disciplined monks in saffron robes.

Teaching English in Kenya

There are many good schools teaching English in the Kenya, but the public schools are under resourced short of skilled educators. As a volunteer teaching English in Kenya you can really make a difference by helping children improve their English skills.

On the volunteer teaching English project in Kenya you will be placed at local public schools in Nairobi, where you will work for 30 to 40 hours a week for anything from one week to two months, depending on your preferences. Through this program student volunteers in Kenya will not only be teaching conversational English based on the official curriculum, but also supporting local teachers deliver recreational and artistic activities, educating children on personal hygiene, assisting in school administration tasks, and helping children with their homework.

These Bu schools only hire teachers with credentials, therefore to apply for this voluntary English teaching program in Kenya please send copies of your resume, teaching certification and education degree to us at info@rcdpvoluteers.org.

Kenya is one of the safest countries within Africa to visit, and the country has got everything from snow-covered mountain peaks and sandy beaches to savannahs and deserts.

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Panda Conservation Project in China

The black and white, bamboo eating pandas are quite popular among little children, and there are lots of toys and other panda accessories around which kids love to play with. Unfortunately, despite having millions of stuffed panda dolls in stores and toy shops there are only about 1800 left in the real world, as pandas are the most endangered animal species in the planet.

On the Panda Conservation Voluntary project in China, you will be working under the direct supervision of the local staff at the Panda Conservation Center in Chengdu, helping them increase the panda survival rate, and reduce human activity in panda habitats. The program includes training and awareness on the care of pandas, cleaning the panda enclosures, assisting in gardening and landscaping, chopping and carrying bamboos to feed the animals, teaching English to local staff, and getting actively involved in marketing tasks such as printing and distributing brochures.

Before joining this volunteer Panda program in China you must have copies of immunization records, or a physical examination record not older than 3 months. If you do not, then you will have to pay an extra USD $100. Any gear or equipment needed, including shoes, will be provided by the program, but sometimes the sizes may differ, so you are recommended to bring your own gum boots. Other than that there aren’t any particular skills volunteers need to be eligible.

Work in Orphanage in Uganda

There are many orphanages in Uganda working hard to feed, house, and educate orphans, but sadly as thousands of young children become orphans every year as a result of poverty and disease the funds and the current number of personnel in the orphanages are not able to cope. To prevent these vulnerable young people from living a life of deprivation in the streets this volunteer work in Uganda project aims to give them essential support and care.

On the volunteering orphanage program in Uganda, you spend around 3 hours a day with the children at the orphanage. During this time there you could be teaching math, English and basic science to the kids, engaging them with music and art, and educating them on personal hygiene topics.

This voluntary opportunity in Uganda is based in the city of Kampala, famous for its historical museums, galleries, restaurants and colorful markets; and when you are not working you can relax in the street cafes, go shopping or do some sightseeing.

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