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Cleaning Project

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  • Project: Cleaning Project
  • Room and Board: Host family & 3 times a day local food
  • Work Hours: 30-36 hours per week
  • Start Date: 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month
  • Arrival and Departure: Juan Santa Maria International Airport, San Jose
  • Location: Puntarenas
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Project Summary

Travel to scenic beach resort of Puntarenas in Costa Rica and work in a project that is helping locals clean up the city and attract tourism. You will clean beaches, work to clean old and dilapidated building and paint rocks and trees.

Puntarenas is the nearest coastal town from San Jose. As a result of this, the town sees plenty of weekend revelers. They live behind trash everywhere when they return back. This has made the beaches of Puntarenas as one of the most dirties in the Costa Rica. There are now frequent cleaning programs and the city is trying to get tighter restrictions on leaving behind trash. As a volunteer, you will work with locals to clean up the town. While volunteering, you will also learn about the culture, make friends with locals and return home with experience of a lifetime.


There are no qualifications or skills required to volunteer in the project. Volunteers should be fit and ready to work outdoors and under hot and humid conditions. If you don't understand Spanish you can still volunteer, but volunteers with the ability to speak in Spanish can interact more with locals.

Volunteer's Responsibilities

You will work in and around the town of Puntarenas with locals. You will participate in various cleaning campaigns. These include painting local buildings, rocks, and trees, as well as cleaning and beautification of local parks and beaches. The volunteers will also help to improve the overall morale and appearance of the city.

Project Location

Puntarenas is located in the Pacific Coast and is the nearest coastal town from San Jose, the capital and the largest city in Costa Rica. Because of this, Puntarenas receives plenty of visitors from San Jose. The town has plenty of hotels and also a busy port. Despite being a popular holiday town, the beaches of Puntarenas are one of the most polluted in Costa Rica. There are regular beach cleaning activities.

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