Summer Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

Make the most of your vacation by helping those in need

  • Gain experience, new friends and a greater understanding of the world by living like a local in a foreign culture
  • Experience the joy and satisfaction of making a real difference in the lives of those you volunteer with.
  • Unparalleled high reviews and ratings, Guaranteed lowest program fees in the US – starting from $100 - $200 per week.
  • 18 countries, 200 projects and thousands of happy volunteers since 1998. Contact us for more information.
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Best Inexpensive Summer Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

Are you looking for an affordable way to see the world while helping others? Do wish you could find a once in a lifetime experience while travelling? Then your reading the right article.

RCDP offers incredible Summer volunteer opportunities for high school students. RCDP is an International Volunteer organisation that runs highly popular Volunteer summer programs for high school students, providing you the ultimate opportunity for a life changing, soul searching experience while helping others less fortunate than you from various countries around the world.

Join RCDP’s volunteering programs for an opportunity to connect with others, grow your interpersonal skills, create new experiences, give back to the world, learn new skills, become part of a community, increase your confidence, make new friends, learn a language, challenge yourself, help others and stand out from the crowd!

RCDP International Volunteer is a non-profit humanitarian organization that empowers disadvantaged communities through meaningful volunteer programs and has been doing so since 1998. RCDP offer unique, flexible, safe and very affordable programs in over 18 countries.

With over 200 programs on offer and 18,000 happy volunteers, RCDP is highly trusted and is designed to let you share your passion for children, women, others less fortunate and rural communities with people in need.

Check out the special benefits of volunteering and different programs below and join the RCDP community today!

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The volunteer experience was very eye-opening and I felt very much needed at the site. I would greatly recommend it.

Frances Yuan


The strong ties we built and the rewarding experiences that we made here were really very priceless.

Amelie Lim

- Australia

A lifetime experience, which has opened my eyes to so much, and impassioned me to pursue future volunteer trips.



Overall a great experience! I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't recommend the program to others!

Lena Gustke

- Germany

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Benefits of Best Cheap Summer Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

RCDP offers a huge variety of Summer volunteer opportunities for high school students, each one providing you with a list of life changing benefits! These benefits include growing your interpersonal skills, being part of a community, helping others, new experiences, learning skills valuable for future employment, learn a new language, challenging yourself and much more.

Many of the benefits of volunteering with RCDP will stay with you throughout your entire life.

See below our list of benefits you have to gain from an RCDP volunteering program:

Learn a language: Studies show that speaking more than 2 languages is an amazing way to increase your brain's cognitive functioning. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than those of people who only speak a singular language. These differences offer a variety of benefits!

Volunteering through RCDP’s High school abroad summer programs gives you the perfect opportunity to increase your brain function and have a whole new language in your life. Incredible!

Self Empowerment: Are you feeling a little bit lost in this world? Are you looking to take back control of your life? The general definition of self empowerment is taking control of your own life, growing from experiences, making positive choices and knowing yourself well enough to understand your own strengths and weaknesses.

I can assure you that a one of RCDP’s many Spring break service trips for high school students will provide you the opportunity for a newfound feeling of self empowerment, while you learn amazing new skills, meet incredible new people and have life changing experiences that give you the strength for self empowerment that you have been looking for.

Helping others: There is nothing more special than helping others who are in need. Joining one of RCDP’s Summer volunteer programs for high school students will allow you to enrich lives and give people from different parts of the world.

Research indicates that benfits of helping others include improvement of physical well-being, Raises self-confidence and self-esteem, Encourages friendships and increases the buffer against stress and illness.

Being part of a community: RCDP’s Summer volunteer opportunities for high school students are the ultimate opportunity to make new and interesting connections through a new network of people.

These unique volunteer programs that RCDP offer give you the chance to bond with the people around you through team work and your new interpersonal skills. You will quickly find yourself being part of a special community that you will never forget. Powerful!

New experiences: One of the best things about being involved in Summer volunteer opportunities for high school students with RCDP is the chance to have new experiences.

The incredible benefits of new experiences include overcoming fear, getting to know yourself better, stimulating creativity and can make you more centered in life. Are these benefits you have been looking for? Then stop looking - RCDP volunteer programs are the place for you.

Learn new skills for future employment: Are you hoping to learn skills to help you with future job opportunities? RCDP’s High school students summer volunteer abroad opportunities will give you the chance to learn an incredible variety of new skills, which employers keenly look for when hiring.

Such skills include teamwork, knowing multiple languages, interpersonal skills, planning, coordinating, organising, helping others and even just the life experience gained from volunteering itself is looked upon highly by employers.

Challenge yourself: Volunteering abroad with RCDP’s Summer volunteer programs for high school students abroad will provide you with a special challenge so you can put your character and resilience to the test.

Volunteering overseas puts you in a new environment that tests you, challenges you and allows you to grow as a person through tasks that you have not experienced before and therefore that you must overcome. You must overcome adversity to grow!

