' I LOVE this experience in chitwan for though short period! '

Xue Ying Fiona Wang

Volunteers' Reviews - Ecuador

Hi Ranjana,

My stay in Quito has been perfect; my host family is very hospitable and caring.
Jose and his staff are also very friendly and always helping if in need.

My experience in Ecuador has been very pleasant, my volunteering experience has been very rewarding and the children are lovely but cheeky!

I will post photos on facebook when I get home because I only have my phone to access the internet.

Jennifer Nguyen.

Volunteer Program Evaluation Form

Dear Volunteer,

Please kindly evaluate the volunteer program of RCDP Volunteers and assist us to further improve our services and program.

Your name: Stephanie Nguyen
Your address: Calgary, AB, Canada
Volunteer country: Aug 5-19 2011/Ecuador

How do you assess the services of RCDP ?

I interacted with two staff from RCDP. They were both really helpful and responded to my e-mails promptly. The program website is also very thorough and easy to navigate. The service they provide as an organization for volunteering abroad was satisfactory and as promised.

Please evaluate the support, meal and accommodation we received during the program

While in the country, I received support from my host family and the staff at the lodge we were volunteering with. Although there were barriers to communication due to language differences (I speak English and have no knowledge of Spanish). I was able to get by though through the help of other volunteers. Meals were delicious though even with second helpings they were not enough considering the amount of physical labour we were doing. I was very happy with the accommodations as well. Everything was very authentic.

Please review/evaluate your overall experience of volunteering with RCDP

Overall, I had a very unique experience with RCDP. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and satisfied my desire to see another part of the world while helping others. I would definitely go through RCDP again to volunteer abroad.

Do you recommend RCDP International volunteer program to your friends/families?
Yes Yes No No

Thank you and wish you all the best for your future endeavors! Studentin.deborah@gmx.de

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