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Beach Conservation Volunteering Program in Costa Rica

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Project Summary

Are you enthusiastic about making a positive difference through environmental conservation? Have you ever envisioned volunteering amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica, renowned for its exquisite beaches and diverse marine life? If the idea of contributing to the protection and preservation of Costa Rican beaches resonates with you, then the RCDP Volunteers Costa Rica Beach Conservation Program is tailor-made for you!

Costa Rica boasts a rich variety of nature, featuring stunning beaches and marine life. Specially designated areas, known as reserves and parks, have been established to safeguard these natural treasures.

A noteworthy initiative is the Beach Conservation project on the Nicoya Peninsula along the Pacific Ocean. This area is home to Costa Rica's inaugural National Park and a protected zone. Since 1963, approximately 95% of the land and ocean, encompassing about 3 million hectares or 7.4 million acres, has been diligently preserved, ensuring the well-being of plants and animals. The primary objectives are sustainability, research, and effective area management. Around 5% of the reserve is accessible to visitors, featuring trails for exploration.

As a volunteer, you can make a meaningful impact in four key areas: maintaining trails and beaches, conducting research, participating in the 'La Caseta' initiative that collaborates with the local community, and contributing to educational efforts. Each role is indispensable in ensuring the safety of the reserve and raising awareness about the vital importance of protecting this extraordinary natural haven.

Your activities as a volunteer

Our Beach Conservation project, situated at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula along Costa Rica's Pacific coast, is dedicated to the protection and study of the park's crucial ecosystems. These ecosystems hold significant importance in Costa Rica's cultural and historical heritage. The project strives to engage nearby communities and promote the region's well-being through sustainable development. Continuous research, study, and the active participation of volunteers are essential components in realizing these objectives.

Key Activities:

  • Cleaning and maintaining trails
  • Ensuring beach cleanliness
  • Creating and updating park signs
  • Reviewing footage and maintaining trap cameras
  • Direct observation of wildlife on park trails
  • Welcoming and guiding visitors
  • Sharing information about the park's history and trails
  • Assisting local rangers in daily tasks
  • Facilitating activities for school groups and researchers (day camps, conferences)
  • Preparing educational materials for school visits or special events
  • Contributing to overall maintenance and preservation of the reserve

Skills and Qualification

Familiarity with the Spanish language is not a prerequisite, although possessing such skills can enhance your experience. A proactive attitude, characterized by a readiness to step in and assist, is essential for thriving in our Beach Conservation project. We encourage volunteers to be active, outgoing, and flexible, showcasing a willingness to engage in diverse tasks. Consistent attendance and adherence to the provided schedule are crucial elements, ensuring not only an enriching experience for you but also a positive impact on the success of the project.

Project Location

Our Beach Conservation project is situated at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula along Costa Rica's Pacific coast.

The Fee and Dates

RCDP Costa Rica Volunteer Programs start every Monday throughout the year.

Volunteer Program In Costa Rica

Every year hundreds of volunteers working with UK and USA based organizations end up paying up to $2500 to volunteer in Costa Rica for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, only a small portion of that money actually goes to host the local projects and host families. The local host projects, childcare centers, schools, and local NGO’s in Costa Rica are poor and need external support to run their programs. In our program, you will pay your fee directly to host families and projects upon arrival in Costa Rica. When you join our program, we will make sure that all of your money goes to the projects and host families. Part of your fees also helps us to cover our expenses. The program fee is divided into a registration fee ($279) and weekly fee for room, food, coordination, and project donation.

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In Costa Rica, the weekly program fee is divided between coordination (services of local staffs), host family (room/2-3 local foods a day depending on the project), and project donation. Costa Rica is an expensive tourist destination; therefore, nearly 90% of your weekly fee goes to covering your food, room, and coordination. While 10% of your fee goes to the project as a material donation (not cash). Below is the breakdown of cost in on a weekly basis.

Program Fee (US$)
Duration Fee San Jose Fee Manuel Antonio
  1 Week   $440   N/A
  2 Weeks   $730   N/A
  3 Weeks   $1,010   $1,160
  4 Weeks   $1,260   $1,420
  5 Weeks   $1,445   $1,605
  6 Weeks   $1,630   $1,790
  7 Weeks   $1,815   $1,975
  8 Weeks   $2,000   $2,160
  9 Weeks   $2,185   $2,345
  10 Weeks   $2,370   $2,530
  11 Weeks   $2,555   $2,715
  12 Weeks   $2,740   $2,900
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance $3.49/day ( below 28 years) and $4.49/day ( above 28 years) »
  • Spanish Language Classes
  • Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica - $150/week
  • San Jose, Costa Rica - $125/week
Program fees cover:
  • Shared Accommodation with host family from Sunday to Saturday
  • 2 meals per day (Breakfast & Dinner)
  • Airport Pick up
  • In-country support
  • Program Orientation, Walking Tour, Safety Presentation
  • Project Management
  • Volunteer Certificate
  • Discount for returning volunteers
  • Letter of Recommendation (upon request)
  • Emergency contact 24/7
  • Access to computer lab, high-speed office-wide wifi at the institute, and access to weekly salsa dance classes and cooking classes
  • Free coffee and tea at the on-site snack bar
Program fees dont cover:
  • Visas
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses such as soft drinks and snacks
  • Daily transportation
  • Airport return transfer
  • Extra nights of housing (can be booked at an additional cost)

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