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medical volunteer

medical volunteer

Volunteer in Cost Rica

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Do you want to experience on of the most bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet? Volunteering in Costa Rica is your opportunity to visit one of Central America's most breathtaking locations. When you volunteer in Costa Rica you get the chance to see exotic wildlife, majestic nature, and interact with the friendly people of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a very popular destination for many people across the globe and there's little doubt as to why. The nation of Costa Rica is filled with mighty volcanoes, plentiful waterfalls, tropical forests, and exotic creatures. From its' inland wonders to its' picturesque beaches, Costa Rica is full of splendor. However, there is still poverty and environmental concerns that make your work as a volunteer ever so important. Volunteer in Costa Rica and find out how you can become a helper in this beautiful land. Contact us now and find out how you can be a volunteer in Costa Rica!

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The Fee and Dates

RCDP Uganda Program starts every 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month.

Volunteer Program in Uganda

Every year hundreds of volunteers arrive in Costa Rica to volunteer from UK and USA based organizations and end up paying up to $2500 to volunteer for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, only a small portion of that money actually goes to host projects and host families. The local host projects (orphanages, school, and local NGOs) in Costa Rica are poor and need external supports to run their programs. In our program, you will pay your fee directly to host families and projects upon arrival in Costa Rica. When you join our program, we will make sure that all of your money goes to the projects and host families. Part of your fees also helps us to cover our expenses. The program fee is divided in as registration fee ($269) and weekly fee for room, food, coordination, and project donation.
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In Costa Rica, weekly fee is divided between coordination (services of local staffs), host family (room/3 local foods a day), and project donation. Costa Rica is expensive tourist destination; therefore, nearly 90% of your weekly fee goes to covering your food, room, and coordination. While 10% of your fee goes to project as a material donation (not cash). Please find below the break down of cost in a weekly basis.

Puntarenas and Guanacaste Fee
Volunteering Period Children, English Teaching Physical Therapy & Sport Medicine
1 week $275 N/A
2 weeks $450 N/A
3 weeks $625 N/A
4 weeks $800 $825
5 weeks $1,000 $1,000
6 weeks $1,175 $1,175
7 weeks $1,350 $1,350
8 weeks $1,525 $1,550
9 weeks $1,725 $1,725
10 weeks $1,900 $1,900
11 weeks $2,075 $2,075
12 weeks $2,250 $2,250
San Jose Fee
Volunteering Period Orphanage, Teaching, Conservation Medical, Construction
1 week $370 $420
2 weeks $645 $745
3 weeks $920 $1,070
4 weeks $1,130 $1,330
5 weeks $1,295 $1,545
6 weeks $1,460 $1,760
7 weeks $1,625 $1,975
8 weeks $1,790 $2,190
9 weeks $1,955 $2,405
10 weeks $2,120 $2,620
11 weeks $2,285 $2,835
12 weeks $2,450 $3,050
Fee Includes
  • Housing in shared rooms
  • Breakfast and dinner (2 meals) 7 days/week.
  • Airport pick-up,
  • Orientation
  • Project management
  • Weekly salsa lessons
  • Free Tandem Conversation Program.
Fee of Turtle Conservation Program

Depending up on the accommodation type (Olive Ridley, Black Turtle, Hawkbill, and Leatherback)

Volunteering Period Olive Ridley(Osa Peninsula Turtle Project) Black turtle(Osa Peninsula Turtle Project) Hawkbill (Osa Peninsula Turtle Project) Leatherback (Osa Peninsula Turtle Project) Sea Turtle Project (Pacuare Turtle Project)
1 week $525 $560 $595 $630 $430
2 weeks $910 $980 $1,050 $1,120 $675
3 weeks $1,295 $1,400 $1,505 $1,610 $920
4 weeks $1,680 $1,820 $1,960 $2,100 $1,165
5 weeks $2,065 $2,240 $2,415 $2,590 $1,410
6 weeks $2,450 $2,660 $2,870 $3,080 $1,655
7 weeks $2,835 $3,080 $3,325 $3,570 $1,900
8 weeks $3,220 $3,500 $3,780 $4,060 $2,145
9 weeks $3,605 $3,920 $4,235 $4,550 $2,390
10 weeks $3,990 $4,340 $4,690 $5,040 $2,635
11 weeks $4,375 $4,760 $5,145 $5,530 $2,880
12 weeks $4,760 $5,180 $5,600 $6,020 $3,125
  • Airport Pickup in Private car from Liberia airport to Guanacaste – 2 hours $80
  • Spanish Lesson (10hrs per week) $70
  • Airport Pickup in Private car from San Jose airport to Puntarenas – 3 hours $110
  • Transportation by bus from airport to Puntarenas $40: volunteer will travel unaccompanied to Puntarens and picked up at the local bus station
  • Spanish Lesson (10hrs per week) $70
San Jose
  • Spanish Lesson (10hrs per week) $115
Turtle Project Additional fee
  • Included in all prices are 3 meals per day, plus the volunteer work on the boat ( 2 times per week) , biologist and staff, equipments and materials.
For all

The weekly Fee Does Not Include: Airfare, daily transportation, visa and visa extension fee, airport drop, airport taxes, any personal expenses on food and travel, mineral water and soft drinks, laundry, telephone, immunization, etc.


Ugandan Supervision

Volunteers will stay in a hostel or with a host family. The host family is well screened and used to having volunteers. The local coordinator will place you in the location they think is best. In either location you will have the opportunity to practice your Spanish and meet other volunteers and locals.

If you stay with a host family, you will have a private room (if available) and share the kitchen and bathroom facilities. Many of the host families do not have running hot water. You will have the opportunity to do your own laundry or pay a small fee for someone else to do it for you.This can be arranged with your hosts. You will be provided three meals per day, and can request a lunch "to go" if need be.

Throughout the volunteer project, our local staff stays in contact with volunteers either with face-to-face visits or via email/telephone. With longer placements, we visit our volunteers every two weeks (when possible) and volunteers are always welcome to contact the local country coordinator at any time.