' I LOVE this experience in chitwan for though short period! '

Xue Ying Fiona Wang

Volunteers' Reviews - Kenya

Volunteer Program Evaluation Form

Dear Volunteer,

Please kindly evaluate the volunteer program of RCDP Volunteers and assist us to further improve our services and program.

Your name: Deborah Leuthold
Your address: Talstra├če 101, 61381 Friedrichsdorf
Volunteer country: Kenya, September 2011

How do you assess the services of RCDP ?

RCDP is an amazing organization. I was treated well and was looked after. I had problems to reach the person who was supposed to pick me up on my arrival at the airport. It was a misunderstanding and in the middle of the night. In the end everything went well, I don't have any complaints.

Please evaluate the support, meal and accommodation we received during the program

One shouldn't have to high expectations. I mean you stay with a family that's providing you with all essentials you need and including you in their lives. So don't expect a 5-class-hotel. But you shouldn't do that anyway, you're there to volunteer right? So giving the family a hand in the daily chores will give you a few extra smiles ;) because you live with a family you've got the chance to be part of Kenyan life and food and culture. It was an honor to try all this original Kenyan food and share the lifestyle.

Please review/evaluate your overall experience of volunteering with RCDP

Amazing. I can't really say much more because it just went so well and smooth =)

Do you recommend RCDP International volunteer program to your friends/families?
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Can we forward your email address to our future volunteers? If yes, please write your e-mail: Studentin.deborah@gmx.de