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Health/Medical Project (Cordoba)

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  • Location: Cordoba
  • Duration: 1-12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 hours per week
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Date: Second and Fourth Monday of each month
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Project Summary

This project is highly ideal for those studying or pursuing a career in the field of healthcare. Volunteers will get hands-on experience working with healthcare and Argentina. You will be working in local clinics and hospitals and helping these organizations and the people they serve. Volunteers will also be offering local community members' education on hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, disease prevention, and many other healthy lifestyle techniques. You will be working directly with both the community and local healthcare organizations.

Skills/Qualifications Needed

Volunteers must be at least 18 and they must have health insurance as well as accident and liability insurance. Volunteers with basic or intermediate knowledge of Spanish will be able to volunteer effectively. If do not have any knowledge of Spanish, please consider joining our Spanish program while volunteering in Cordoba. The project is open to medical professionals or students. You must also be self-motivated, resourceful and willing to join in a wide range of activities.

Volunteer's Responsibilities

Volunteers will usually work from 4 to 5 hours per day, from Monday to Friday. The project is available all year. You will assist local doctors and medical staff. You will be assigned work according to your level of experience and skills. Responsibilities in the hospital includes: treating minor injury, taking BP & weight, record keeping of patients, general medical checkup of patients, assisting local doctors, and similar responsibilities. In the government project, you will promote health and healthy lifestyles to local families, communities and populations, observe how the local healthcare system functions, become involved in administrative tasks and work with local medical professionals.

Project Location

The project is located in Cordoba, which has a cultural rich history and colonial charm. Cordoba has been home for a great many writers, artists, and musicians. The streets and character of the city offer much stimulation and are quite exciting to experience. The urban environment offers a plentitude for volunteers to experience, and there are also nearby nature opportunities in the Andes and Pampas.