Airport drop off

When you are researching volunteer abroad programmes and organizations you will find that your fee may or may not include airport drop-off and/or pick-up. Some organisations will pick you up and drop you off at the airport at the airport as part of your fee. Some will organise pick up and drop off but you will have to pay extra for the service. Some organisations will only pick you up from the airport on your arrival but will expect you to make your own way to the airport at the end of your stay when you are better acquainted with the transport system and feel more comfortable getting yourself around. This aspect of your departure is one you will definitely want to check with your volunteer abroad organisation before you book.

Follow-up after your volunteer abroad project

If you really want to get the most from your volunteer abroad experience, it is strongly advised that you stay in touch! Sometimes volunteers feel like they don’t see any real impact of their project whilst they are there but many projects are designed to have long-reaching impacts in the community and staying in touch is a great way to see the progress and the effect from your contribution. Often, volunteers choose to continue to donate to the project after their departure as a way of feeling connected in the long term.

For many individuals, volunteering abroad for the first time becomes the first step towards many years of involvement with volunteer abroad and work with charitable and ethical organizations. Volunteering abroad gives a unique insight into one or more of the many issues facing the world and many are inspired to spend more time working on the same issues to which they are introduced during their volunteer abroad experience.