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Xue Ying Fiona Wang

Community Development (Surin)

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  • Location:Surin
  • Start Point:Bangkok
  • End Point:Bangkok
  • Duration: 1-12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 Hours per Week
  • Accommodation:Volunteer House
  • Meal: Not include, volunteers must eat out
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Surin is one of the most backward regions in Thailand. Most people who stay in the region are farmers but because of lack of rain they can only grow rice only once a year. This has forced them to live under poverty or migrate to urban centers for work. These farmers need help to work in other income generating projects so they can have the extra funds to send their children to schools and enjoy decent meals. As a volunteer in the project, you will work in an income generating project and help the farmers have a decent life.


No specific skills or qualifications are required to volunteer in the project. You should however have passion to work for the disadvantaged. Volunteers must also respect Thai custom and local people at all times.

Volunteer's Responsibilities:

Volunteers will work from Monday to Thursday and have 3 days off to explore other areas of Thailand. You will start your work from 9 am and finish at 3.30 pm. You will also have an hour off for lunch from 11.30 am.

Previous volunteers have work in fish pond and animal husbandry projects. Currently, the project is working in a land provided by a monastery within their compound. Inside this smallholding, volunteers will help grow vegetables, fruits and even raises chicken. Funds generated from the sale of these will help educate the children from poor families.

Project Location

Surin is known has the elephant province in Thailand. This is because of the large number of elephants that are domesticated and the elephant festival that takes place very year that draws large number of crowds. Surin is one of the poorest region in Thailand and overwhelmingly agrarian. There are many interesting things to see around Surin including visiting Cambodia as it’s a border town. Surin also has a sizeable expatriate community.