Why thousands of volunteers trust RCDP?

Top Ten Reasons:

Each year hundreds of volunteers enroll in our programs and gain an experience of a lifetime. We have carefully looked into the applications of our past volunteers and compiled the top 10 reasons to join RCDP programs.

  • Super affordable program fee - you don't have to pay a fortune to help other people
  • The volunteers' reviews show the great quality of your programs
  • Volunteers pay their money directly to projects and host families
  • Very professional and prompt response
  • Eagerness to supply information
  • Immersion into local culture of the country through homestay and language study
  • Great variety of programs around the world
  • 15 years of successful track record of hosting programs for thousands of volunteers
  • Flexible and customized programs
  • Best fit for a student travelling on a limited budget
  • Sara Padja
    A very good friend of mine showed me your website and I instantly fell in love. Your prices are VERY competitive and the volunteering options are wonderful
  • Hannah Mockett
    This volunteer program sounds fantastic as the money that is collected from the volunteer goes directly to the project and host families. I am going to be in costa Rica in February and March and I started to do some research online and found the RCDP International Program.
  • Daniel Ives

    I have done lots of research into various organizations and programs and RCDP instantly stood out as being genuine, effective and driven to achieve positive change. There are countless organizations offering volunteer tourism, however I have found that their motives and effectiveness are often questionable with profits being their main concern. I was attracted instantly to the ground level, people focused approach that RCDP takes, with their funding clearly outlined.
  • Caroline Lepinteur

    I had many good feedback about RCDP International Program. The rolunteers' reviews show the quality of your program.
  • Carmen Wong

    I am looking for a life changing experience before applying for graduate school and I believe the RCDP International Program would give me that experience.
  • William Trick

    the RCDP International Programme appealed to me because all of the money goes to the projects themselves.
  • Dianne Goodridge

    I like the programs you offer and it is quite affordable compared to others
  • Cassandra Richards

    I felt that RCDP\'s program blended well education and travel, allowing for an amazing learning experience. Moreover, I admired RCDP\'s dedication to the host family, specifically it\'s financial situation.
  • Maria Garcia

    RCDP provides an international experience that I have yet to be part of. The work projects appeal to me and I like the variety of countries that are part of this program.
  • Holly Clarke

    Your organisation jumped out as the best one, as it is non-profit and you are able to stay with local families.
  • Amanda Sandager Rasmussen

    From the first time Christine contacted RCDP we have been in the best hands and all of our questions has been answered very quick.
  • Chistine Mosbaek

    RDCP International program seems to be very professional and have a lot of different programs to choose from.
  • Emily Comyn

    I have always loved elephants and I was amazed by the good value of this project and the range of activities with the animals.
  • Nilufer Uduman
    Saudi Arabia

    Prompt response to queries and eagerness to supply information.
  • Ella Verkuijten

    It seems like a genuinely nice organisation that really wants to make a difference instead of making money of volunteers.
  • Julia Brown
    Northern Ireland

    The RCDP International program is evidently ethical with its distribution of expenses. I really feel as though the immersion into the culture of the country through homestay is a great opportunity.
  • Lucy Elizabeth James

    Also the price is amazing being a very poor student this really matters!!) We love the look the look of your programme and it\'s location also.
  • Greg Gordon Jones

    It was the right project in the right location that enables the best of both worlds for exploration and fully throwing ourselves into the project at the grass routes
  • Christopher Peters

    It left an indelible impression on me and made me realise that I would like to pursue a humanitarian vocation in life.
  • Ranjeet Dhindsa

    For me it was about giving my time and knowledge for the benefit of others without paying a fortune which can act as a deterrent. RCDP seemed to be the obvious choice and i had no need to look any further.
  • Iranzu Ardaiz Maneru

    Experiencing and living in such an environment that is so far removed from my own both excites and inspires me to make a difference.
  • Abigail Hicks

    RCDP looks to be the most supportive company that provides volunteer work in Sri Lanka.
  • Mary Mc Menamin

    I like the professionalism of the way you conduct your busness and the fact that maximum effort goes to putting the money in the community.
  • Shirley Soto

    I always had a fascination with Peru but I did not want to travel there on a vacation I wanted to do something productive with my time and help the people of the country in some way and RCDP had exactly what i wanted and at an affordable price!
  • Britney Wilson

    RCDP seems like one of the few honest and sincere volunteer abroad programs I have found online.
  • Reynard Goswamy

    Volunteering in Sri Lanka is part of my strategy to gain sufficient ground perspective to combine with my academic learning and successfully achieve my long term objective of assisting the new generation of displaced people across the world.
  • Taviana Macleod

    I'm impressed with how straight forward you are about prices and am also very impressed about the options you have available.
  • Tess Vreeland