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RCDP Best Cheap Summer Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

Teaching in Brazil

RCDP is offering Volunteer summer programs for high school students Brazil to help Brazilians learn the vital language of English to help them succeed.

Unfortunately, English speaking schools can be expensive, limiting those who can attend.

Volunteers will provide short term intensive English classes to prepare Brazilians for the life tasks, such as the job market and exams.

Note: Project unavailable from January to March as schools in Brazil as schools will be closed for holidays.

As a volunteer teaching English in Brazil, you will be providing teaching in a one-on-one environment.

Daily activities may include:

  • Teaching basic English to the children
  • Teaching other subjects such as math or science
  • Playing with the children
  • Organizing extracurricular activities such as music, dancing, sports, art, games, etc.
  • Teaching life skills such as painting, sewing, cooking, etc
  • Working with local teachers on curriculum development
  • Assisting school administrations with daily tasks
  • Helping with basic maintenance of schools
  • Aiding local school staff in any way possible

Medical Project in Peru

RCDP’s Summer volunteer opportunities for high school students Peru  is providing you the chance to gain medical experience in this beautiful, diverse country, where you will be working with local doctors to treat local Peruvians in need.

Through this program will have the chance to help poverty stricken patients as well as learning about healthcare in a developing nation.

Your given responsibility during this healthcare project will depend on your skill level and experience.

Your work might include:

  • Measuring BP, temperature, height, weight
  • Assisting doctors and medical staffs with health center tasks
  • Helping in health camps (if any)
  • Dispensing medications
  • Immunizations
  • Treating minor injuries or wounds
  • OPD or out-patient services
  • Providing tips to patients on health, nutrition and sanitation
  • Counseling patients
  • Assisting hospital’s administration
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Teaching in Buddhist Temple School in Thailand

The Buddhist Temple in Thailand is involved in running schools where children from underprivileged families come to learn. There is a low standard of English taught in this school. Join RCDP’s Summer volunteer programs for high school students abroad Thailand to teach English in Buddhist temples to help young students.

The temples run both primary & secondary school with volunteers teaching in them. You will get the chance to teach local students for 5 days a week from Monday - Friday. There is always the opportunity to teach extra and share your stories. You can also organize other activities.

All this in the beautifully dynamic country of Thailand!

Special Children Project in Mexico

This Summer volunteer programs for high school students abroad Mexico is designed to help children who may be dealing with issues such as learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism, Deafness, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Down syndrome.

There are many different jobs for volunteers within this rewarding program. Volunteers will work as assistants to local teachers and therapists.

You will be working with kids from preschool to primary school who have various different disabilities. Volunteers will also participate in organizing extracurricular activities and can potentially be involved in fundraising.

Come help kids in need while experience the dynamic culture of amazing Mexico!

Volunteer in Himalaya in Nepal

RCDP’s Summer volunteer opportunities for high school students Nepal gives you the chance to Volunteer in the Everest region, known as the land of the Sherpas, and experience breathtaking views, warm hospitality, while also giving back to the Sherpa community.

Volunteers will be inspiring and imparting knowledge through the teaching of locals. You may also teach in the afternoon. You will have about 3 hours of free time during your work days.

During the project volunteers will stay in the home of a Sherpa family in the village of Ghat. The school is a very short walk from the host family house and in your free time you can explore the village and hike to many amazing places around Ghat.

Join today to help enrich lives while exploring lost parts of stunning Nepal!

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Cloud Forest Conservation Project in Ecuador

RCDP offer this Volunteer summer programs for high school students Ecuador to allow you a special cloud forest experience. This is a chance for you to work high up in the Andes on a conservation project aimed at saving the forest, which are some of the most threatened in the world, especially from illegal loggers.

Volunteers will find the project both relaxing and challenging.

Your tasks can include:

  • Maintenance and development of trails
  • Checking the reserve borders
  • Helping with research
  • Working in local administration to maintain the facility
  • Developing newer projects
  • Working at a farm to raise chicken and help grow vegetables
  • Going to Quito with project staff to by supplies for the project

Come explore the special forests of Ecuador while give back to the world with this RCDP project!

Marine Project in Costa Rica

Puntarenas, Costa Rica is known for its rich biodiversity, plentiful plant and marine life, forests and beaches. Lately, this has come under threat due of construction work and tourism. RCDP has formed Summer volunteer opportunities for high school students Costa Rica to help marine animals that are critically endangered and need conservation projects to survive.

Marine Education Project: Volunteers will help in workshops on overcoming current problems concerning oceanic and terrestrial animals, water pollution and various other issues.

Marine Maintenance Project: Volunteers will help in the capture, selection and transportation of animals as well as the acclimation and quarantine, breeding, incubation, nursery, and maintenance of animals.

Marine Conservation Project: Volunteers will participate in rescue and rehabilitate of marine animals in order to release back into the wild.

Join now to experience the feeling of giving back while enjoying one of the most bio diverse countries on this earth!

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