Best Volunteer Programs for High School Students

Are you a high school student in search of an affordable and safe way to travel abroad during your spring, summer, or winter vacations from school?

Do you have a strong yearning to help others who are less fortunate than you are while exploring a new part of the world? RCDP has some of the most budget-friendly, reputable, and exciting volunteer abroad programs for high school students in 18 different countries around the world.

You can choose to explore one of many countries in Africa, Asia, or Latin America on a volunteer abroad trip for high school students. There are volunteer abroad opportunities for high school students that focus on helping children, the sick and injured, whole communities, unique ecosystems, and exotic animals.

For as low as $99, you can set off on a volunteering trip abroad for high school students and have the best adventure of your early life.

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Benefits of One of RCDP’s Best Volunteer Programs for High School Students

Making the decision to join a volunteer abroad project for high school students with RCDP is a decision that might change the rest of your life. It is likely that this will be your very first international experience without the supervision of your parents and guardians.

This is a chance to really learn what you are made of, how to take care of yourself, and how to interact with the world community outside of your own. A volunteering abroad trip for high school students is a chance for incredible self-growth.

While on a volunteering abroad trip for high school students, you will also develop valuable life skills, such as leadership skills, team working skills, and problem-solving skills.

You might also pick up a new language and will definitely pick up some new friends. A volunteering abroad experience for high school students will also look exceptional on a college resume and really make you stand out above the rest.

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RCDP’s Best Volunteer Programs for High School Students

RCDP has dozens of life-changing, affordable, well-organized, safe, and exciting volunteer abroad opportunities for high school students just like you!

Volunteer Construction Project in Thailand

If you enjoy working with your hands, as part of a team, and outdoors, the high school volunteer construction program in Thailand would love to have you aboard. You will work to restore and build important community buildings, like schools and medical centers, in the impoverished northwest district of Sangklaburi.

As a construction volunteer in Thailand, you will work five days a week. You will have a range of responsibilities but will always be under the supervision and guidance of an experience team of professional builders.

All of the tools and safety equipment that you need will be provided. This will be a fantastic learning experience and one where you will see your hard work come to life. 

Volunteer HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Uganda

Unfortunately, the HIV/AIDS virus is very prevalent and continually destructive in the lives of millions in Uganda. The HIV/AIDS high school volunteer program in Uganda is working to spread awareness and health education throughout rural and remote communities in Uganda to help eliminate this devastating force.

You can help change and save lives by volunteering with this impactful awareness initiative.

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Volunteer Elephant Conservation Project in Sri Lanka

How would you like to spend at least two weeks up close and personally with elephants in an exotic country in Asia?

The high school volunteer with elephant conservation program in Sri Lanka is a unique and likely a once in a lifetime opportunity to do just that. The aim of this amazing program is to help care for sick, injured, old, and displaced animals in Sri Lanka.

As an elephant conservation volunteer in Sri Lanka, you will spend your days feeding, bathing, walking, and even massaging the resident elephants. You will also help to ensure that the facilities remain clean and organized. This hands-on experience is one that very few people will ever have.

Volunteer in an Orphanage Program in Tanzania

Sadly, due to the prevalence of the HIV/AIDS virus and extreme poverty, among other negative forces, thousands of children find themselves as orphans every year in Tanzania.

There is a constant need for compassionate, kind, energetic, and enthusiastic high school volunteers in the orphanages in Tanzania. You can be the light, love, and support these poor children desperately need.

As an orphanage volunteer in Tanzania, you will play the role of a caregiver, teacher, friend, and mentor. You will help with the day-to-day responsibilities and routines of the orphanage and children, as well as engage the children in fun, interactive, and learning activities and games.

Turtle Conservation Project in Mexico

If you love beautiful beaches, the ocean, nature, and sea turtles, look no further than the high school sea turtle conservation volunteer program in Mexico. This hands-on and engaging volunteer opportunity puts you in the perfect position to help save and protect the endangered sea turtle populations that come ashore in Mexico to nest every year.

As a turtle conservation volunteer in Mexico, you will help collect and relocate turtle eggs, assist with valuable research and data collection, perform necessary beach clean-up, and work to promote marine and turtle conservation within the local communities.

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Volunteer Healthcare Project in Peru

If you have an interest in pursuing a career in medicine in your future or you have a strong passion for helping others, the high school volunteer medical program in Peru is a special opportunity to help out in local clinics and work alongside medical professionals in Peru.

This is a chance to help those who are suffering while also gaining some valuable experience in the real-life field of medicine.

Volunteer Teaching Project in South Africa

Many of the local schools in South Africa are under-funded, lacking resources, and without sufficient staff. As a high school volunteer teacher in South Africa, you will help teach one of the most valuable classes, English.

You will also have a chance to help in other subjects of your interest, as well as with extracurricular activities. This is a chance to help brighten the present and future lives of the students whom you help in South Africa.

RCDP also has a great collection of international camps for high students, international summer programs for high school students, gap year programs abroad, animal conservation volunteering abroad programs, and so much more.

Check out all of the amazing and affordable volunteer and travel abroad opportunities today! Contact RCDP to learn more about the programs and destinations that have peaked your interest the most.

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