Legitimacy of RCDP and Why should I join RCDP volunteer program

More About RCDP Volunteer Program

I found out about RCDP on the Internet. How do I know that RCDP is a legitimate organization?

A brief Internet research will confirm the legitimacy of our program. We are registered with the government of Nepal’s Social Welfare Council.. RCDP has been running volunteer program since 1998. Since then, we have served nearly 12,000 volunteers. You can find hundreds Volunteers' Reviews, photos, and blogs of our past volunteers at

http://rcdpnepal.org/volunteer_testimonies/volunteer_testimonies_2012.php.RCDP has been working with many leading UK- and US-based volunteer organizations. Some of our partners include: Experiment in International Living, US (experiment.org/) the British Trust for Nature Conservation, UK (btcv.org.uk) AIDS Camp International, UK (AidCamps.org), Youth Enhancement and Training Initiative, US (yeti.org). If you are still not convinced we would be glad to give you the email addresses of at least 10 volunteers who have joined our program recently.

Why isn’t RCDP based in a developed country like the US, UK, Australia or New Zealand?

Yes, our main office is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. But many UK- and US-based organizations run programs through local organization like us in many countries. Just being in US, UK, New Zealand, or any developed countries does not make any organization genuine. As we are increasingly in the Internet Age, why can’t an organization run a program just as effectively from New Zealand as in Kathmandu?

There are hundreds of volunteer organizations every where. Why should I join RCDP volunteer program?

For starters, there’s the world’s most affordable fees for volunteering, starting as low as $70 per week.

In RCDP we aim to offer all kinds of volunteering opportunities to all kinds of volunteers. We don’t want affordability to hinder anyone’s willingness of serve humanity. Therefore, our volunteer programs are humanitarian missions. We do not run our volunteer programs to make profit or earn money. We do not get external funding. Our program fees are the world’s most affordable, starting at fees as low as $70 per week in many countries. We challenge you to find any organization that can beat our program fees.

1. You directly pay your host families and projects

Except in the Nepal office, where we collect program fees and allocate funding to host families, projects, and our ongoing community projects (two orphanages), you pay all of your money directly to host families and projects. In some countries, you pay our coordinators, who will arrange room and food. Otherwise you directly pay your host families and projects, which makes sure that your money does not go to middlemen or as a profit for company but go directly to people who deserve it. We challenge you to find any other organization that runs program this way.

2. Our services

RCDP feels proud of its efficient communication and prompt delivery of services. You might have tired of waiting for email reply for days or weeks from many volunteer organizations. But in RCDP we guarantee efficient and accurate reply to your email with in 48 hours. If you send your telephone number, we guarantee that you get return call within 48 hours. From our many years of experience, we have learned the importance of quick communication. Please drop us one email and see how efficient we are!

3. Program quality
  • Do you believe that by just charging you $2,000 for two weeks of volunteer program, good-quality services are guaranteed?
  • Do you believe that volunteer fees are very high for many US and UK volunteering organizations because of expenses such as salaries, or profiteering?
  • Do you believe that many UK- or US-based organizations that run their program through local partners (like RCDP) keep a large chunk of your fee as profit?
  • What would you feel when you meet many volunteers from leading UK, US, Australia, New Zealand organizations working in the same orphanages or teaching projects, and living in the same host families, basically getting the same shelter and food, but paying nearly 1000% more in program fees?

You may associate low program fees with low program quality. This is not true. Since 1998, we have been running extremely affordable, safe, and yet high-quality programs serving nearly 12,000 volunteers. Please read our volunteers' reviews or please ask us for the references of volunteers who have joined our program recently and find the quality of our program. As a humanitarian organization, we aim to grow and serve humanity. This is only possible if we win your trust. Therefore, we want to provide you with the best volunteer experience with the cheapest price possible. When you land in developing countries and when you find every thing so cheap, you might wonder where all of your program fee is being spent. With RCDP, payments are directly made to families, to get the best experience and best value for your money.

4. Experienced staffers/host families and screened projects

When we started our volunteer program in 1998, nearly 100 enthusiastic volunteers from different part of the world joined RCDP-Nepal program. In the first year, we understood the importance of having an organized program, dedicated service, meaningful projects, and concern for safety. Ever since then, RCDP has been a respected and recognized name in the field of volunteering. We are committed to maintaining our reputation.

When we develop a new program in a new country, we do not just do it by email correspondence. We travel each country and spend at least one month time recruiting local staffers, visiting many host families and projects. We select a few host families and projects which have worked with or served the volunteers from UK- and US-based organizations. This way, we ensure the safety and quality of the program. RCDP feels proud of our staffs and host families. All of them are socially respected, experienced or worked with international volunteers, and believe in making your volunteer experience wonderful.

5. Flexibility—customized projects

We understand that every volunteer has different needs and expectations. Therefore, in each location, we have developed partnerships with different kind of local projects like orphanages, schools, healthcare centers, HIV/AIDS programs, women projects and NGOs working in different areas. Therefore, we can tailor your need and meet your expectations. We know that some volunteers want to work many hours while some want to travel more. Some need rural areas and some need cities. Some volunteers want to stay in host family for cultural experience while some prefer living with other volunteers in a hostel. Therefore, before assigning any project or host family we carefully read your application, try to understand your needs and expectations, and match the best placement for you.

6. Ongoing Support

From the day we receive your email, we take care of you. We work hard to make sure that you are getting all support. Our support structure is varied.

  • When we get your email, we reply within 48 hours
  • When we get your telephone number, we call you back within 48 hours
  • Before you apply, we send you a preregistration package
  • When we get your application, we guarantee placement with in four weeks
  • Before you departure, our country coordinator will email or call you to answer last minute questions
  • Before you depart, you get a comprehensive booklet with all information that you need
  • Our coordinator come to welcome and pick you up at the airport
  • Our coordinator introduce you to projects, host family and give a short orientation about country
  • Our coordinator meets or call you every two week to find how things going
  • If you need any help our group coordinators are always there for you
7. Safety first

Like your parents, we are seriously concerned about your safety. Safety is the first priority of RCDP volunteer programs. We ensure your safety in many ways.

  • Our pre-departure booklet explains many safety issues
  • RCDP places you in trustworthy, screened projects where volunteers from other organizations work
  • We screen host family carefully and place you with host family with high social status and previous experience with volunteers
  • Our country coordinator will visit or call you regularly
  • We train our staffers, host families, and project workers about the importance of safety
  • Our offices are available 24/7 for you
  • If you prefer, we guarantee that you will live and work with other volunteers
8. A sense of family and friendship

RCDP volunteer programs are humanitarian missions. The RCDP founder, staffers, host families, project workers and volunteers are all considered to be a family working for the noble cause of serving humanity. Many of our volunteers joined RCDP program many times trusting us. Many host families and volunteers develop strong ties of friendship. Recently, we have launched a Facebook website where you can see our growing family. It is our sincere hope that our program will develop a friendship between you and RCDP and help us to grow and better serve communities in future.

9. Our Experience

RCDP has been running its volunteer abroad program since 1998. So far we have successfully placed more than 12,000 volunteers. Nearly 99% of our volunteers were very happy—please ask us for the references of the past volunteers. We offer a thorough, well-rounded, and successful volunteer program which often exceeds the expectations of participants. RCDP volunteer programs are not just a simple volunteer placement services. We aim to offer meaningful abroad programs which include language courses, cultural immersion, volunteer opportunities and amazing travel experience, ensuring that volunteers do not miss out on a single lifelong memory. RCDP programs consist of language and cultural immersion programs, volunteer service projects, and excursions.