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Top Budget International Volunteer Opportunities for College Students

Are you looking for a cost effective way to travel the world? Do wish you could find a rare, special and exciting experience while helping others? No, it’s not too good to be true! It’s right here with the RCDP International Volunteering programs. RCDP runs world renowned volunteer abroad programs for college students, providing the opportunity for life changing experiences at affordable prices.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to break free of the monotony of everyday life and explore the vast, dynamic, beautiful world we live in. RCDP’s International Volunteer Opportunities for students offers an incredibly safe, affordable, and special experience. Take the dive and explore this culturally diverse world while learning new skills and helping others.

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Benefits of International Volunteer Opportunities for College Students

RCDP offers a variety of unique volunteering opportunities for college students, which provides you a wealth of benefit! These benefits range from cost effective to travel to learning new skills, making new friends, standing out from the crowd, personal growth and much much more. The experience and benefits that the RDCP offers is once in a lifetime and will be benefits that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Stand Out from Crowd- Do you want to stand out from the crowd and form new friendships with people from different parts of the world? RCDP’s volunteering opportunities provide you with the chance to make new lifelong friends from different countries and walks of life. You will always look back and remember these experiences and these friends you made through your volunteering time. Having a dynamic group of friends from different parts of the world is special and can be invaluable in this life.

Dive Deep in to different culture: Embarking on one of the many volunteering opportunities for college students through RCDP will also allow you to dive deep into different cultures and provide you with the platform to soak up culturally rich experiences. You will forever be more aware of the people living in the world around you and will be more culturally sensitive to people from different and amazing places. Many employers in this modern day and age specifically seek people who can work well in groups and understand people from different cultures making these volunteering experiences a deeply beneficial time in your life.

A rewarding experience: Are you looking for good karma points? Volunteering with RCDP is also known as being a deeply rewarding experience; allowing you to give back to others less fortunate in this world. The feeling of giving is incredibly enriching for your soul and will help shape the way you are as a human being. You will experience a deep sense of reward and gratitude once you have completed your volunteer abroad program.

Experience the world: One of the best things about being involved with volunteer programs for college students is the chance to experience new parts of the world in an affordable way. At RCDP we understand that it isn’t possible for many college students to be able to afford the trip of your dreams. RCDP’s volunteering opportunities give you the chance to dive into a variety of vastly different cultures and have life changing experiences, connections and relationships. Exploring new countries and gaining life changing experiences is a huge benefit of these programs.

Learn new skills: Are you hoping to learn lifelong skills that will help you with future job opportunities or just life in general? Then look no further. RCDP’s volunteer opportunities for college students will allow you to learn a variety of new skills, such as social interaction, team work, navigating, planning, coordinating, organising and even a new language! These are all assets and attributes that you will carry with you for life, not to mention, these are typical skills employers look for closely when hiring people.

Personal growth: Most importantly, joining a volunteer abroad opportunity with RCDP will help you grow as a person through incredible, once in a lifetime experiences. You will meet people from different cultures, learn new skills, and create friendships that you never thought would have been possible back at home. This is truly an opportunity for life changing personal growth and for gaining experiences which you will never forget. The personal growth you receive through your time with RCDP’s programs is an incredible benefit of such a special opportunity.

We have listed below a few Popular RCDP international volunteer opportunities for college students so you can find an experience that best suits you. The special volunteering abroad programs that we have provided are unique opportunities to explore new parts of the world & gain life long experience all at an affordable price. RDCP offers many fantastic volunteering opportunities abroad - see below for a few of the very best on offer!

HIV/AIDS Project in Ghana

The college students abroad program in Ghana is an especially rewarding program. Every year families lose their breadwinner to the harsh realities of HIV and AIDS. This leaves many children orphaned and families in devastation.

Your job as a volunteer in this project will be to use the “stepping stones” approach by raising awareness of sexually transmitted diseases through facilitating discussions and educating locals on safe practices to avoid HIV/AIDS. You will be working a lot in counseling and education in major hospitals, schools and community groups.

Turtle conservation in Mexico

Are you an animal lover? This is a truly special experience, providing the opportunity to experience the magical culture of Mexico while working to save the habitat of the amazing sea turtles.

This is one of the best volunteering opportunities for college students Mexico on offer. Through this program you will be preserving the habitat of sea turtles, educating others, scouting land for new habitats and working on scientific projects direct with the turtles.  This is a truly special experience!

Orphanage construction project in Nepal

This international volunteering program Nepal is an incredible chance to help the orphaned children who have been directly affected by the ravages of the civil war. There is not enough space in the current orphanage for the kids to live their lives. This project is about expanding the Asna orphanage and providing the children with a newfound lease on life.

You will get to see and live the culture, while building skills, such as teamwork and construction. The work will mainly be involved directly with the construction of the new space. You will also have the rare opportunity to visit ancient temples, captivating wildlife parks and be amongst the most incredible landscapes in the world while giving back to such an amazing cause.

Disabled children project in Argentina

This is the best International volunteer program for college students Argentina, The team here consists of psychiatrists, physical education trainers and educational psychologists who are available to assist students in anyway possible. It’s all about building a positive and supportive environment.

Your tasks here include organising activities and assisting staff in helping the kids in anyway possible. You will also get to explore the colonial city of Cordoba is known for its rich history and inhabitants such as musicians, painters and writers.

Teaching Project in Peru

The teaching project in Peru is a fun and exciting opportunity to teach young kids, gain new skills/experiences and help Peru grow as a country by educating the new generation.

Peru is known as one of the most popular and exciting travel destinations in the world, being home to both the Amazon Jungle and Machu Picchu. You will have the time of your life moulding the minds of the young by teaching a class full of eager learners and exploring the dynamic landscapes around you.