    I appreciate that RCDP volunteers stay with host families rather than in hotels or separate living areas for I want to make sure I am fully immersed in the incredible culture.
  • Kamila Hruba

    I want to visit a country where the buddhist tradition is still alive but not as a normal tourist but I want to get to know the life of the people and a stay in a host family is a great opportunity to do this.
  • Galen Douglas

    I appreciate the fact that RCPD International is not like many other volunteer programs and does not charge huge fees that are only for profit and not for the people in need.
  • Makaela Coger

    I want to make a difference outside myself, in the world, because this world is my world, too, and I'd like to do my part to make it as wonderful as it can be.
  • Solly Young

    To learn and live in a completely different environment, to fully stimulate my mind will giving something back to the people who have welcomed me to travel in there country especially if they have had a harder life than myself.  To be a part of a community which is cultivating positivty and helping pple.
  • Renato Guerrieri

    I was inspired to join join this RCDP International Program because I have always wanted to get involved in a project that will help humanity on a more global perspective.
  • Neil Jikaria

    I am excited to volunteer in Tanzania, but the cost of programs had been a great barrier, until I found RDCP.
  • Lily Charlotte Lefavre

    As a student in International Relations, joining the RCDP International Program would be a wonderful experience because it gives you the chance to learn and live with other cultures and gives you the opportunity to work and to make some children\'s world, a better world.
  • Alesha Ward

    I want to travel through an organization that knows what it is doing, that knows how to take care of its volunteers, and that is well-organized, and RCDP seems to meet all of these criteria.
  • Alexander Gomm
    South Korea

    I did a search of various volunteer organizations. This one seems to have their heart in the right place.
  • Ashley Serette

    As a medical student I think it is important to bridge the gap between different cultures and traditions and I believe RCDP will give me the chance to do that.
  • Amanda Cole

    I am fascinated by healthcare across different cultures and feel that this experience will help further broaden my horizons and give me an opportunity to explore healthcare in Tanzania.
  • Lianne Sanderson

    I want to give back my time helping those children who have not had the opportunity to grow up the way I have.
  • Jeremy Walter Tanduman

    This program will allow me to fullfill my duty as a father and brother of man kind.
  •  Hongman Cho

    One of my motives is to contribute in the process of redistribution of wealth thereby improving the public health in third world countries.
  • Tenekua Tapia

    My motivation to pursue volunteer opportunities stems from an innate obligation that I believe we all have to humanity. Through volunteering I continue to find a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
  • Heather Mullin

    We live in such an indescribably beautiful world filled with beings that long for our help. I feel i will only find fulfillment through acts of kindness and selflessness.
  • Nevein Ali

    Through this, I can learn about a different culture, and hopefully carry that until i'm a little old lady telling stories about all her experiences.
  • Alena Melnikava

    Travelling while making the world better, this is good
  • Breeanna

    I have always been in love with traveling and seeing the beauty that our world holds.
  • Stacie Contreras

    My heart is set on trying to learn more in detail about the issues that individuals in Africa face, such as HIV/ AIDs.
  • Ryan Gillespie

    RCDP International got excellent reviews from what I have seen and I think it will provide me with an excellent experience.
  • Thula Coles

    The RCDP program looks like an opportunity I cannot miss to help women through education and support, and I believe it will teach me a lot about myself and strengthen my passion for equality whilst providing an invaluable service to people who haven't been as lucky in life as myself.
  • Ellie McConnell

    I have a passion for traveling and helping developing countries and when I came across this site I thought it was perfect for what I wanted to achieve and from looking into your program it really looks like I will take something away from this.
  • Lisette Nunez

    I want to be able to have a better understanding of human real needs and contribute to help with my personal competences and abilities. RCDP shows me the possibility to make this dream possible by offering this great variety of programs around the world.
  • Clara Gloaguen

    RCDP seems to be the most sustainable and fair way to volunteer so we can be sure not to cause negative impact on the country we act.
  • Aurora Castanias

    I am at a turning point in my personal life and felt the need to do something meaningful in the immediate present.
  • Maud Rijnders

    By volunteering I hope to learn more about a new culture, and I think it is really nice that it gives you the opportunity to experience what life is really like there outside all the touristic places.
  • Alex Chung

    RCDP drew my attention more than other volunteer programs because its values are more genuine and I feel as though the fees are being put in justified places.
  • Seul Ah Kim
    South Korea

    I have been taught that knowledge without action is just a castle in the air. I just obtained master's degree in international cooperation, and I am now eager to realize my long-cherished wish of engaging in solving real-life problems in developing countries by making small step toward field works.
  • Yang Zhou

    I want to spend some time finding my true value instead of working all day in front of the desk. I believe it will be a fresh start for me.
  • Kevin Hillebrand

