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Xue Ying Fiona Wang

Medical Project in Masailand, Kenya

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  • Location: Saikeri
  • Duration: 1-12 weeks
  • Hours: 30-40 hours per week
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Meal: Local food (3 times a day)
  • Date: Second and Fourth Monday of each month
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Gain professional medical experience in a fascinating region, discover Masai people's vibrant and traditional culture and enrich the lives of local people.

Due to the remoteness of the land, there aren't many clinics and medical professionals in and around where Masai tribes live. This leaves them at a great danger since any infection can become life threatening and even minor illness can turn into serious disease. With good health brings prosperity, this is especially so in Masai people's case as their work is physically demanding and they need to be in very good physical condition. Because of this, dedicated medical volunteers are urgently required in the region.

Join our health program and come to this unique place where civilization and all the modernity have yet to arrive, and work to improve lives of the Masai people. You will work with local medical professionals and do variety of task, including creating awareness against HIV/AIDS.


Volunteers must be a medical professional or medical student. We will require proof of this either through your certificate or an ID. Volunteers must also be willing to stay in houses where living conditions are very basic. Volunteers will however be served healthful meals.

Volunteer's Responsibilities

Your work will depend on the level of your skill, your experience and what you want to do. You won’t be involved in any surgery but you can work in outpatient department, maternity ward and offer counseling HIV/Aids victims and become involve in awareness campaigns. Your work will might include:

  • Measuring BP, temperature, height, weight
  • Assisting doctors and medical staffs with health center tasks
  • Helping in health camps (if any)
  • Dispensing medications
  • Immunizations
  • Treating minor injuries or wounds
  • OPD or out-patient services
  • Providing tips to patients on health, nutrition and sanitation
  • Counseling patients
  • Assisting hospital’s administration

Project Location

The territories the Masai have shrunk drastically recently because of creation of national parks and human settlements. In Kenya, the Masai used to roam in all of the Great Rift Valley. Today, they are mainly restricted to Kajiado and Narok districts. The lands are mainly semi-arid and arid. Our project is located in Kimuka, about 50 miles from Nairobi. It is a sleepy Masai village.