    I see collaborative working relationships as valuable learning opportunities for all involved. I enjoy the prospect of continuing to learn from others, whilst making a constructive contribution as a temporary guest in a local community.
  • Jade Grimwood

    To me this project looks exciting, worthwhile and like a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Alice Rhodes

    I want to learn and understand different cultures and there attitude towards health and staying with a host family and working in the community, I believe, is the best way to do that.
  • Ella Evans

    RCDP really appealed to me as it is the only volunteer orphanage program that I could find that actually gives the money and proceeds to the orphaned children, rather than giving it to the company. I love knowing exactly where my money is going and that its going to those in need.
  • Mareesa Bates

    I have been researching many different volunteer programs and RCDP felt like it was more focused on the actual work that is getting conducted, not about the profit. And the programs that where offered where exactly what I had wanted to do.
  • Joey Elmore

    What made the RCDP International Program stand out to me from all of the other available organizations is the resourceful website you have as well as the many partnerships and achievements that RCDP has had in the past years.
  • Nicole Elmore

    "we liked that you offer travel insurance directly through the program for a low fee and that you have a long and successful track record of thousands of volunteers for the past 15 years.
  • Yen Zang Yeong

    The smiles and happiness of children and the thought of giving without getting is my main motivation to join this program.
  • Malika Amberose

    The flexibility and affordable nature of your internship/volunteer programs are ideal as I am a student travelling on a budget.
  • Katie Reed

    Through looking into volunteering options for this time, i found RCDP and the program seems like a perfect fit for my interests and time considerations.
  • Andrea Prais

    , I will try to make an effort to enrich my personal environment with the positive feelings that I carry in my heart to improve lives of people who aren’t as privileged as I am.
  • Irene Villafane Sanz

    I believe that volunteering should be affordable to anyone and RCDP works in order to make it possible for everybody to help others.
  • Laura Sennett

    I have been fortunate enough to volunteer all over the world allowing me to care for those lest fortunate than ourselves, this is where I found my true calling in life childcare and management.
  • Melissa Vitagliano

    I am really interested in this organization because feel as though it is based on fair principles.
  • Brooke Brewer

    It seems like a program that can help me make and impact, while at the same time getting to experience the culture of another county.
  • Imogen Rowe

    Instead of just traveling for a holiday I wanted to experiance a different culture and give back.
  • Sydney Baumann

    I have always wanted to join a volunteer program and the RCDP International Program seems to be more about the contents than the package which is exactly what I am looking for.
  • Julian Bursky

    There's just this feeling inside me that urges me to help those who are less fortunate and try to give them the feeling of hope and happiness in exchange for my gratitude.
  • Getchen Vietmeier

    I looked around for programs that were transparent about the allocation of their funds, and I was delighted when I came upon your program.
  • Courtney Tran

    My experience working with social issues has tended towards the policy side rather than ground-level work, so I would love to spend my winter break seeing social issues from the public's side rather than from behind a research desk.
  • Daniel Ives

    I was attracted instantly to the ground level, people focused approach that RCDP takes, with their funding clearly outlined.
  • Robert Scott
    USA) : I desire to learn about India and I believe volunteering is one of the best ways to know a country.
  • Julia Levine

    I wanted to spend my winter break doing something constructive and exciting with my time, and this seemed like the most welcoming project.
  • Leigha Micelli

    I love working with people and I whole heartedly believe human connection is key to life and conserving the world we live in.
  • Gavin Ong

    I have had a strong history of volunteering in the past and it was work I did that I felt gave me more purpose than other. I wish to return to volunteering in a big way and hope to sustain charitable work well into the future.
  • Robert Harmon

    I choose RCDP after doing some research on various "volunteer abroad" programs because it is well reviewed and has the best interests of the people it says it is going to help at heart.
  • Pauline Evans

    My interest in Africa and the people have always been dear to my heart and RCDP gives the money to the people and the host families not to a funded organization.
  • Skyler Aiello

    I know RCDP will give me the opportunity to see parts of the world I have never seen and also allow me to gain experience working with people in the health field.
  • Jessica Wisely

    while I am still young, before I choose to settle permanently in a country, I feel that this is the best way that I can do what I am most passionate about, and that is helping other people.
  • Caroline Moreira de Alcântara

    All the travels that I've done made me a better human, more empathic, more tolerant with myself and with others. I was looking for some opportunity like this for a long time ago, and I think now is the right time.
  • Greg McAllister

    As a student, this is a great way to immerse myself in the conservation world with minimal associated cost and a reputable organization.
  • Michael Fatorma

    I want render my service as a volunteer to realize my dream I started when I was a kid and to also be useful to humanity.